Women: are encouraged to earn more but health?

In recent years women have made fundamental changes in their role as societal gender. Now, sildenafil Does that mean I have won? The dangers of fulfilling multiple roles for health.

"There are many disquisitions we might consider as we consider how to" win "or" lose ", but there is no doubt that today's woman is inserted differently in society "is questioned Alicia Ciapponi, Cardiologist at La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa & Resort .

If anything is no doubt that the woman began to "snap" to be present in different areas such as professional, managers, political, business, research, cultural, etc.. Demonstrated its ability not only intellectually, but provided the sensitivity, practicality and organizational capacity that characterized as gender.

This multiplicity of roles and wear this generates, brings distress, exhaustion and lack of personal care as to the health, coupled with unhealthy habits such as smoking, little rest, poor diet and low physical activity.

"Cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of death worldwide. Statistics show that the number of women with events and complications of this etiology, are increasingly frequent and younger ages "indicates.

While most people have the main cause of death in women with breast cancer and uterine, statistics show that only the 6%. However reaches cardiovascular pathology 60% especially in perimenopause.

Risk factors

"We know that the base of the marker of vascular disease and its development, risk factors are. Of these we highlight: Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, smoking, inactivity and stress "points.

In most cases the genetic basis is present, but in a low percentage. The real "modulators" are lifestyle.

"Obesity starts to appear as a real" pandemic "because of the poor quality and quantity of food, the percentage of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and physical inactivity also secondary to the metabolic disorder, begin to increase. Is enhanced with the sedentary (less free time, technology, computerized society, etc.) and mainly with the stress, "says.

The danger of distress is the loss of balance between our defenses and assaults. "It's less now considered within the scientistic interpretation. However I believe that is one of the leading causes in today's society, to initiate this cascade of negative health factors, considering how "systematic" and comprehensive is our body. The trigger psycho-neuro-endocrine alterations that would result in the occurrence of one or more dysfunctions and pathologies "emphasizes.

The effective and efficient strategy to lower these statistics is to control risk factors and achieve healthy habits yet, need to start considering that the methods used are not correct and that the current health benefits costs as demonstrated.

Ultimately, women, in your opinion, have begun to change. "We walk. There are many things still (discrimination, postponement, violence, etc.). This change also men have an important place. Both should be arranged in a plane of equality in which "shared responsibilities" and the task is similar to duties and opportunities, without competition, "concludes.


Pull. Alicia Ciapponi

MP: 12675


La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa & Resort

What is Osteoarthritis?

It is the result of wear of the articular surfaces, adiposity happens slowly but progressively. Begins to develop symptoms in middle age and affects more to the weight-bearing joints, case backbone, mind hips and knees. But also to a lesser extent and in older ages, you can find pockets of osteoarthritis in hands and feet.


The joint cartilage softens and then wears, it is exposed to the bone that is below, leaving it exposed to the friction between the articular surfaces, This hardens and begins to develop osteophytes (Rams) within and around the joint, causing intense pain, thereby preventing movement gradually joint progressively.


Osteoarthritis is always aggravated by: overweight (as the main cause), postural imbalances, efforts with repeated blows or weak joints. Also to a lesser extent muscle spasms caused by psychological stress states.


As we find the main symptom pain, which is the manifestation par excellence of osteoarthritis. Is also joint stiffness, muscle spasms and joint deformities.


Within for OA, (that many) the best results are based on our experience are the following:

· Weight Control: Overweight is one of the causes of disease, and also makes this progress more quickly.

· Cryotherapy: Help with outbreaks of inflammatory arthritis, producing reduced edema and local analgesic

· Good postural habits: sleeping on flat beds, avoid sitting in chairs or sofas very deep, Use chairs with good backups so that your hips and knee to maintain a natural position with your feet flat on the floor.

· Training: exercise increases mobility and protects the joint by strengthening the muscles. Cycling, swimming, avoiding contact sports or impact.

· Repose: not contradict the previous point, it attends with osteoarthritis periods of intense pain and inflammation, in these it is advisable to rest and cryotherapy.

· Avoid overloading the joints: do not lift heavy weights.

· Proper footwear: Use footwear with good tread, inner absorbing the impact.


