Melatonin, the owner of Sleep.

Melatonin, the owner of Sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the biological clock of our body, about it the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the brain, rx It is synthesized in the pineal gland to a cyclical rhythm and then is distributed by the blood in small proportions. Melatonin informs the body of circadian phase, prostate namely, the pace followed by the day to regulate the body it: circadian rhythm is acquired within three months of baby's life.

Then enter the first year of life and 3 years when the highest levels of melatonin are achieved, then production decreases with age, in the elderly (elderly) Melatonin levels are much lower than the levels of young people who can have levels 12 times. In the case of the elderly, during the day they can not have enough melatonin rise.

Properties of melatonin

Among the properties of melatonin, the most studied is the influence on sleep - wake rhythm which is closely related to circadian rhythms. By this faculty, It is suitable for treating sleep disorders substance to rediscover the balance.

It is also indicated to relieve symptoms of jet lag or facilitate sleep to people who have changes in working hours or those who directly work on the night shift constantly and prolonged in time. In this manner, if melatonin is consumed (there are pills) at the right time, It recovers faster the sleep-wake rhythm that has been altered, either by circumstances that are.

They have not yet been able to show their properties to "prolong life", but if it is proven that melatonin influences positively on the quality of life of older people. This theory is supported by the fact that a good feeding accompanied high concentrations of melatonin elderly improves general well being and lead to a decrease of diseases associated with age.

What it does and how it works

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally in our body, but in addition it can also be made in the lab and thus use as a medicament in tablet form. We can say that this hormone our body is "set". Thus people suffering from insomnia for example and are not able to regulate their sleep with melatonin your body produces, They can take pills. It also serves for example for the "jet lag" when we travel, for sleep disorders if we changed work shift or blind people so they can establish a cycle of day and another night.

Helping sleep

If you've been thinking of taking melatonin, You keep in mind that you should only take it for a period of time, which it is usually three months to solve a specific problem. If your lack of sleep is not a blip, melatonin is not, precisely, the drug or product that will suit you best. Let's see what are some of the most natural and effective to reconcile alternatives sleep well without having to take medications or supplements:

  • Do not sleep during the day. Although it may seem silly, there are many people who have the habit of napping and this may be causing us to have insomnia at night. No matter if you've done all my life and now you have insomnia that had not previously, keep in mind that our body is changing and that, thus, Now nap you may not sit well as before.
  • Exercise and ends with a sedentary lifestyle. A good way to end insomnia is exercising, either go for a walk for a while, or go to the pool, go for a run, etc.. What we must do is get tired our body so that it can recover at night by sleep, what people with insomnia most crave.
  • Meditation and yoga. Do meditation and yoga are also some alternatives you can consider if you have problems when sleep. Meditation and yoga consist make our body to eliminate the stress that has accumulated in it all day, so that it is ready for bed. It is important that perronas who want to improve this situation through yoga, They are put in the hands of a specialist to teach them how to get started in this world.
  • Follow a routine. Besides everything, is important that we routines every day when we go to bed and end our day. As babies are given a daily routine to get used to sleeping patterns, adults must do the same if we have problems in falling asleep. Thus, we establish what we will do between 7 afternoon, for example, and 10 at night, time that we go to bed. Dine, ducharnos, move, Watch tv, etc.. Everything must have a time and every day we do the same routine.
  • No video games, TV and cellular. Note that video games, as well as games that have shaped the mobile app affect your central nervous system. Thereby, It will be much more complicated if you've been asleep watching a movie, playing console or playing with mobile.

Foods rich in melatonin

Melatonin can find it in our body but also some foods that have tryptophan, the acid actually synthesizes melatonin, They may be rich in hormone. Foods rich in melatonin we can mention:

  • Meat products, as meat (especially chicken and turkey), milk and milk products (cheese, yogurt, Custard, etc.)
  • Plant foods, like algae and cereals and within these they would be: the corn, the oats, rice, wheat or barley.
  • Seeds, the dried seeds of some fruits and vegetables like watermelon seeds, or pumpkin seeds.
  • Nuts, Nuts are rich in melatonin fruits: as apples, grenades, cherries or bananas. Vegetables: onions are especially rich in melatonin and tomatoes.