We live in a consumer culture, no rx pills not depressed, approved Instant pleasure, abortion the immediate satisfaction, no time to develop processes and culminate.
We are part of a manic society, make a rampant, outside the moment that passes between us.
Sometimes we feel immortal belief, always "no time" for waiting and postponement.
What happens to us in our daily rhythm? What do we feel when we are afraid of not being able to face the difficulties of living with hits?
There is a lack of deep emotional commitment and true, isolating the human being and destroys it as essential, the only thing that could allow out of a sick society. No individual is self-sufficient, We are part of the environment. Each has its particular character because of his relationship with himself, other and to the whole.
And it belong to a TODO, ATTENTION need: attend as it is a way of taking responsibility, taking over. We take care of our people this way, what surrounds us. Address is a lifestyle and being alert is a way to "feel" the life and realize discriminate.
Castaneda speaks of attention as one of the four essential equipment in the way of the warrior, "Attention to attention" this means attention to the lifestyle you chose, attention to your commitment to take responsibility for your own life.
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