There is a saying that says " 40 are the new 30 "and we totally agree, reach this age means face life with more confidence and more self mismthe, and also it means mature with confidence and elegance. However, It is impossible for us to stop time, and in 40 willy-nilly, our body begins to have major changes. For this reason it is essential to take care to maintain our health in optimum condition, playing sports and having the best food we can try. Skin care creams with specific, eye care with special lenses, eating healthy ... Do you know other ways to enjoy comfort the beginning of a new stage? It's time to start pamper ourselves a little! Watch your view We can not remain indifferent to the passage of time, and one of the things that changes may suffer from the 40, It is precisely the view. Eyestrain, Presbyopia is known as one of the most common symptoms after 40: if every time you read the newspaper, it costs more to differentiate the letters of paper, mobile phone or computer, You have idea of ​​what we want to tell you. Fortunately, there are many options to end this problem easily, as multifocal lenses using, specifically designed to provide uninterrupted and clear near vision, to medium distance and far. Equally, some contact lenses are usually much more practical than a pair of conventional lenses, you no longer have to remember where you leave, or if inadvertently break. Give special care to your skin One of the most important issues that should pay attention to 40, It is the progressive loss of collagen, which causes the fibers supporting face weaken and cause sagging and loss of definition oval. There are many products that are designed to care for the skin in this new stage of life. Select a product moisturizer that stimulates cellular functions, uses eye contour firming creams and apply neck and neck. They will be the secret of youth!. Change your eating habits Losing weight can become complicated after the 40 because the metabolism starts to change. Therefore it is advisable to stay in shape at this age and maintain a healthy size for flee entrench strict diets and eating habits they make you feel better inside and out. Eat more protein, more fruits and vegetables (try to have them present at every meal), and avoid added sugars and saturated fats. Take more breaks and higher quality You must say goodbye to stay awake until dawn and all those nights you had. It's time to go to bed earlier, you must rest at least 7 hours each night and you'll have more vitality during the day. Your skin will appreciate this change and your mood change. Sleep is one of the most rewarding activities you can make in life, So take the time you want to relax! Vitamins and calcium are very necessary With the passage of time, the bones gradually lose calcium faster than the body can replenish. From the 40 years absorptive capacity of vitamin D is also reduced in the intestine, which causes bone loss can lead to osteoporosis,. That is why it is essential to ensure an adequate supply of vitamin D and calcium by eating well, this should include vegetables and dairy. It is also very important that you increase your intake of vitamin E, prodigious substance against free radicals which helps in reviving collagen production and improves blood flow and elasticity. No matter the age at which practice sport Who said you can not be practiced exercises from a certain age? The 40 it can be a great stage to practice exercises, sign up to the gym or do some sport, you could walk 40 minutes a day, cycling or swimming for half an hour three times a week. It is also recommended activities such as yoga or pilates, this will help you maintain good muscle and prevent stiffness of joints and bones. Exercise your brain Develop your interests! Usually during this stage of life can enjoy more free time and greater stability, so you should take advantage and go for visiting exhibitions and museums, Read more, or attend courses that you have always wanted to attend. In this way you will achieve enrich your mind, activate mental abilities, increase your cultural background and step, You will enjoy many moments! Avoid toxic In the past they should be the time of the excesses: if you want to live longer and better quality, It is time to leave the snuff, aging favoring, and putting control over alcohol consumption harms both the nervous system and liver. The key to alcohol is moderation: there are specific substances such as resveratrol, found in red wine, and antioxidants that are beneficial for the heart, but you should not consume excess. Take in moderation, no more than one drink per day! By removing toxins from your body your body will feel better.

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