The 70% of foodstuffs supermarket are ultraprocesados

The 70% of foodstuffs supermarket are ultraprocesados

Foodwatch Netherlands has conducted an investigation to determine the presence of ultraprocesados ​​food products in supermarkets, for it has compiled a sample 651 products in major supermarket chains in the country, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Lidl. According to the results, a 70% of the products sold are highly processed.

According to data collected for investigation of Foodwatch Netherlands, the 70% of foodstuffs supermarket are ultraprocesados. What does this mean? such foods incorporate ingredients that have undergone processes such as hydrolysis of proteins, hydrogenation, refining and extrusion flour, inter alia. They also have a high number of additives such as dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and flavorings.

The most common ultraprocesados ​​producos usually snacks, refreshments, industrial bakery, refined grains, milk preparations, bars and prepared foods. Regular consumption of these foods is associated with problems and diseases such as obesity, diabetes type 2, some forms of cancer, CVD, etc..

Foodwatch complaint that ultraprocesados ​​products (little bit (or nothing) healthy) dominate supermarket shelves, and although he speaks of supermarkets in the Netherlands, Data can be transferred to other countries. In research they were collected 651 food products from three of the major supermarket chains in the country, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Lidl. These products are divided into four categories, raw or lightly processed foods such as vegetables, fruits, eggs or milk, processed ingredients such as oils or salt, processed foods such as canned, sausage, breads, and highly processed foods such as breakfast cereals, the French fries, instant soups, desserts or delicatessen, etc..

After analysis it was determined that 459 of the 651 products analyzed, which represents 70.5% of the sample, They are framed in the category of food or highly processed ultraprocesados, in the category of fresh food they were included 106 products (16%), in the category of processed foods 67 products (10%) and 19 remaining (3%) They were framed in the category of processed ingredients. Foodwatch highlights the remarkable presence of sugar in highly processed foods ( in 350 of the 459 products), It can be found in all kinds of products and preparations, some would suspect not many consumers that contain, for example prepared salads or fish dumplings, inter alia. On the other hand, until 69% of highly processed foods study (315) containing high amounts of salt. Ultimately, the 93% of these products (429 of the 459) containing excess sugar or salt.

Dutch recalls that regular consumption of foods ultraprocesados ​​can cause various health problems, which makes sense considering that they have a high content of saturated fat, sugars and salt, They are low in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, the dietary fiber content is reduced, its energy density is high and provide a large number of empty calories. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of the association between highly processed foods and disease as discussed above, so they do the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), other organizations dedicated to health, many researchers and even government regulatory agencies. Warn about the dangers of abuse of these products, but governments hardly do anything about it, It is still marketed legally marketed as snuff although it is a dangerous product.



8 foods that keep you full and help you lose weight

8 foods that keep you full and help you lose weight

You commit yourself to exercise is only part of carrying a healthy lifestyle. Some of our biggest health challenges focus on our food choices, especially when we are hungry.

When we try to make positive changes to our diet, It is difficult to resist the temptation of snacks. The more hungry we, we are more likely to eat whatever is available.

If you've noticed that you're choosing the wrong kind of food, you must know what snacks they can give you the feeling of being full longer, not to feel hungry all the time. This will help end those bad eating habits and focus on creating a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the best snacks to satisfy hunger are full of protein. Protein gives you that feeling of being full without consuming lots of extra calories and processed sugar.

Also, according to experts, Protein gives you many health benefits that have been confirmed in numerous studies in science (

Foods with high fiber content, will take longer for your body to be digested, which means that your level of blood sugar will gradually increase and will remain stable for longer. Then, we will see 8 snacks that we can suppress hunger without sacrificing our health goals.

1. Pochoclo (popcorn)

Not all popcorn is made in the same way. If you go to the movies and ask for a bucket of salty popcorn with butter, you will not be doing any favors. The homemade pochoclo, seasoned with herbs or nutritional yeast, You can give you the same satisfaction without as many calories. Its high fiber content makes it a good alternative to the empty calories you get from a bag of cookies.

2. Dark chocolate

So is, you can eat chocolate without sabotaging your health. The key to this snack, is looking for quality. Go to any kiosk and buy your favorite chocolate bar will not help. That kind of chocolate is full of sugar, fats and unpronounceable ingredients that will only increase the size of your belly. The black chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa, it has a more bitter taste than milk chocolate, but they have many health benefits. The taste of black chocolate slows your digestion, which makes you feel fuller longer. It also regulates the production of a hormone that stimulates hunger.

