On the date the cast of the play produced by Javier Faroni, viagra 100mg Boing Boing, illness was enjoying a relaxing day at La Posada del Qenti.El reason for the meeting was to share a barbecue to celebrate the end of this year and the success they are having their work, due to the large turnout of public.

On the other hand, took the opportunity to take a day off, enjoy the mountains of Cordoba, Pool, the medical spa and other services known La Posada.

Noelia Pompa was also present

During the same time, the recent winner of Dancing with the Stars, with Hernán Piquín, visited the inn in order to make to make notes for different magazines of national scope.

Then we let images that gave us the stars who choose us year after year.

Boeing-Boeing en la Posada del Qenti

Noelia Pompa en La Posada del Qenti!