The obesity, You can lead to cancer?

The obesity, You can lead to cancer?

Existe una relación entre la obesity y los riesgos de contraer cancer en algunos órganos de nuestro cuerpo, this occurs through hormonal changes (especially in women) y el tejido adiposo ya que si este aumenta es considerado como tejido inflamatorio con la consecuencia de mutar, transformar o dañar células y otros tejidos. A través de una mala alimentación se produciría una resistencia a la insulina con cambios en el aparato digestivo también. De esta manera cánceres que son hereditarios, aunque la persona no los tenga como antecedentes heredo familiares, puede padecerlos si presenta obesidad.

According to WHO varios estudios han explorado por qué el sobrepeso o la obesidad pueden aumentar el riesgo y desarrollo del cáncer. Los posibles motivos por los que la obesidad está relacionada con el cáncer incluyen los siguientes:

  • Aumento de los niveles de insulina y del factor de crecimiento insulínico tipo 1, lo que puede contribuir para que algunos tipos de cáncer se produzcan.
  • Inflamación crónica de nivel bajo, la cual es más frecuente en las personas con obesidad y la cual se encuentra relacionada con un aumento en el riesgo de cáncer.
  • Cantidades más elevadas de estrógenos producidas por el tejido graso, lo que puede desencadenar el crecimiento de algunos tipos de cáncer, como el cáncer de mama o de endometrio.
  • Las células grasas también pueden afectar los procesos que regulan el crecimiento de las células cancerosas.

Los tipos de cáceres que más se asocian con la obesidad y sobrepeso son:

  • Ca. de esófago
  • Ca. de páncreas
  • Ca. de colon y recto
  • Ca. of Mother
  • Ca. de endometrio
  • Ca. de riñón
  • Ca. de tiroides
  • Ca. de vesícula biliar
  • Ca. de próstata
  • Ca. de ovarios
  • Ca. de hígado
  • Ca. de mieloma
  • Ca. de linfoma

La forma de tener menos índice de cáncer relacionados con la obesidad incluye lo siguiente:

  • Un cambio en el estilo de vida. Primero, cambie los comportamientos para reducir la cantidad de alimentos que come y aumentar la actividad física, antes de considerar cualquier otro tipo de tratamiento de pérdida de peso.
  • Apoyo para el cambio en la conducta. En el caso de muchas personas, tener sobrepeso u obesidad es más complejo que simplemente comer demasiado o hacer poca actividad física. Es importante recibir apoyo de un nutricionista o un médico especializado procuando se intenta bajar de peso, para ayudarlo a hacer cambios saludables en su estilo de vida y mantenerlos a lo largo del tiempo.
  • Drugs. Generalmente, los medicamentos para bajar de peso se recomiendan solo cuando una combinación de dieta, actividad física y cambios en la conducta no han funcionado. O bien, si tiene otras afecciones médicas graves causadas por la obesidad.
  • Cirugía. La cirugía para bajar de peso, o cirugía bariátrica, es un término para varios procedimientos que hacen que el estómago de una persona sea más chico. Esta puede ser una opción para las personas con un IMC de 40 o más. O bien, para aquellas personas que tienen un IMC de 35 o más que tienen otra afección médica grave relacionada con la obesidad.

El fin último de estas metodologías es lograr dentro de los cambios de hábitos, una pérdida del 7 to the 10% del peso corporal (en personas con sobrepeso u obesidad leve a moderada) y en caso de requerir una cirugía bariátrica, un adelgazamiento de 30% de la masa corporal conjuntamente acompañado por un cambio de estilo de vida.

Pull. Gabriela Tórtolo - MP. 24052

Médica especialista en síndrome metabólico

La Posada del Qenti

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How to take off those extra kilos after the holidays?

How to take off those extra kilos after the holidays?

It was December, month of celebrations, goodbyes, toast, excess food and suddenly went up to the balance are those extra pounds. How do now?


First remember; when you have festivities, meals away from home and meet friends, just eat it, no ban but without excess, in moderation, enjoying every bite. When we enjoy what we eat, using all respects, satiation signal (feeling of being full at the time) reaches the brain, registering it and stop eating, so it is important to eat slowly chewing every bite. Your diet should be complete and balanced so it's important to have a varied diet, without removing any nutrients. We must eat protein, carbohydrates and fats (essential oils from) daily and each has a specific function in the body.

January is a month of extreme heat, ideal for increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, vitamins food source, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and water which facilitates detoxification of our organism. Starting the day with a good breakfast to power load us, including fruits, a milk-fat and high-fiber carbohydrate (whole grain breads or bran, with seeds, etc.), also fruit smoothies with water or skim milk is a good choice for a fresh and nutritious snack.

For lunch choose vegetables (colors vary), animal protein (vacuna lean meat, fish, poultry) and complex carbohydrates (as rice, quinoa, ½ potato or 1 slice of sweet potato) or legumes. At dinner again choose vegetables and accompany them with a protein or carbohydrate. Season salad with herbs that please you, lemon and 1 tablespoon oil (if olive or canola better because it contains essential oils).

