Antioxidants protect us from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, alter the functioning of these cells by attacking their cell membranes and even DNA. This damage is responsible for degenerative diseases of the circulatory system character, cardiovascular and aging.

Although the body has its defenses system, everyday need to incorporate antioxidants to reinforce the same due to its high level of free radicals, and what better to take what nature gives us in the form of vegetables and fruits, because these foods antioxidants synthesized.

There is a campaign called "Five a day" or " 5 day "was born in Chile and came to our country, This seeks to inform the public the importance of consuming 5 Different fruits and vegetables per day, since compounds with antioxidant properties are responsible color and as not all the same type synthesise, need variety.

Examples of natural antioxidants are:

1- The Carotenoids precursors Vitamin A and present in carrot, orange, spinach and tomato.

2- The Vitamin C potent antioxidant found in kiwi, citrus, alfalfa sprouts, peppers and spinach.

3- The Vitamin E whose function is to protect cells from external aggression type of pollution, pesticides or snuff smoke, more foods that contain this vitamin are rich in essential oils that have the characteristic of being soluble (lipid soluble) as dried fruit, seeds, vegetable oil and wheat germ.

4- The Lycopene responsible for the red color of tomatoes.

5- The Tannins tea and grapes, there is attributed to red wine antioxidant property.

6- The Isoflavones soy and derivatives have been linked as allies against cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

7- Many more antioxidants the group of Polyphenols the Phenolic afterdemos found in plant foods is therefore important to include in our daily diet.

Always remember that variety is the balance.


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