Aging of the human being starts from the moment of birth. The first step that everyone can do is accept that reality, link aconseja Hugo Alberto Schifis, side effects president of the Argentina Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

The preparation for the last stage of life must begin from childhood, with vaccines administered as a trademark national immunization schedule. There are also doses of vaccine should be given during adulthood, such as influenza and pneumonia.

Eating fruits and vegetables is key to preventing various diseases. Recommended 5 servings per day.

Physical activity is also essential. We suggest at least a half hour walk. It depends on the age and health status of each person, you should get a medical checkup. The doctor can determine what type of activity corresponds to each person. For further, water gymnastics is appropriate because it allows people to relate to others and promotes the body.

Search spaces to meet other, such as senior centers, Clubs, activities or other places of interest are made for each person. Isolated can lead to depression and dementia. Dance, play chess, talk to other people from different generations, close to schools and other community projects.

Families must have patience and avoid arguments hearing impaired elderly person. These discussions can lead to isolation, a situation that is not conducive to healthy aging.

Source: www.clarí

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