Achieving flat abs it is not a utopia, as long as you have proof. Neither, It is torture unless it is a super restrictive diet chosen for achieve this, it. Achieve a flat stomach is possible with these tips

1- Reduce consumption of sugars

Moderate consumption of sugar to the maximum. This measure determines that the insulin levels remain low and glucagon, high. This is the hormone that is responsible for transforming fat into energy that has accumulated in your belly.

2- Lowering salt intake

Salt is one of the best allies of the prominent bellies; so we recommend try to limit your consumption. When you have meals at which you can not ignore, better choose sea salt, it is more natural. Another option are the herbs that serve meals to enjoy a healthier way.
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3- Properly chew each bite

Digestion begins in the mouth. Therefore, if not well-chewed food, these will not be adequately digested, giving results as bloating and gas. Eating on the run is not healthy, you have to enjoy every meal consciously, feel its texture, savor your taste ... Eating is turned into a real enjoyment.

4- Sleep at least seven hours a day

It has been shown that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. It makes the body resistant to insulin again, so the body goes into storage and decreases the hormone leptin. This hormone helps suppress appetite and tells the brain when you are full. By not getting enough sleep affected the production of insulin, which regulates the level of blood sugar and excess insulin in the system causes the body to store food as fat.

5- Perform toning exercises

To achieve a flat stomach, you need to perform exercises to tone the abdominal muscles and thus reduce waist circumference. In women, Postpartum these muscles lose tone, and if a suitable strengthening of the same is performed prolapse or incontinence may appear.

To begin perform deep breathing exercises, We walked a lot of air through the nose, as it enters the air inflate the abdomen, then exhale through your mouth as you deflate and contract the abdomen maximum, "Plunging deep inside the navel" and while the ribs widen. Once all the air outta keep 10 a 15 seconds, us to endure as, the more the better; being the ideal 20 seconds. In performing this exercise we must consider:

  • This type of exercise is best to perform them 2 times per week, 20 minutes.
  • This training can be performed in different positions, sitting, lying, on all fours or standing.
  • You have to concentrate well in breathing and muscle contraction located in the abdomen and perineum.

Regularly perform this series of exercises, soil provides aesthetic benefits, but improves posture, stimulates circulation and sexual functions, thus contributing to improving our quality of life.

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