Equestrian Club

La Querencia's Qenti


The Equestrian Club of La Querencia Qenti born, like all things that they have affection, of illusion and passion.

We aim to provide a suitable place for equestrian activities where our guests to realize their full potential in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Within our facilities and services we:

Pensioner Equine

En box, farmyard or field in an area of 70 hectares. All pension plan includes the implementation of the health plan and the shoeing of each horse to ensure their welfare.

Riding School

It is intended for teaching and learning horsemanship, from inception to jumping. Looking for students to learn both the theory and practice of this discipline equestrian. For this we have trained professionals, horses specifically trained and facilities expected to meet and satisfy the needs of each rider. The school is open all year for all those who want to learn and enjoy riding. Each class lasts 50 minutes.

Riding Lessons Anti Stress

These classes combine basic principles of riding with some own equine therapy techniques to promote relaxation and relaxation of people suffering from stress. These classes are held outdoors and not the arena. Each class lasts 50 minutes.


We bring this therapeutic modality conducted by trained professionals and endorsed by the “Cordoba Foundation of Equine” and “Argentina Equestrian Association for the Disabled Activities (A.A.A.E.P.A.D.)” . With the main objective to improve the psychological, motor, social and emotional development of persons with disabilities and promote their full development potential for improved quality of life. Each session lasts 45 minutes.


We offer an unforgettable experience to ride in an area of 310 hectares declared nature reserve, in a perfect balance between horse and nature. Invite you to visit the land of “La Posada del Qenti” with all senses, observe the beautiful scenery of Cordoba from the heart of the mountains. The courses we offer are:

  • House and Posadita: a parade route to the high peaks with large natural viewpoints, , which offers a perfect harmony between architecture and landscape.
  • Road comechingón: be encouraged to follow the trail of our ancestors, discovering the ruins of this amazing civilization.
  • Posada and reserve Qenti: discover the harmony of a nature reserve combined with the delicacy colonial inn Qenti.
Rational Doma

It is based on rationality and binomial confidence, thus achieving gentle products for further training.


We provide service for training jumping horses, polo, equine and chair, aiming to develop the full potential of the animal nature within the discipline that will be used.

Events, Contests, Tournaments and Demonstrations

Our goal is to promote equestrian activities in this area through events, contests, tournaments and demonstration to allow the relationship with other riding clubs and equestrian centers, plus a colorful spectacle for the public.

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