3. Greek yogurt

Yogurt has always been considered healthy, but some are full of sugar. Options with low fat or fat free are not as good. Some of the nutrients of yogurt are soluble in fat, which means that your body needs to consume fat to benefit from these nutrients. Greek yogurt is a good choice to reduce appetite because it contains sugar half and twice the regular yogurt protein. It is also an excellent source of calcium, and probiotics that have are good for your digestion.

4. almonds

Their high protein and fiber, plus an excellent texture, almonds make the perfect snack for a busy day. Limit your intake to one serving to get the most benefit.

5. Fruits and vegetables rich in water

This works much like a glass of water before you start eating so. Water-rich foods like cucumbers, carrots and melons, They can satisfy your hunger and keep you hydrated. These foods are also rich in fiber and nutrients you need to feel better.

6. Avocado (avocado)

The avocado has a high content of monounsaturated fats (good fats) and fiber. You can spread some on bread or toast, and even eat it directly in spoonfuls to satisfy your hunger faster.

7. Humus

Hummus is made from chickpeas, making it an excellent source of protein and fiber. When you combine humus-rich vegetables like carrots water, cucumbers, celery or peas, one that will leave you hydrated and satisfied winning combination.

8. eggs

Quite apart from all the bad reputation that the eggs have had for years, just nothing more hunger than an egg. containing protein, leaves you wanting for a long time. A recent study showed that people who ate two eggs for breakfast ate less at lunch, compared to other group eating cereal bowl with the same amount of calories.

Bad food choices can damage your diet plans. Listen to your body and find food they kill your appetite and you provide nutritional contributions.


About the Author: Edith Gomez is editor-in Gananci, passionate about digital marketing, specializing in online communication. He refuses to go to bed every night without having learned something new. Is concerned about business ideas and, even more, provide a creative look to the small world in which we live. Twitter: @edigomben
Fitcations: holidays to get fit

Fitcations: holidays to get fit

Previously it thought on the beaches or in the mountains to do nothing and relax. Today, the fitcations function as a summer camp for adults. And general, They take a group of friends or work teams to start again.

Normalmente al finalizar un año laboral las personas están cansadas física y mentalmente, since the daily grind, stress and overwork can wear down even the strongest. Hence it is not surprising that fitcations is gaining popularity in countries like the United States, where it is seen as a good way to "get ready" to start in the best way another work period. The idea is simple and is nothing but enter "summer camps" designed for adults, with excellent accommodation and cuisine, but to meet physical and mental conditioning programs that they have been developed by qualified personnel. Demand for this new tourism offer has grown 15% the last two years in the north country and everything indicates that continue to rise. At least I hope operators like Ovation Vacations, based in New York.

It is a trend that began in the US, but that has been expanding rapidly. no longer enough spiritual retreats. The fitcations se realizan en lugares cerrados con bellos paisajes y donde todo está controlado: gastronomy as both physical and mental activities.

No late drinks and hearty meals. Este tipo de vacaciones promueve un nuevo estilo de vida en el que la salud y el bienestar son la meta. But, In addition body care, They are incorporated teachable moments. Muchas veces guiados por expertos o coachs. Sports activities are performed, meditations and detoxifying programs.

En un mundo guiado por el estrés, This new proposal is a way to cleanse, to disconnect and re renewed.


In Argentina, este concepto está más vinculado al bienestar y a la salud. Las montañas y las termas son los escenarios óptimos para este tipo de turismo. Las termas de Federación, en Entre Ríos, ofrecen complejos con salas de spa, masajes y todo lo necesario para una buena relajación.

Otro de los lugares favoritos en el país es Córdoba, donde abundan cabañas/spa o estancias. One of the most famous sites is the Posada del Qenti, for there can be made detoxes, and anti-stress diet plans.

Thereby, las fitcations integran clases de fitness y movimiento, workshops and focus groups with doctors, Nutritionists, experts vital management and exercise physiologists. Leisure activities are also incorporated in unique natural environments.

A different way of vacationing that combines health, wellness and relaxation.

Sources: LaVoz and

Why quinoa is the perfect food for diabetics?

Why quinoa is the perfect food for diabetics?

Quinoa has recently gained popularity worldwide, and it has already made a name as one of the most nutritious foods that can be. Compared to other whole grains, quinoa has more protein, antioxidants, minerals and fiber. It is also free of gluten, which makes it the perfect food for people who are sensitive to gluten.

