Natural antioxidants, the fountain of youth

Natural antioxidants, the fountain of youth

Our skin is subject to constant attacks and assaults affecting its texture and hydration, resecándola and weakening, can make our skin more reactive and susceptible of suffering from allergies and irritations. To avoid this, you better bring you essential nutrients, through a good diet rich in vitamins E, A, C and omega 3, to contribute, along with water intake, to a much healthier skin.


Among the many natural antioxidants we found in our food, the Vitamin E is a great ally of our skin because it helps reduce the damaging action caused by free radicals. As this is a fat-soluble vitamin (Fat Soluble) It is preferably in vegetable oils (prefer cold pressed or extra virgin since in this case the preparation is minimal and essential nutrients are retained) dried fruits (almonds, nuts, hazelnuts), sunflower seeds and fruits. Furthermore the omega 3 and 6 They are necessary for maintaining cell membranes, are these membranes which act as a barrier before and allow harmful substances also, waste products are removed. Foods like salmon, trout, sardines, chia seeds mainly, nuts, canola and olive oil are sources of essential fatty acids.

High antioxidant power is the vitamin C, who it is also related to the production of collagen, citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, grapefruit and kiwi have significant amounts of this vitamin. preferring salad, juices and fresh fruits, avoiding cooked as an important part of it it is lost in cooking and in contact with oxygen in the air. A kiwi provides two times more vitamin C in 100 g an orange.

Present in animal foods such as dairy and egg yolk, the pro-vitamin A the betacarotenos, which is then converted into vitamin A when processed in our body, play a very important role in the renewal of skin and mucous. These abound in orange vegetables (carrot, pumpkin) broccoli and dark green leaves.

Regarding minerals, we must emphasize the selenium which is found in meat, fish, cereals, fruits and vegetables, these foods also are a source of zinc, which it is part of our epidermis. Green tea, by its polyphenol content, It has anti-inflammatory properties and protect cell membranes. Water keeps cells hydrated and promotes sweating which helps eliminate toxins. It is essential to be well hydrated for a healthier skin.

So ... We recommend consuming 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, of which a portion of vegetables is orange and dark green and is a citrus fruit. At the same time incorporate dried fruits like walnuts, almonds and 1 tablespoon of seeds as part of a full breakfast. Also spice up your salads with 1 tablespoon olive oil at lunch and dinner, adding fish 3 a 4 times a week and basically take 8 glasses of water per day.

Lic. Del Boca Maria Soledad

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10 Tips to revive the skin after summer

10 Tips to revive the skin after summer

Holiday season ...... prolonged sun exposure occurs dryness, aging, dehydration and peeling skin of face, body and scalp. The skin is, dehydrates, takes gray coloring due to lack of oxygenation, decreases the blood supply and lymphatic; accumulating metabolic waste and toxins holders, resulting loss of elasticity, luminosidad.Todos moisture and skin types require hydration. For the right choice of a hydrating skin is necessary to know the depth and classify with professional judgment. What varies is the product used and the frequency of application.

Then… some tips:

  1. Drink water and other fluids daily, least 2 liters.
  2. Showering with warm or cold water is healthier, as the very hot temperature removes a thin layer of lipids, confieren that natural protection.
  3. Is preferable to use moisturizing soaps, avoiding them in the face.
  4. After the bath place moisturizers and emollients, as the moisture of the skin increases the absorption and distribution of products.
  5. Maintain a balanced diet based on fruits, vegetables and fiber.
  6. Before going to bed, cleanse the skin and put a good moisturizer based on hyaluronic acid, DMAE, alfahidroxiácidos, aloe vera etc.
  7. The use of sunscreens It is mandatory to go outside.
  8. Climatic factors such as wind and cold; chemicals such as soaps and detergents, the process of natural aging and excessive sun dry the skin.
  9. Avoid alcohol and snuff.
  10. Relájese, stress is the number one enemy for skin.

Products must be prescribed by a dermatologist because they are individual and personal, depending on skin type. Do not expect to treat wrinkles and remember that water is a real tonic for the skin and overall health. Do not wait to feel thirsty to drink. The results will soon be visible.

