Did you know that cooking is a good ally for their children's learning?. Children can learn a lot in the kitchen. Also, viagra both are going to have lots of fun!

In holiday seasons where we spent more time with our children, buy information pills grandchildren and nephews, order We can cook together or prepare snacks to take to the river or the pool.

A child learns the names of food, tools and techniques. Different colors, flavors, textures and flavors of the food are a feast for the senses. Allowing touch, hand enter the mass, mixing of liquid and solid, taste the flavors, shape a course, becomes the perfect alchemy to convey to the smallest care of our body and health.

Mathematics appear when you have to count the ingredients to use, fractions is presented to measure ingredients and clings to the concept of time in waiting for the recipe here. Learn about shapes and sizes is more fun with crockery, pots and pans as teaching material.

Your child will also get to practice physical skills, as the kneading, beaten, stirring and beating. Their coordination and balance skills are tested when drinks are spilled or an egg casca. Cooking feeds your child's creativity and yours too, not expect to have all the ingredients.

In social terms, becomes a more cooperative and patient companion and frustrations shared if anything came out of the oven burned.

Enter the recipe with their children in a notebook with the result of their experience.

Last, when it manages to produce its own culinary masterpiece, feels a sense of pride and achievement that contributes to their emotional development.

Now get to work, do not miss the pleasure of cooking with your kids.

Lic. Sandra Villarreal

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