Continuous Integral Plan

Continuous Integral Plan

The ongoing plan design is based on an essential premise:

How to sustain and continue the weight reduction achieved

The major problem with the majority of cases there is a reduction in weight, but keep in time. Are harmonious in an interdisciplinary, have a program that would allow closer monitoring of the patient's progress in their daily field.

*Pull. Roxana Viscovig, Medical Nutritionist. MP: 27.742/2 ME: 13.164

This serial proposed short stay, medium or long-term, performed in fairly regular times and allow continuous monitoring of the patient. For example, can be made stays 4 a 7 day, but each 45 the 60 days, thus achieving weight control changes that may occur in an effective and secure. Or you may develop complementary prolongado of 30 a 60 days Continuous format.

The work of professionals is to provide support and information. It is carried out not only during the patient's stay, but in the time between graduation and stays, either telephone or mail, achieving communication and ongoing support.
The patient is the main part of this process, and that the information received is adding to your daily life to be changing unhealthy habits (eat a lot and move little) for healthy lifestyles (eat little and move more).

As a result of this process the person can achieve their best possible weight, since the goal is not to make a "steady diet", but definitive change of habit. Since many global studies that talk about the benefits of changing habit interdisciplinary control framework, and that is the main goal of the program.


See the testimony of Rolando, guest who stay 2 months in La Posada del Qenti improving their quality of life:

Continuous Plan is highly personalized. Practices are defined once performed medical checkups, for nutritional and aesthetic. We also have the corresponding monitoring and Post-stay medical interconsultations between the Medical Staff of La Posada del Qenti and their GPs.

The program includes:

  • Plan for personalized nutrition 30 days
  • Interview psychological, aimed at adapting new healthy lifestyle
  • Individual classes of gymnastics
  • Lymphatic Drainage Session
  • Reducing Massage
  • Massages abdominal intensive Reducers (or need area)
  • Session Podiatría the reflexology
  • Intensive Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Individual classes of gymnastics
  • Nutrition Plan for 30 days
  • Individual classes of gymnastics
  • Lymphatic Drainage Session
  • Reducing Massage Sessions
  • Reducing Massage Session abdominal intensive (or need area)
  • Reflexology Session