Area of ​​Dermatology- Aesthetic Medicine

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7 Tips for good hydration Skin

7 Tips for good hydration Skin

The arrival of summer, comes from the hand of the sun, Higher temperatures and deserved vacation. It is the ideal time of year to rest, but also accompanied by some evils like allergies and skin dryness we must prevent their care.

Healthy skin and carefully must have two elements: hydration and moisture.

  • The hydration It is the water that reaches the skin through the blood vessels, and accompanying oxygen and nutrients.
  • The humidifying, on the other hand is the skin gets moisture from the external environment, and this in turn can be natural or artificial, as creams and preparations made from water and other products help moisturize skin.

summer skin

Tips for hydration and skin moisture

1- Take plenty of water. This is the main contribution of moisture to the skin. But how?. This is the "big question", and no single answer. The amount of water depends on my age, ambient temperature, My physical activity, etc., etc.. However it can be said that in hot weather (spring-summer), intake should be at least 2 gallons per day of water. The cleaner, pure and free of chemicals or solutes is better. Flavored waters, sodas or teas as "mate" so popular in our population, provide less quantity and quality of liquid cash that pure water.

2- Balanced diet. This are an important factor in soil, but competes with pair-water intake. The food should include all types of food, in caloric amount adequate to our needs. Also should be rich in fruits and vegetables, as such foods have naturally high amount of water in its composition. The strict calorie diets, protein or restrictions are detrimental to good skin hydration.

3- Control of sun exposure and physical activity. These two factors also influence the hydration. Unnecessary or prolonged exposure to the sun (especially without the proper protection of the filter screens solar), well as excessive physical activity, are factors that drastically reduce the amount of body water.

4- Control of risk factors and toxic. The classic risk factors: Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Sedentary, Cholesterol and alterations mainly Smoking; negatively contribute to proper hydration.

5- Using creams and moisturizing products. Available on the market a wide variety of specific preparations for this purpose, either in the form of creams, geles o emulsiones. Some recommended substances include: urea, Glycolic acid, lactic acid or ammonium lactate, etc.. To do this we must always have the indication of a qualified professional.

6- Using Hydrotherapy. Therapies through water, such as sauna, steam, specialized tubs and hot springs among others; provide an excellent complement to the wetting of the skin, while such therapy offers a relaxing option for the whole body. Hot water generally relaxes the body and acts on the pores of the skin in particular. It also improves blood circulation.

7- Stress Management. The skin conveys our inner, and is why the stress, not only reflected on the skin hydration, but also in its sagging, luminosity and expression lines.

If you put these tips into practice, our skin will be healthier and will always.


Dr. Christian Leiva

Medical Center Director

La Posada del Qenti

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5 tips for a flat stomach

5 tips for a flat stomach

Achieving flat abs it is not a utopia, as long as you have proof. Neither, It is torture unless it is a super restrictive diet chosen for achieve this, it. Achieve a flat stomach is possible with these tips

1- Reduce consumption of sugars

Moderate consumption of sugar to the maximum. This measure determines that the insulin levels remain low and glucagon, high. This is the hormone that is responsible for transforming fat into energy that has accumulated in your belly.

2- Lowering salt intake

Salt is one of the best allies of the prominent bellies; so we recommend try to limit your consumption. When you have meals at which you can not ignore, better choose sea salt, it is more natural. Another option are the herbs that serve meals to enjoy a healthier way.
abdomen plano

3- Properly chew each bite

Digestion begins in the mouth. Therefore, if not well-chewed food, these will not be adequately digested, giving results as bloating and gas. Eating on the run is not healthy, you have to enjoy every meal consciously, feel its texture, savor your taste ... Eating is turned into a real enjoyment.

4- Sleep at least seven hours a day

It has been shown that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. It makes the body resistant to insulin again, so the body goes into storage and decreases the hormone leptin. This hormone helps suppress appetite and tells the brain when you are full. By not getting enough sleep affected the production of insulin, which regulates the level of blood sugar and excess insulin in the system causes the body to store food as fat.

