It is already recognized by many, that a great deal of products and services currently, offered and managed by market issues. In this framework medications and nutrition services, aesthetic or physical activity are no exception. More and more gyms chains, beauty salons, Spa and even pharmacies that have massively general consumption; but that the cost of this mass is the lack of personal attention in most cases.

With already more than 19 years of experience and serve more than 25.000 Guests, observed this phenomenon with great concern, to give some examples, over 80% Guest who attend develop health, know the right routine service Spa, no previous clinical examinations performed to display a food diet, not make adequate physical activity which must necessarily be personalized , drugs generally consume, and subjected to inadequate practices of body and facial aesthetics without the proper professional support.

Is defined as Self-Medication the use of drugs (drugs) or therapeutic substances without medical consent or control.

Likewise the Autoindicación involves the use of products, therapeutic services or methods without prior proper professional control.


These attitudes are very risky, as each drug, product or service, have a specific indication, but also have contraindications, interactions or adverse reactions that are not known or are minimized, endangering the health of the. Also if you consider that each person responds differently to the same therapeutic, lack of custom control, the lack of appropriate therapeutic doses and the lack of specific medical monitoring this situation much worse.

On the other side is the thin line between professional, ethics and to the legal, what is not. This is evident in places where the product offered, not have the snap properly trained personnel or relevant heading to the implementation or use of certain practices or services, as in the case of a fixed appliance. And on the side pharmacist, the sale of non-prescription medicines, more and more boom and incidence, reveal a lack of specific policy and control by regulators.

In the case of self-medication, Frequently some of the wedges of the same are as follows:

  • Directions from family and friends. This common practice of suggesting something that the doctor prescribed it to a third party.
  • Lack of time for adequate consultation.
  • Pathologies considered banal, that are underestimated by many people such as headaches, ILI gastric processes or between other.
  • Advertising in various media that exaggerate or show recovery immediate relief of symptoms.
  • Lack of knowledge or ignorance of the potential adverse effects or contraindications of treatments.

While there are numerous medications or treatments that are "Counter", this does not imply lack of adverse reactions or are harmless. Quite the contrary, in some instances may aggravate what one intended to treat or even cause serious injury and even death. This is a serious problem throughout society that does not take into account.

The doctor, trained and qualified person to make a diagnosis, through careful clinical, is the only one who can certify the best choice for every person in the pharmacological field, and is the best that can guide the individual in making decisions related to health. Being several potential risks:

  • Misuse of drugs (decreasing the effectiveness of antibiotics, poisoning, unwanted interactions, etc.). The use of antibiotics par ILI, widespread practice, although these are not effective in the process of viral origin.
  • Offer undue or "delivery" of services called Spa, Gym and body and facial aesthetic practices without proper support provider. (Just to give an example we can mention that over 90% people who go to a Spa Service Hospitality, do not know how to use them, nor is there contraindications professionals indicating that c / u of the people must know).
  • Excessive and misleading advertising of products almost "magic" that promise weight decrease, improve the figure, rejuvenation, etc.; real risk putting the health of the.
  • Use and abuse of analgesics abuse, antibiotics, antacids and sedatives. The drugs most frequently being self-medicate, and in many masking symptoms cause, adverse reactions increases, complication of underlying diseases or generating new problems.

As we see the problem is vast and many-sided, but as a general recommendation we can say the following:

  • Always inquire of the doctor any symptoms or unconnected with the usual.
  • Let's avoid the indiscriminate use of painkillers, Antacid, antibiotics and sedatives, without appropriate professional control.
  • In dejemos influence in the family by friends. Everyone responds differently to different drugs and which served to one person may be harmful to other.
  • In cases of aesthetic choose places most experienced and trained personnel, especially where prevailing medical control.
  • In Spa or Gym always seek professional support and control.
  • And last we recognize our own limits.

Acting in this way we minimize the RISKS and prioritize health.


Dr. Christian Leiva

MP 31.209/1

Medical Director and Medical Qenti La Posada del Qenti

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