Experts say Whole grains reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Besides that, it has recently been discovered that quinoa is a great source of nutrition for people suffering from diabetes, and can be used as a way to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

What is quinoa?

While it may be a new food in supermarkets in your area, Quinoa has been one of the main foods in the diet of families in South America for centuries, from ancient times of the Incas.

Its origin is in the mountains of the Andes, so you can survive the toughest weather conditions. Quinoa is known as a whole grain, since the Incas knew her as "the mother of all grains", but it is actually a seed.

Nowadays, there are 120 known variations of this seed, but the most popular are the white quinoa, red and black, so you are more likely to see these three variations in your local store.

Investigating the benefits of quinoa is relatively new compared to other foods investigations, and only in the last 30 years experts have begun to identify and investigate health benefits that have this seed.

While still more research needed, now known to add quinoa to your diet can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It has also been shown that it can provide many benefits to people suffering from diabetes.

How quinoa can impact on levels of blood sugar?

One of the keys to healthy living with diabetes is to manage and control your diet. Quinoa is a great choice for people with diabetes because it is a whole grain, which it is one of the key components in healthy diabetic diet, In addition to fruits, vegetables, lean protein and unsaturated fats.

Foods that have high glycemic index raise your levels of blood sugar and can make it difficult to control. The quinoa, however, It has a low glycemic index, which means that will not cause your levels of blood sugar rise.

While most of the grains not have the necessary amino acids to form a protein, Quinoa is sufficient to be considered a complete protein. It is also a great source of fiber that does not impact on levels of blood sugar and help you maintain your body weight, thus preventing other conditions associated with chronic diabetes.

Easy ways to prepare quinoa

Quinoa is prepared in water and is similarly cooked rice. to prepare, using a cup quinoa uncooked and two cups of water in a pan and bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, It reduces the intensity of the fire and allowed to simmer until most of the water has been absorbed. In most cases, it takes 15 a 20 minutes.

Quinoa also be used as a healthy additive other dishes. As rice, you can add in soups or stews to give the dish an extra delicious and healthy twist.

With all the benefits that have been discovered quinoa, we wonder why people still use rice. For diabetics, It is the perfect grist for a healthy diet. Incorporating this small seed in your diet, will help you control your blood sugar levels in the blood while maintaining a healthy weight to prevent secondary problems caused by diabetes.


About the Author: Edith Gomez is editor-in Gananci, passionate about digital marketing, specializing in online communication. He refuses to go to bed every night without having learned something new. Is concerned about business ideas and, even more, provide a creative look to the small world in which we live. Twitter: @edigomben
La Posada del Qenti receives the certificate of excellence 2017 TripAdvisor

La Posada del Qenti receives the certificate of excellence 2017 TripAdvisor

The health, the pleasure and prestige combine in La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa Cordoba trendsetting medical treatments aimed at improving the quality of life of people.

La Posada del Qenti ha sido reconocida por quinto año consecutivo con el Certificado de Excelencia 2017 by TripAdvisor, the largest travel portal in the world; He is having also received the same award year 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. This recognition, based on the opinion and rating from guests who visit the health center, evidenced by the growth of La Posada del Qenti in the areas of Healthy Tourism and Medical Tourism, through the solutions proposed to lose weight, quit, control diabetes, abolish stress, inter.

“With the certificate of excellence, tripadvisor It recognizes businesses in the tourism industry who received, consistently, praise and high ratings from travelers on the site ", said Heather Leisman, vice president of industry marketing advisor. "This recognition helps travelers identify and reserve establishments offering, regularly, excellent service. TripAdvisor is proud to play this integral role in helping travelers feel more confident about their decisions reservation ".

The certificate of excellence takes into account the quality, the quantity and timeliness of the opinions and comments sent TripAdvisor travelers over a period of 12 months. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall rating of at least four out of five bubbles on trip, have a minimum amount of opinions and having the profile trip advisor for at least 12 months.

La Posada del Qenti It has established itself as a leader in the field, amalgamating medical treatments with pleasure and wellness stays. So, It has made people achieve excellent results in their treatments, in a process that also healthy, It is exquisitely pleasurable. La Posada del Qenti is immersed in the Sierras de Cordoba, surrounded by landscape and nature and high class infrastructure.

La Posada del Qenti is a tempting invitation to optimal healthy state of body enjoying, at the same time, the pampering of a team of excellence.

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