Always remember, if you record what you eat and respect no excess portion and if you accompany it with exercise "those extra pounds" gradually will disappear.

Lic. Maria Soledad Del Boca
M.P 1998
La Posada del Qenti

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Ten successful strategies for weight loss

Ten successful strategies for weight loss

Tips to banish the whole idea of ​​the magical promises to lose weight and promote healthy habits.



To lose weight and keep, follow a restrictive diet is usually not as effective. In change, nurse incorporating a better quality of life, remedy healthy habits, and, above all, banishing false beliefs will be easier rid of the extra kilos (and not reclaim). We show you a Decalogue of options here, to put into practice gradually.

1. Abandon them diets

Chronic dieting behavior fails over time as, to go through constant state of hunger, the body activates a savings mechanism, demonstrating the phenotype of obesity. This can lead to a change in metabolism and make the difficult descent.
The main recommendation is to gradually replace junk food, with empty calories and excess sugars, sodium, saturated fat and additives (only increase the appetite and thirst) for healthy and nutritious food. Other effective measures: gradually decreasing portions and "pecking", thereby adjusting the capacity of our stomach. Always, with a weekly allowed.

2. Watch your digestion

With the mere fact of taste, smell, display food on the plate, While chewing breaking it with our saliva, the first step of digestion would be fulfilled, filling somehow, what we call brain hungry. Then, stomach and intestines receive the content ready to absorb and distribute nutrients. It is also important to keep schedules of the four basic food.

3. Pasha revolutions

Cortisol is a hormone related to stress and weight gain. Therefore, It must be controlled. For this, physical activity is essential, also it helps raise the blood levels of endorphins (a hormone associated with pleasure), decreasing fat tissue. This would make us sick with good humor and less.
4. consciously chose your food

A good way to change habits is to start choosing foods by taste, not by obligation. No prohibited, but changing, to achieve their fill without overeating. For example, 75 grams of potato chips (a small cone) They have 200 and amount to empty calories 600 grs. Broccoli, produced greater satiety and provide important nutrients.

5. Try to identify what made you fat

Weight gain may be related to episodes of stress or depression boxes. A good strategy is to visualize what caused the change in our metabolism, to mediate if necessary on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and noradrenaline, which rise and create a vicious cycle in the body.
6. Hidratate

Fat tissue fluid retention and toxins. Then, consume abundant water, fruits, vegetables helps eliminate body waste.

7. Scattered chiquita breakdown

Although it is likely that our brain and our joints "unwilling", makes every effort to overcome this barrier. Lack of desire to do activity is usually a "logical" denial. Therefore, it is important to find an activity that pleases us and pleasure. After a few weeks, when our brain begins to release endorphins, look for something a little more appropriate to burn fat and muscle mass hardening, without causing damage to the joints.

8. You do not steal hours to rest and relax

A sleep causes our body to consume enough calories. Also, to rest our brain functions, dawn body refreshed and ready for daily activity.
9. Think long term

There is a fundamental recommendation: changes made, slowly but surely, They are directing us to become healthier and stability. Changing habits, also, It decreases the chance of weight rebounds, one of the typical problems of overly restrictive diets.

10. Conta professional help

The support of an interdisciplinary team will allow your goals and will promote supportive in times of weakness.

By Dr. Gabriela Tortolo,

medical clinic and specialist in obesity and metabolic syndrome,

Staff at La Posada del Qenti


“Hips Do not Lie”: an index for detecting cardiac risk

“Hips Do not Lie”: an index for detecting cardiac risk

The waist-hip ratio (I.C.C.) It is a simple method, approved within a central obesity, It used to diagnose what is defined as “metabolic syndrome”. A specialist teaches us to calculate.


There are many ways to define obesity and overweight. The most common is that clinical doctors and nutritionists in his office, meter circle by Body Mass Index (I.M.C.), correlating weight to height. Less known, but fuller, It is the waist-hip ratio (I.C.C).

El I.C.C. It gives an assessment to diagnose metabolic syndrome, formed by obesity, la diabetes tipo II, hypertension and dyslipidemia (cholesterol disorders). According to the World Health Organization, syndrome “It is the main risk factor for cardiovascular disease, resulting in a decrease in early mortality or life expectancy ".

For all this, It is required to treat obesity as a disease and stop seeing it as an aesthetic feature. Who is convinced that's ladoctora Gabriela Tortolo, specialist in obesity and metabolic syndrome La Posada del Qenti. We exchanged with her a few questions on the subject.

¿El I.C.C. It is the best method to measure obesity and overweight?

The waist-hip ratio is the only method that can today give us a pattern of cardiac risk in a central obesity. Not better or worse, but the only (in the simplest) to include a person with a I.C.C. altered in obesity / overweight.

Can you measure at home or have to do it in an office?

