Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness

Today we live in a world of services, therefore people are who generate the greatest wealth, convirtiendo a los colaboradores de toda empresa en el eslabón fundamental de la cadena de la eficiencia y rentabilidad.

Therefore, the actitudes, the sense of belonging and commitment of each of them are so valuable factors that make a key difference from its competitors.

Our experience: from 1996 and a team of prestigious professionals, La Posada del Qenti Medical Wellness receives among its guests a lot of directors, executives and employees of diverse local and international companies, experiencia que nos lleva a posicionarnos como referentes de la salud y el bienestar corporativo en distintas organizaciones.

From this, We develop different programs Corporate Wellness, aplicables a todo tipo de empresas y niveles jeráquicos , watching each organization holistically.

La Posada del Qenti strengthening its commitment to the quality of their health and wellness programs, ha certificado NORMAS INTERNACIONALES DE CALIDAD ISO 9001:2008.

Corporate Welfare Plan Benefits
  • Our Corporate Wellness programs return between 3 and 5 times the amount of the investment, logrando incrementar la productividad, commitment, the Fidelity, the quality of life of participants and job satisfaction, like the image of the organization.
  • Contributing significantly to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, sick leave, stress, the associated costs and staff turnover.

Our programs are:

  • Highly attractive and mandatory for any reason
  • Based on the actual situation of your company
  • Aimed to clear and measurable objectives, according to effective strategies
  • According to a comprehensive monitoring plan and monitoring results
Why stick to this plan
  • The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated economic losses from occupational diseases and injuries represent the 9 to the 12% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Latin America.
  • Obesity, overweight, stress and other conditions that cause absenteeism cause annual losses 13% productivity.
  • You will have identified between 2,500 and 3,000 work-related diseases, many of them preventable. Highlights include eyestrain, musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory ailments, certain cancers; and new conditions, known as tecnoestrés (disorders who uses technology for long periods), bullying (psychological harassment at work) or burnout (chronic fatigue stress).
  • Half of the working conditions is related to a poor lifestyle and chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension and overweight.
  • Obesity and overweight causes reduction 17% productivity, because of related disorders and absenteeism, alerted the ILO.
  • The specialized United Nations agency highlights Work stress as an occupational disease and estimates that 1 in 5 workers suffers, along with any associated disorder such as anxiety, fatigue or depression.
  • The high levels of stress affect the body preventing our performance is effective and harming our health in various ways. For example, with stomach ailments, depression and increased or decreased glucose. This is called the curve of stress and causes the workforce to perform at 60 the 70% of capacity.
  • La Encuesta Mundial de Ausentismo realizada por Kronos Incorporated revela que el 38% of workers who call in sick, they are not actually, but they have a high degree of stress.
  • A global study of health promotion and welfare at work, last year, business investment in health and wellness for increased human capital 35%.
  • Gallup polls, applied in countries like the United States, reveal that organizations with well developed environments report a 75% less burn-out among its employees and 44% more on staff retention. The 46% of employees in these ecosystems you feel more satisfied, It is resulting in improved performance and safety.
Business Plan milestones Welfare

We work with each organization to promote the health and welfare of its employees, revitalizing teams, creating healthier work environments and improving quality standards businesswoman.

Diagnosis corporate wellness: contamos con una poderosa herramienta de evaluación de la salud y estilos de vida que permite conocer el estado de sus colaboradores y por lo tanto de la organización, detectando anomalías o carencias en términos de salud y bienestar. Mediante encuestas y observación directa se identifican las necesidades demandadas y sus soluciones posibles.

Design and planning of the PBC: based on the diagnosis made design and execute your corporate welfare program tailored to the needs of your organization, intervening with the company in:

  • The definition of objectives
  • its scope
  • Metrics to use
  • Outcome measures
  • The design of a communication campaign support and incentives for participants

practical implementation: we engage in program management from conception to the achievement of the expected results, based on the commitment of top management and middle management to reach operational levels, ensuring continuity in time.

Monitoring and evaluation of results: throughout the whole process we carry out periodic assessments that provide insight into participation and satisfaction, as well as changes in awareness of health and wellbeing, as well as the evolution of the risk factors associated with people and their environment.

Our team
We have a team of 30 profesionales conformados por: Clinicians, Cardiologists, Nutritionists, dermatological, Lic. Nutrition, psychologists, Psychiatrists, physiotherapists, deportólogos, Professor. ed. physics, biochemical laboratory, beauticians and podiatrists, inter alia.

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