Stevia: the natural sweetener that has no calories

Stevia: the natural sweetener that has no calories

The current trend is to eat healthy and low-calorie products. Within this kind of products include sweeteners which, often, have a strong and unpleasant taste. Recently, It has begun to implement stevia as a natural sweetener, product is produced from a shrub of the family of native chrysanthemums northern Paraguay and southern Brazil and today its cultivation has spread throughout Asia.


This plant is very rich in phytonutrients, volatile oils, minerals, vitamins protein and fiber. Now, in countries where it is produced it is consumed by several million people.

Sweeter than sugar

The leaves of this plant is rich in small glycosides, called stevioside, these substances contain between 150 and 300 times more sweetening power than sugar, for it sweetens in small portions without calorías.Se conducted trials in carbonated soft to measure the power of calories and sugar with stevia, the results showed that soda sweetened with stevia have 99% fewer calories with the same flavor.

This substance has the property to enhance the flavors, It is soluble in both cold and hot which makes it suitable for use in beverages (and mocktails), juice, chocolates, powders for dilution and as a tabletop sweetener. Also it has high temperature stability so you can add baking and pastry in general panificaciones. Turn, It supports acidic media and has no fermentative properties, providing longer life to dairy products such as yogurt, chocolatadas milk and ice cream.

A benefit for your health

Besides being a natural product, It is highly recommended for low-calorie diets, diabetics and it can also be consumed by children, highlighting its antacid and antibacterial properties, unlike other sweeteners that cause heartburn if they are consumed in quantity or in the presence of gastric pathologies.

This product is approved for consumption by WHO and FAO, registered with the Argentine Food Code, Recommended by aid associations and national bodies such as diabetic INTI and INTA. It is found in crystal form, drops as a fine yerba, which can be mixed with our yerba mate without using white sugar.

Lic. Sandra Villarreal- M.P. 1138
Area of ​​Nutrition
La Posada del Qenti

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The inn Qenti receives the certificate of excellence award 2016 TripAdvisor

The inn Qenti receives the certificate of excellence award 2016 TripAdvisor

The health, the pleasure and prestige combine in La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa Cordoba trendsetting medical treatments aimed at improving the quality of life of people.

La Posada del Qenti has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2016 by TripAdvisor, the largest travel portal in the world; He is having also received the same award year 2013, 2014 and 2015. This recognition, based on the opinion and rating from guests who visit the health center, evidenced by the growth of La Posada del Qenti in the areas of Healthy Tourism and Medical Tourism, through the solutions proposed to lose weight, quit, control diabetes, abolish stress, inter.

“With the certificate of excellence, tripadvisor It recognizes businesses in the tourism industry who received, consistently, praise and high ratings from travelers on the site ", said Heather Leisman, vice president of industry marketing advisor. "This recognition helps travelers identify and reserve establishments offering, regularly, excellent service. TripAdvisor is proud to play this integral role in helping travelers feel more confident about their decisions reservation ".


The certificate of excellence takes into account the quality, the quantity and timeliness of the opinions and comments sent TripAdvisor travelers over a period of 12 months. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall rating of at least four out of five bubbles on trip, have a minimum amount of opinions and having the profile trip advisor for at least 12 months.

La Posada del Qenti It has established itself as a leader in the field, amalgamating medical treatments with pleasure and wellness stays. So, It has made people achieve excellent results in their treatments, in a process that also healthy, It is exquisitely pleasurable. La Posada del Qenti is immersed in the Sierras de Cordoba, surrounded by landscape and nature and high class infrastructure.

La Posada del Qenti is a tempting invitation to optimal healthy state of body enjoying, at the same time, the pampering of a team of excellence.

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The bicycle as a meeting point with nature and with oneself

The bicycle as a meeting point with nature and with oneself

In recent years we have seen how it has grown physical activity in different branches and in the case of the bicycle has also joined many followers. The “bike” brings endless possibilities to rediscover our motor skills and our enthusiasm for finding new spaces that allow us to surround ourselves with stunning locations and surprisingly close.


At present a simple bike (in all its models) It allows us to explore different landscapes, green areas, peasants, twisty, etc., just some basic notions of use, changes, brakes and anti puncture some liquid if necessary, They will help us without major problems with our purpose. Family outings, friends, or with oneself are different possibilities to disconnect from the routine.

We do not have to limit its use exclusively to outlets outside the city, because for many it is also a good choice as a means of transport in the city, low cost and maintenance, also they can be fitted with different accessories such as baskets, grills, child seats, etc.; and thus,make our purchases, attend meetings and so the list goes on and on.

A good opportunity to meet friends and make new, this simple element that surely we all have one or just leave it in the garage pulled, we can provide much satisfaction. For those who have more curiosity about the activity itself, health professional and / or movement science certainly can help you lay out objectives in line with each, and if necessary, a proper diagnosis for our outings are fun and pleasure.