It can be measured at home. The waist-hip ratio is calculated by dividing the result of measuring the waist circumference at the height of the last floating rib between the result of measuring the waist circumference at the level of the buttocks.

What are the benchmarks?

Women, a normal result that does not involve risks should range between 0.71 and 0.85 cm. In men, the result should be between 0.78 and 0.94 cm. Higher values ​​indicate obesity abdominovisceral, implying a risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

A simple vista, Do women with wide hips should care? How much it is normal and what is excessive?

The only people who have wide hips and thighs, but torso and tiny waist, They have gynoid obesity (known as “pear shaped”). It is another type of obesity, unless it is combined with central obesity, It does not lead to disorders as does central obesity. When we talk about hips, there is no standard measure. Just dealing with some physical activity specified and beauty treatments, for the person to achieve acceptance of their physical forms.

To remove the extra kilos, many people try to follow diets or homemade “magic” that lead (and again) frustration. Against all this, What would the serious and effective treatment for obesity?

Treatment should be multi and interdisciplinary. With strict management in the control of food choice, and its cooking, using little or no refined sugars, the use of whole grains in bread, pastes. And, course, no added sodium salt. There must be a personalized nutritional control, if possible, Clinical and follow obesológico. The patient should have the necessary psychological support and stress management, with support from physiotherapists and physical education professionals. Everything has to be handled individually.


Pull. Gabriela Tórtolo – MP. 24052

Specialist in obesity and metabolic syndrome

La Posada del Qenti

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What health consequences suffered by people with overweight?

What health consequences suffered by people with overweight?

Obesity is the fifth leading risk factor for death in the world. Die each year at least 2, sales 8 million adults because of the disadvantages which become overweight.

obesity-and overweight-

The most common health consequences of these people are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke, cialis 40mg which were the main causes of death in the 2008.
  • Diabetes representing the most common chronic disease in overweight people.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders given by overloading the weight of bone, more about causing various degenerative joint disease.
  • Some cancers as is the case of endometrial cancer, breast and the colon.
  • The risk of these non-communicable diseases grows with increasing body mass index (IMC).

Considering these health consequences, La Posada del Qenti has designed Health Program Weight Management with excellent results in overweight men and women.

Our team of health professionals provides all customized control strategies for food, physical activity and stress management; achieving results in the gradual and sustained incorporating healthy habits to reach your ideal weight and above all, keep.

Staff at La Posada del Qenti

Globesidad: Epidemic?, the endemic pandemic? (part 2)

Globesidad: Epidemic?, the endemic pandemic? (part 2)

Overweight and obesity have a mortality rate similar to or greater than that caused by related diseases snuff. Only in this case is not a poison still admitted and rightly maligned as cigarettes.

In general we have forgotten how to eat, sale this act becoming substantial, viagra in harmful and destructive agent and not a source of life.

In 1900 causes of death in the U.S.. were in order of importance:

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Diarrhoeal diseases
  4. Heart
  5. Liver
  6. Apoplexy
  7. Cancer
  8. Bronchitis
  9. Diphtheria

One hundred years later, foods are fully industrialized with sugars, sweeteners, sales, fats and a range of aggressive chemicals (in some cases addictive). Aggravated this with the proliferation of fast food restaurants today prompted the order of importance of causes of death is:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Apoplexy
  4. Lung diseases
  5. Accidents
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Flu
  8. Diabetes
  9. Suicides
  10. Renal and hepatic

glovesidad 2

Most of these have a common denominator: poor diet and sedentary, producing overweight and obesity.

Diabetes is a disease, associated with obesity, causing great damage to the body and more people suffer. Even in a case known as.

In medical checks that are performed on La Posada del Qenti has the appearance of this disease, even in previous states, it is very important to address time.

The US Food Industry. It is a powerful corporation where unfortunately ethics and health are outside of their attributes. So much so that produce burgers, pizzas, canned, pastry, meat from animals raised in feedlots with antibiotics excess consume daily, with excess gaseous chemicals that affect metabolic function, chocolates and cereals, flour and refined sugars, producing more than twice the calories that their citizens need. As all this production must be entered into the consumer market marketing strategies are developed impressive, unscrupulously presenting as functional foods and deliberately misleading the public, as they did with cigarettes.

This is understandable if we look at the capital who exploited the snuff today migrated, mostly, maintaining the food industry codes the same lack of health care of persons, favoring big business only economic utility of, not caring for the health of the population and preventing illness, that must then be met by increased health budget, and reduction in the quality of life of people.

Another important cause of this pandemic is stress. Today unfortunately many of us live with, who make huge efforts to adapt to changing work situations, economic, political and personal.

Excessive consumption of drugs, above all anxiolytics, antidepressants, etc.. without proper professional support, are also cause many problems that affect metabolic function and thus our overall health.

All these conditions are treated with Health Specials Medical Center La Posada del Qenti: Weight Management, Stress Management, Diabetes Type 2, Anti-Tobacco and Biological Rejuvenation programs, develop and successfully for 19 years old.

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