5 training tips to lose weight intelligently

5 training tips to lose weight intelligently

Secrets that enable more effective routines in the gym or exercise outdoors. For juicing up the hours spent for body wellness.

When training, always we want routines that make us lose weight easily and Stilicho the body in the best way. We give in this paper some suggestions for you to put into practice and activate your routine.

Make a prior physical assessment. Before any training plan, prescribing exercise program must be commensurate with the person. We must always keep in mind that inadequate routine, it can be even dangerous to our health.

Follow a varied training. Always do this, bored and leads out of business. In addition our body quickly adapts to repetitive stimuli. The recommendation: first do what needs to be done and then incorporate something that is entertaining us.

Having a rest. It is essential to stimulate the release of growth hormone, which encourages increased muscle mass, bone construction and the elimination of fats.

become strong. Strength training can increase and improve muscle quality and allows a healthy decline. Also, prevents the possibility of injury, It gives greater joint stability and more security to move.

Think of the invisible training. Beyond the scheduled training, is essential to join movements most of the day. The challenge is to find excuses to move. Use the stairs, walk a few blocks on the way to and from work are some of them.

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The bicycle as a meeting point with nature and with oneself

The bicycle as a meeting point with nature and with oneself

In recent years we have seen how it has grown physical activity in different branches and in the case of the bicycle has also joined many followers. The “bike” brings endless possibilities to rediscover our motor skills and our enthusiasm for finding new spaces that allow us to surround ourselves with stunning locations and surprisingly close.


At present a simple bike (in all its models) It allows us to explore different landscapes, green areas, peasants, twisty, etc., just some basic notions of use, changes, brakes and anti puncture some liquid if necessary, They will help us without major problems with our purpose. Family outings, friends, or with oneself are different possibilities to disconnect from the routine.

We do not have to limit its use exclusively to outlets outside the city, because for many it is also a good choice as a means of transport in the city, low cost and maintenance, also they can be fitted with different accessories such as baskets, grills, child seats, etc.; and thus,make our purchases, attend meetings and so the list goes on and on.

A good opportunity to meet friends and make new, this simple element that surely we all have one or just leave it in the garage pulled, we can provide much satisfaction. For those who have more curiosity about the activity itself, health professional and / or movement science certainly can help you lay out objectives in line with each, and if necessary, a proper diagnosis for our outings are fun and pleasure.

Remember that it is very important to consider security measures like the hull, comfortable and visible clothing you provide activity, and lights for the rest of circulating to them easier to identify. Do not hesitate and start meeting new experiences that enrich your soul and strengthen your body and mind, to enjoy!

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6 keys to good elongation

6 keys to good elongation

What is the Elongation? - It is the action of returning to the original muscle length is changed after a contraction effect of physical activity (movement). Closely related to muscle elasticity, which is the ability of a body to recover its original shape or position after the external force ceases the deformed. This quality is attributed to the muscles and to a much lesser extent to the tendons. Depends on the ability of the muscle tissue to stretch, then recovering his habitual length. Or even overcome.

Elongation trains coordination and muscle synergism, and stimulate nerve pathways that give us greater control of muscle groups. Incorporates, the muscular chains, those injured muscles that have been unemployed for a period of time, or those who have been working analytically and isolated.

It is important to know the body's response to stretching, what stimulate stretch when and what benefits are obtained, to fully integrate this action in physical activity programs. The best way, and general, to acquire good habits is that you understand why exercises, what will get performing them and the best way to run.

Before physical activity, whatever it, elongation or stretching should be as active as possible, for muscle contraction itself produces vasodilation and help the heating.

Conversely, the end of it, stretching exercises should be more passive as possible, not further deplete the muscle. The best way to perform these stretches will be for couples, being who is stretching the leader, at all times, exercise intensity. For this, should stretch to the limit, endure a few seconds and try to earn some more travel, then out of the pose gently.

As methodology, is recommended to follow an order in exercise: for example, start stretching from the bottom up. The bids are to be maintained during 6-10 seconds when the stretches are active, not exhaust the muscle, and for more than 10 seconds when the stretches are passive.

Basic application keys elongation:

  1. The speed should be slow stretch.
  2. Hydration is very important.
  3. Stretching should be included in the warm-up or warm-.
  4. Should get progressively stretch, maintaining a given time and progressively finalizes.
  5. The stretching activity session can last post 15 a 60 minutes.
  6. To keep the stretching regularly achieved must.

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5 tips for a flat stomach

5 tips for a flat stomach

Achieving flat abs it is not a utopia, as long as you have proof. Neither, It is torture unless it is a super restrictive diet chosen for achieve this, it. Achieve a flat stomach is possible with these tips

1- Reduce consumption of sugars

Moderate consumption of sugar to the maximum. This measure determines that the insulin levels remain low and glucagon, high. This is the hormone that is responsible for transforming fat into energy that has accumulated in your belly.

2- Lowering salt intake

Salt is one of the best allies of the prominent bellies; so we recommend try to limit your consumption. When you have meals at which you can not ignore, better choose sea salt, it is more natural. Another option are the herbs that serve meals to enjoy a healthier way.
abdomen plano

3- Properly chew each bite

Digestion begins in the mouth. Therefore, if not well-chewed food, these will not be adequately digested, giving results as bloating and gas. Eating on the run is not healthy, you have to enjoy every meal consciously, feel its texture, savor your taste ... Eating is turned into a real enjoyment.

4- Sleep at least seven hours a day

It has been shown that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. It makes the body resistant to insulin again, so the body goes into storage and decreases the hormone leptin. This hormone helps suppress appetite and tells the brain when you are full. By not getting enough sleep affected the production of insulin, which regulates the level of blood sugar and excess insulin in the system causes the body to store food as fat.

