Pilates work is based on focusing on the abdomen and the realignment of the body. This promotes posture and improves blood circulation, buy flexibility and bodily balance.
Thanks to good posture offered by this method, page tensions of the neck and shoulder, medicine nowadays very common, and relieved to come away. In short we can say that it is harmonious Pilates lengthens muscles workout combining different techniques and posture by emphasizing.
En Pilates, begins by creating a ring around the navel force, taken as the center of gravity, what about this method oriental techniques.
Then the muscles related to posture and is working to stabilize the body; lengthening short muscles and strengthening weak.
Fitness This method also helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles without bulk engrandecerlos, because their practice is based on short, controlled movements with low reps. The exercises are low impact employees, hence they are almost beyond injuries. But what makes his approach unique is the overall view of the body.
Breathing is very important in this method, and each year there is a specific pattern of breathing, to direct energy to areas that are working, while the rest of the body relaxes. What is sought in this, is to achieve longer and stronger muscles, without resenting the lung or heart.

The eight basic principles of the Pilates technique are:

– concentration
– precision
– control
– flotation
– movement
– center
– breathe
– routine

Source: http://infofitness.infobae.com

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