5- Perform toning exercises

To achieve a flat stomach, you need to perform exercises to tone the abdominal muscles and thus reduce waist circumference. In women, Postpartum these muscles lose tone, and if a suitable strengthening of the same is performed prolapse or incontinence may appear.

To begin perform deep breathing exercises, We walked a lot of air through the nose, as it enters the air inflate the abdomen, then exhale through your mouth as you deflate and contract the abdomen maximum, "Plunging deep inside the navel" and while the ribs widen. Once all the air outta keep 10 a 15 seconds, us to endure as, the more the better; being the ideal 20 seconds. In performing this exercise we must consider:

  • This type of exercise is best to perform them 2 times per week, 20 minutes.
  • This training can be performed in different positions, sitting, lying, on all fours or standing.
  • You have to concentrate well in breathing and muscle contraction located in the abdomen and perineum.

Regularly perform this series of exercises, soil provides aesthetic benefits, but improves posture, stimulates circulation and sexual functions, thus contributing to improving our quality of life.

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Removing the harmful effects of stress on the skin

Removing the harmful effects of stress on the skin

It is known that chronic fatigue is felt in the body, rx causing the skin cells can not fulfill its essential functions of nutrition, shop oxygenation and elimination of toxins, sickness quedando desprotegidas y manifestándose principalmente en la cara con síntomas tales como ojeras, puffy eyes, párpados caídos y líneas de expresión acentuadas.


To keep skin toned, is necessary that the deep layers are hydrated and oxygenated. And moderate muscle tone keeps its contours.

For this there are many options that offer optimal results against skin aging and also to achieve relaxation:

  • Intensive Leisure. 8 horas diarias es la base esencial para el cuidado de la piel.
  • Aromatic immersion baths. Elimina tensiones y logra un efecto relajante. Lavender is mainly used, camomile, juniper and sandalwood. Rosemary and mint give a revitalizing effect.
  • Hand Massage. Apart from being a pleasurable activity intensifies the circulatory rhythm, relaxes muscles and eliminating distended skin contractures.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage. Disminuye tensiones y mejora la textura de la piel, acting on the pathways that carry lymph (transporting liquid and removes toxins from the body).

These precautions will help sustain the levels of collagen and elastin, that function as essential supports to have a fresh and healthy skin.

Lic. Paula Peace

Summer: Sun risk prevention and skin cancer

Summer: Sun risk prevention and skin cancer

From sunburn to melanoma…

Exposure to sunlight especially ultraviolet A and B (uva y uvb), rx cause skin changes with different risks and alterations. May arise from the solar erythema (redness), aging (the brownish spots lentigines) and new Moon abrupt onset. Polka dot size changes, color, form, appearance and itching…and the transformation of moles or spots to skin cancer.

Are you a person at risk to produce a melanoma?. Everyone can develop. Your risk increases if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Fototipo claro (tipo I), skin, eyes and light hair, reddens easily with sun exposure.
  • Repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Performs tasks or live in geographical areas of intense sun, wind, land, etc..
  • Family or personal history of melanoma or other cancers.
  • Presence of moles (new), in force, so many size and colors.


Observe and control to prevent

Emergence of a pigmented lesion (in the, maybe he was before and) with changes in their usual appearance and rapidly evolving

The rating EL-B-C-D-E:

  • A: Asymmetry (symmetry-asymmetry)
  • B: Edges ( regular-irregular)
  • C: Color (multiple single-)
  • D: Dimension (less than 5mm 5mm or more)
  • It: Evolution (change in appearance in a few months)

Everything should take to try to prevent skin cancer and melanoma within these. Sun protection is the most effective method of preventing. Learning to "Enjoy the sun and not suffer"

We recommend:

  • Using a protector solar con alto factor UVB protection and grape.
  • Wear suitable clothing cotton avoid exposure in hours of maximum risk (of 11 a 15 hs).
  • Regularly evaluate your moles and other suspicious lesionss by a dermatologist.

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