5- Perform toning exercises

To achieve a flat stomach, you need to perform exercises to tone the abdominal muscles and thus reduce waist circumference. In women, Postpartum these muscles lose tone, and if a suitable strengthening of the same is performed prolapse or incontinence may appear.

To begin perform deep breathing exercises, We walked a lot of air through the nose, as it enters the air inflate the abdomen, then exhale through your mouth as you deflate and contract the abdomen maximum, "Plunging deep inside the navel" and while the ribs widen. Once all the air outta keep 10 a 15 seconds, us to endure as, the more the better; being the ideal 20 seconds. In performing this exercise we must consider:

  • This type of exercise is best to perform them 2 times per week, 20 minutes.
  • This training can be performed in different positions, sitting, lying, on all fours or standing.
  • You have to concentrate well in breathing and muscle contraction located in the abdomen and perineum.

Regularly perform this series of exercises, soil provides aesthetic benefits, but improves posture, stimulates circulation and sexual functions, thus contributing to improving our quality of life.

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Recommendations on physical activity with warm weather

Recommendations on physical activity with warm weather

Physical activity, whether or unstructured, has become a very important aspect of life. Millions of people worldwide exercise regularly to improve their health and millions more participate in organized sports, but the hot and humid climate, represents a challenge to the body's ability to perform physical activities.

gym in summer

During physical activity, muscles generate large amounts of heat that must be dissipated to the environment. Otherwise, occur an increase in core body temperature.

Sweating is a physiological response that attempts to limit the rise in core temperature, putting water on the skin for evaporation. However, if fluid loss is not compensated by fluid intake, there will be a deterioration in the temperature regulation, the yield and possibly the health. Challenge, therefore, is double: dissipate excess heat to the environment effectively and avoid reaching a state of hypo hydration.

Tips for training at high temperatures:

Hydration: Do not rely on the SED

One of the major mistakes that we have to hydrate during exercise, is that we rely on thirst. Thirst is a stimulus that occurs in a late, because when we feel thirsty, We are already dehydrated! So, is important that we begin to hydrate since we start exercising but do not feel thirsty, and otherwise, begin to consume liquid when we already have a large deficit and will be very difficult to recover.

On the other hand, thirst can be turned off long before we have recovered all the lost fluid; especially when used drinks that are low in sodium and water - thirst decreases having a dilution of sodium in the blood. Also, as soon as the first sip of a drink moistened our mouths, nerves in the mouth send signals to the brain to reduce our sense of thirst.

Importance of flavor and electrolytes:

One of the aspects that influence fluid intake during exercise is the type of beverage. In many investigations it has been observed that if the beverage taste, people voluntarily consume more fluid during exercise than when consuming water only; if in addition to a pleasant taste, the beverage contains electrolytes (as sodium) will further stimulate fluid intake. Therefore, looking for appropriate drinks to improve your hydration and if you decide to consume only water, remember that this thirst drink goes faster.

Tips to Consider

  • Wear loose, light, light colored to allow free flow of air over the skin; Sweat absorbent fabrics also to keep the surface of dry skin.
  • Never exercise clothes or plastic accessories, that does not help to reduce body fat, but it does make the exercise more difficult and increases the problems associated with thermoregulation.
  • Try to take your workout fluid bottle and place it in an accessible place so you can easily drink.
  • Frequently drink small amounts (each 15 a 20 minutes) to minimize stomach upset.
  • Last, consider completely avoid physical activity when conditions are unusually hot or humid. You can also exercise during the coolest hours of the day.

Dr. Christian Leiva

MP 31.209/1

Medical Center Director

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Knowing the body, page Know how to navigate, recipe as grouped, as jumping, how to make different types of force, how to sit to watch TV, are some aspects to consider in daily postural correction to improve the quality of life for present and future.

The body awareness helps you feel better about themselves, to unfold in space and to have proper care essential to good health.

What is the Sensorial Perception?

It is the technique of conscious bodywork, with the intention of registering with increasing clarity the various stimuli, sensations and perceptions. While, learning is based on body / motor to generate various qualities of movement, communication, images and metaphors of movement.

What is your goal?

The sensopercepción aims to developing the capacity of observation and recording of stimuli, and the emergence of distinct images, detailed and accurate of the body and its relationship with the environment.

The way of Sensorial Perception enables a process of sensitization, reunion and recovery of the body and their subsequent creative feedback. The sensory perception plays a double role: collects and evokes the reality in an ever more detailed, clear and distinct, and also stimulates the association and production of images that give rise to the creative imagination of the subject.

The road building is constructed on two types of representations: reproductive internalized image, as closely as possible, what happened or lived; and productive image, Based on previous, produce new images, new ways of seeing the world.


How does the practice?

We propose a workshop that used as a tool of perception, seeking a meeting with himself, perform this process through the following topics:

  • The senses: exteroceptive and proprioceptive.
  • Supports: external and internal, hard and soft, passive and active, in various positions, support, both statically and in motion.
  • The skeleton: bones and joints.
  • Skin: envelope, limit, communication.
  • Touch: limit, boundary, temperature, periphery, feelings.
  • Contact: space around the body, energy that the body continues.
  • Muscle tone: eutónica regulation in passivity and moving.
  • Stretching.
  • Volume: three-dimensional perception of the body.
  • Weight: perception and transfers weight to support, gravity.
  • The position.
  • Breathing.

Sensorial Perception Benefits

We believe that carrying out the proposal and systematically organized, guests will be greatly benefited in:

  • Joint mobility and improvement.
  • Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of each muscle.
  • Strengthening and toning the muscles in general.
  • In the generation of breathing habits, and good structural position that are transferable to everyday activities and specific.

Area of ​​Physical Education and Rehabilitation

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