Are varied and numerous treatments fisiokinèsicos, but ultimately they are all focused on muscle tone, joint mobility, application support appliance (magnetic, Ultrasound, TENS).

Lic. Mauro D`yntino

MP: 4461

Coordinator of Physiotherapy

La Posada del Qenti and Medical Qenti

Current Virus; Dengue and Swine Flu

We are currently, this in the presence of a development outside the usual parameters of both frequency common viral agents, sildenafil in some cases forming true pandemics.

When we talk of a pandemic, we mean an increase in the number of cases that are presented on the figures "expected" for a certain time of year and in an area defined geographical, ie "borderless".

The etiological factor of these diseases is the virus, infectious agent which has different types and in turn different serotypes within a single name.

A particularity of these viruses is the ability to mutate, ie combined and also change or vary their virulence or aggressive capacity.

The main actors in our time, are those that cause dengue and swine flu.

While both were known to have developed a worrying.

Tools as medicine for these infectious agents, is limited to vaccines or antivirals for only some cases.

Therefore it is important to emphasize preventive measures.

In the case of Dengue:

Transmitted always by a vector (not from person to person), in this case the mosquito Aedes aegypti. As the key actions will combat the mosquito and be attentive to the presence of symptoms to suspect this disease for the medical.

  • Discard any water container (outside and inside the house), from a swimming pool to a vase (takes place in very little water).
  • Use physical barriers (nets), insecticides or repellents (caution) preferably natural (with lemongrass).
  • No exposure in hours key (morning and evening) without covering the body or being in places with lots of vegetation and water.
  • Do not take aspirin to prevent complications if they were in the presence of a hemorrhagic strain. Use paracetamos.
  • The main symptoms of the disease are: high fever, myalgia and arthralgia (muscle and joint pain), fatigue, headaches and especially retrocular, skin rash, presence of lymph, cold symptoms and in severe cases bleeding and shock.

No vaccine or specific treatment for this disease, but medical consultation will allow differential diagnosis, implement mitigation measures and monitor progress towards greater engagement presentations of organic.

In the case of swine flu.

This virus is characteristic of pigs, influenza virus type A with respiratory compromiso. The most common is that H1N1 has been transmitted to humans.

Particular virulence is striking that has broken today, possibly resulting from infestation by mutations combined with other strains.

In this case the speed of propagation due to the type of infection person to person, through saliva or respiratory secretions.

Not transmitted through pork, but be careful to cook meat because heat destroys.

There is no vaccine for this disease and there is no evidence yet that vaccines for flu, useful in this case, but it could attenuate to stimulate immunity.

They are effective only two types of antivirals such as oseltamivir ( Roche Tamiflu) or zanamivir. Given the high demand this product is at fault.

The disease can rapidly develop respiratory complications, therefore should be consulted as early.

  • No exposure to people with cold or flu symptoms. Staying at a distance or protected with masks, handkerchiefs or other item. Special care with people who have been in areas of epidemic (Mexico) or in contact with them.
  • Common Symptoms: fever, cough, cold, sore throat, tiredness and loss of appetite, bronchial secretions, fatigue with muscle and joint pain. In advanced forms can be added to accentuate these symptoms shortness of breath and shock.
  • In case you are with respiratory symptoms, Chinstrap maintained to prevent the spread to other, especially children, elderly or immunocompromised. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching secretions directly, in this case either sanitized.
  • Do not wait for the consultation and that this disease develops rapidly. This way you can make an early diagnosis and begin treatment if available antiviral or take precautions to avoid complications.
  • These complications are due to respiratory decompensation (respiratory distress) or bacterial infections (most frequent pneumonias).

Do not panic on estimating some symptoms or contact.

Worry, that is to be vigilant and take preventive measures recommended.

Pull. Alicia Ciapponi

Medical Director of the Posada del Qenti

Y Qenti Medical


In the last two decades, the role of women in society has undoubtedly become a key.
With land reclaimed in the workplace, professional, intellectual; senior play not only in business, but also as civil and political. Places previously only reserved for men, with few exceptions. (more…)


In the last two decades, and the role of women in society has undoubtedly become a key.
With land reclaimed in the workplace, ambulance professional, symptoms intellectual; senior play not only in business, but also as civil and political. Places previously only reserved for men, with few exceptions. (more…)

Physiotherapy in aesthetics

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