Summer is approaching and many seek miracle diets to lose weight fast. Nowadays, in the information age, We found numerous "miracle" diets internet. The last few weeks much I talk about the diet of the Queen, Moon or the bum 600 calories. Here are some examples of what we can find on the internet; of course it is talking about the sudden weight loss but not its consequences.


Diet "Maximum Reina"

This diet became famous for visible results that had the Queen of Holland (Born in Argentina), Máxima Zorreguieta, the truth is that behind all the marketing that received the same, we have a real health hazard. Such high protein diet and carbohydrate restrictive generates muscle fatigue and like minor diets 1000 Calories (today is much talk about diets 600 and 800 Cal), if weight loss is sudden what you lose more muscle mass percentage, if then the weight is regained makes as fat, It is generating with time of body composition change to more fat and less muscle.

Moon diet

Basically it indicates to make a fast 24 hs. every time there is a change moon, due to the belief that the movement that the moon causes the tides to the movement of fluids in our body and that doing this fasting detoxifies the body moves. We should note that among other things prolonged fasting increases the level of cortisol, This hormone stimulates the destruction of muscle protein, the body generates an energy saving due to the lack of food and weight loss is primarily due to fluid loss and in some cases has reached dehydration.

Cookie Diet

This food deformation born in the United States in the late 70, It consists of eating only "cookies" made with a formulation based on amino acids, no more than 6 Units per day. It brings only 800 kcal a day which makes it a low-calorie diet and once you leave, the weight becomes so enhanced.

Dieta de la sopa

It is somewhat monotonous and boring, during 3 meals should be eaten only soup, some say that this should only be cabbage with other vegetables it reaches them, but the main question becomes why this diet leads to lose fluid and minerals essential for the body, causing dehydration, diarrhea, etc..

Lemon Diet

It is the bitterest of all diet, as it consists of taking over 6 glasses of lemonade per day. Foods are added slowly, mostly vegetables and fruits, alternating occasionally with a glass of salt water in the morning and a laxative tea at night. The belief that burns fat lemon is wrong, there is no real scientific evidence that any particular food use body fat as fuel. The results of this diet not vary much from the previous; muscle wasting, Dehydration, sickness, vomiting, etc..

That is why from La Posada del Qenti suggest always consult with specialists registered as there are no miracle diets, no magic, the shift to a balanced diet, ordered, without prohibitions but self is truly healthy way. Move, portion control, do 4 meals a day, are some of the steps we must take to achieve that positive change.

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