One of the reasons why more patients do come to our office is the dreaded cellulite. To combat it is important to consider five factors.

1. Sport. A sedentary life favors the appearance of cellulite, malady is important to exercise regularly to avoid. Exercise also eliminates fat promotes blood circulation.

2. Feeding. To keep cellulite at bay is important to a balanced diet, high protein, fruits and vegetables and low in fat. Drinking plenty of water also improves, and avoiding alcohol and snuff.

3. Creams. There at the pharmacy creams slimming effect, the active ingredient which is used more caffeine. Its application daily with ascending prevents cellulite massage.

4. Medication cellulite. We use both homeopathic medication as Phytotherapeutic to improve circulation and increase fat metabolism to reduce cellulite.

5. Aesthetic treatments. In aesthetic medicine clinics find treatments that help improve and combat cellulite and mesotherapy, RF, acupressure or drains.



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