People who want to lose weight can easily find a lot information, tips and diets, viagra sale because being overweight is a common problem.

But there are also people instead, need to gain weight, either because their metabolisms there are more accelerated than the average person because for some reason or, as depression, diseases or stress, not have enough appetite. For these people, gaining weight is as difficult as it is to lose weight for other; also, by not having the correct information on how to achieve their purpose, tend to adopt eating patterns that undermine their own health. The most obvious way to gain weight is to consume more energy than the body expends. To achieve this goal, is advisable to follow the principles of Ovalo Food, eating more servings of six food groups, adequate quantities, of foods that provide high energy and nutritional. Gain weight eating exaggerated amounts is not the most healthy and appropriate way.

Advice for those who "eat and eat" and not fattening

Eat more frequently: It's easier to eat more calories consuming 6 a 7 meals. For example, eat breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and again at 10:00 a.m. Choose foods high in calories and nutrients: You do not need to increase the volume of food at each meal. If you add high calorie ingredients, o agregue, cream, condensed milk, mas oil, milk powder, garnish salads with olives, nuts, avocado queso, which provide a lot of energy.

Take a snack before bed: People with fast metabolism, even at rest burns calories; also, sleep, the person will be several hours without eating any food. While eating too late can disrupt sleep for some people, usually a light meal or a hot drink will not cause this effect and may even become a pleasant habit.

Try a nutritional supplement: Nutritional supplements, usually in the form of shakes, are a good choice for they consume lots of calories. Consult your nutritionist which is best for you.

Tips for those with little appetite

Limit fluids with your meal: Preferably drink 30 minutes before or after meals; thus have more room for food.

As in company: The pleasure of being with others could be a Inpulse for your appetite.

Have on hand your favorite sandwich: People tend to eat more if food is really tasty, as Chocolates. Take a glass of beer or a glass of wine before dinner: Often a drink gives a boost to stimulate appetite. Check this with your dietitian.

Try different sensations: You can add to your food ingredients to give other colors and textures. You can also change where regularly eat, making a style food "picnic" in another area of ​​the house or listening to different types of music.

Get away from the stress: Avoid arguments or unpleasant conversations at mealtime. Disconnect from the problems and consider meals as relaxation time.

Food is an important determinant of well-being of everyone. Both people who want to increase their weight as those who want to lose it, should remember that drastic changes are harmful to the body and the proper way to achieve the desired weight is slowly and progressively.

You can see a psychologist because of the lack of appetite, many are nervous anorexia, lunch and a knot in your stomach does not allow you to enjoy the power.

Increase physical activity to properly stimulate your appetite and metabolism.

Lic. Sandra Villarreal

Area of ​​Nutrition

La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort

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