Six out of ten people who enroll in center fitness no more than three month stay. Here, symptoms a look at the environment around us, the teachers and activities ... Not to take charge.

We all know how difficult it is to make physical activity a part of a lifestyle, not an obligation. Started and left countless number of times. We always find a reason to justify the abandonment, even knowing Multiple Benefits, already exceeded the "lose weight" or "get in shape".

We know that exercise changes our mood, helps us sleep better and to reduce stressBenefits ... fundamental rhythm of life we. They are more important reasons for training sumemos our lives forever.

But do not comply. According to a study by the Body Systems, specializing in group fitness gyms and management, the average rotation of the partners in a club or sports center is very high. Six out of ten people who take the initiative to enroll no more than the three-month stay.



Motivation; the keyword

The causes of physical activity we are many and studied by sports psychologists and human resource specialists Clubs and Gyms. The hardest thing for them, Worldwide, is to retain its members.

Now, unless the practitioner be a self motivator exceptional innate, everyone needs a high degree of motivation. That depends on how professionals deal with partners, main axis being what is relevant to them. It seems obvious but in practice is not met.

Physical activity ends up being imposed, resembles a torture or is just boring. We went to a gym and chew gum while the receptionist gives us a brochure colorless and emits only monosyllables to explain the services offered. Not to mention what we are looking. Never mind that we listen!

Then, there are many teachers who are only concerned to impose the activities for which they are fans. They know the techniques that handle, but lack the will and training to deal with us, students.

Although manifest we stopped going because we have not give us time or times, the lack of a good deal, indifference and the imposition of those who lead us seem to be the real reasons explosive combo to surrender.

Another problem are the gyms approaches: to belong, seems that we must be the "advance" in the form. Generate discrimination with those who need and want to start training. Sell ​​health but, verily, are more aligned with exhibitionism.

We need a change!

The eyes are turning to wellness as a concept. The idea is to make spaces, proposals and style friendlier alternative care to let us conquer by activity reconstructions ... Before it's too late.

We always want to return to the places where we are well treated and where we build positive experiences according to our interests, scale of values ​​and expectations. Just coming back again and again to the exercise experience, we can achieve the results you want.

In short, no reason enough to abandon the activity when we are motivated. And motivation depends on a high degree of professional and how we are treated.