Remember that it is very important to consider security measures like the hull, comfortable and visible clothing you provide activity, and lights for the rest of circulating to them easier to identify. Do not hesitate and start meeting new experiences that enrich your soul and strengthen your body and mind, to enjoy!

Physical education area

La Posada del Qenti

Allergies, What are they and how to combat them?

Allergies, What are they and how to combat them?

Sneezing, Eye irritation, nasal discharge, rashes and itchy skin; are just some of the symptoms you have to live everyday allergic. But let's see why they occur and are Allergies.


Allergy is an overreaction (known hypersensitivity) immune, an allergen. Namely, any substance capable of initiating a response of this type.

This reaction occurs only in susceptible individuals, therefore it may be an "allergen" for one, it will not be for another. This substance can be ingested, inhale the touch, giving a characteristic response in each person. It should be noted that allergens are not harmful in itself.

Among the most common are: Poland, powder, mold, animal hair, insect bites, food, drugs and Dust Mites (microorganisms, living in mattresses, blankets, plush toys, curtains and carpets, which feed desquamated cells whose excrement generate skin allergies).


How are allergies acquire?

Research showed that two factors add. One is the genetic predisposition (genes that predispose to this situation), and the other factor is the environmental (the place and the conditions that surround us).

Why hypersensitivity occurs?

Considering the above two factors, we see that our immune system, responsible for combating germs, but occasionally responds to the allergen erroneously considering an attacker more, generating an overreaction.

What cause?

As we saw at the beginning, allergies can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, itch, sarpullidos, edema (swelling) asthma or even in some cases. Diarrhea may also occur, headache, colic, etc..

While symptoms vary greatly from case to case, are generally not serious, although some will cause, and mainly caused by drugs, a reaction called "anaphylaxis" which can be lethal occurs, if not controlled in time.

Symptoms vary. Although allergies can make you feel bad, they generally are not lethal. However, a severe reaction called anaphylaxis it can be.

How are they diagnosed?

Several methods, but inside we have the most used skin tests and laboratory.

The first method involves injecting on very small amounts of potential allergens skin and see how he reacts to it after a while. The more red and swollen area is put, greater the body's response to that substance.

Regarding the laboratory seek IgE antibodies (Immuno-globulin E), Total IgE levels, eosinophils, General Immunoglobulin and etc.. All markers of allergic phenomena.

How are they treated?

Given the variety of presentation, treatments are equally varied in the type and application of the same. Mainly used antihistamines and corticosteroids, which can be administered orally, injection, colirios, creams, etc.; according to the area and extent of reaction.

Therapies were also incorporated with vaccines (inmunoterapia), which is a long-term treatment. The result is highly variable from one person to another, and perseverance needed to efficiently evaluate the same.

Revitalization, a complement and alternative to conventional therapy

At Posada del Qenti, with a group of interdisciplinary professionals and counting with more than 15 years of experience, Biological Revitalization Switzerland offer as an adjunct to conventional therapy. Even in some cases it becomes a serious alternative, natural and integral to these cases.

It is based on protein extracts from specific organs, called "peptone", serve as cellular nutrient, restoring vitality and balance the body, providing relief without side effects.

Together with our trained professionals, find all the support to assess each case individually and choose the best treatment, promoting not cure, but a significant improvement in quality of life.

Dr. Christian A. Leiva

Medical Center Director

MP 31.209/1

The great generational change that nobody talks

The great generational change that nobody talks

The lack of healthy habits has transformed the planet into a dwelling place increasingly Obesity. A world full of people, 7.432.663.000 to be exact, It is not only growing in terms of quantity (6% in the last 5 years old), but also on the size of each person. From 1980 until today obesity and overweight doubled.

map obesity

Today the 40% of the adult population are overweight and 13% They are obese. There are more people in the world, and more obese. The problem is the consequences of this pandemic on the health of each: CVD, diabetes and cancer, inter. What's worse is that today there are more than 42.000.000 Children under 5 years overweight (equivalent to the total population of Argentina) and first in history, babies born today have less life expectancy than their parents.

What everyone should know we are that this trend can change from what everyone does, generating good habits and educating the kids by example. Medical centers welfare, La Posada del Qenti in Cordoba, receive every week to people eager to reach their ideal weight and avoid serious diseases associated with obesity. A clear tendency to enjoy more of life has made these institutions a source of hope.

La Posada del Qenti, International Center certified ISO9001 Quality Standards, It offers a weight loss treatment called Weight Management, based on education, changing habits, physical activity and personalized eating plan. For more information visit

Ing. Miguel C. Cane

General Manager

La Posada del Qenti


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