Argentine promoting medical tourism in the US.

Argentine promoting medical tourism in the US.

The Argentine medical tourism was rated five stars in the "1st Argentine Congress of international medical tourism", sick held in Buenos Aires in August 2015. There lecturers participated prestigious national and international experience that highlighted among other attributes, viagra the following:

  1. Medical prestige enjoyed by Argentina with three Nobel laureates, for sale and very important discoveries that helped improve the health of people in the world.
  2. Infrastructure and technology institutions in primary health
  3. Variety and beauty of tourist circuits unmatched.
  4. Universities and training centers in medicine and tourism of great antiquity and prestige where students attend professionally trained worldwide.
  5. Ethics and security in Argentina certified by major developed countries.

These important aspects were put in value, generating opportunities related tion, synergy actions with different institutions and professionals involved in patient care, consultancy and international representation.


Miguel Cané who is president of CIAPSA (Argentina chamber medical tourism), general manager of the Posada del Qenti, prestigious institution wellness tourism in Cordoba, member of the board and executive committee of the CAT (Argentina Chamber of Tourism), training meetings held in Miami, the day 14 January this, Nora Olivieri digital marketing manager & business development, Rosy and Menendez, director of the department of medical tourism, bmi executive officers of both companies (international medical facilitators), providing details of the characteristics of the various medical institutions, the abundant, variety of clinical specializations offered Argentina and in particular the various proactive programs health wellness, today described as the medicine of the future, as weight management, stress management, Smoking, diabetes 2, biological rejuvenation, Facelift, physical and dental, among other programs in our country they are being developed and refined for more than 70 years old.

Also, a teleconference remained with medical professionals bmi companies in Costa Rica, Dr. And Dr. Carlos Chiny. Rebeca Solano, where primarily addressed the quality of medical services and international comparative economic advantages for patients in Argentina. There are now more than 40 North Americans million citizens who lack medical insurance in the US. and insurance institutions are focusing their attention on Latin America and particularly in Argentina, country currently well qualified internationally.

Keys to reduce stress

Keys to reduce stress

What do we mean by stress? Can be defined as the interaction of the demands or requirements to which it is subjected a person and their specific responses. A negative stress or distress arises when the demands or requirements of the psychosocial environment are intense, the prolonged excessive, exceeding the adaptive capacity of the individual. In these situations the person attempts to adapt any stimulus are inefficient and excessive and means a great effort.

Among the most common symptoms found: Anxiety, irritability, insomnia, mood disorders, decreased psychophysical performance, Appetite disturbance, sexual dysfunction, feeling tired from waking, lack of concentration and memory.

What can we do to address this situation? First it is important to know that we have internal and external resources to address them. Among the mechanisms we have:

  • body search. Start listening to my body as I feel that I am needing.
  • Knowing what is necessary to prioritize my activities within, view which I consider important to take care and recognize that I delegate.
  • Take advantage of every experience learning from my mistakes and my successes. This increases my self-esteem.
  • I realized my emotions and to express my limits from the body, I admit if I can get help.
  • Avoid comparing myself with others, everyone is different and has different times.
  • Being able to discriminate if I do things to meet others' expectations or their own.
  • Take care of my choices, It generates less stress as it arises from my own need and desire.

There are other external resources:

  • Relaxation
  • physical and recreational activities
  • Massage
  • Psychotherapy
  • creative leisure

It is possible in our daily lives to incorporate small changes that have to do with what we need to enjoy, clarifying our obligations to the pleasures.

All change involves a process and each process takes a different time in each. We can start by devoting a few minutes a day to record how we are. Change is not always easy, but we know that it is possible, and most importantly depends on oneself.

Lic. Gabriela Paez


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A good diet to prevent cancer

A good diet to prevent cancer

Epidemiological studies of specific genetic population have shown a causal relationship between poor diet and the development of diseases such as cancer. Although not able to fully demonstrate what parameter directly influences the disease, its effect multicausal.

We refer to industrial environment, a number of chemical substances to be inhaled so consumed, can generate cancer . Partnership with lifestyle , as alcohol and snuff ,if we add other factors such as lack of exercise and obesity, the incidence increases.


This year in Madrid has been promoted oncosaludable diet as a basis for power oncoprotectora .

A varied and balanced diet that meets the standards of adequacy and customization according to age and lifestyle is advised. Alimentary guides the population on healthy eating guide that allows reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Experts say that being overweight increases acute at least double the risk of uterine cancer

Listed below are guidelines for the health system and to help reduce the risk of cancer ( American Institute of fight against cancer)

  • Follow vegetable based diet , 5 daily servings of fruit and vegetables , ,include legumes and grains . and brown bread and seeds.
  • Choose foods low in fat.
  • Choose foods low in salt.
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Perform daily and constant physical activity 30 minutes day .
  • Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages, prepared and stored properly.
  • Do not consume snuff.

These guidelines are applicable to the secondary cancers that individuals survive cancers.

The food in the cancer study this relationship, some of them throw the following relations:

Lung Cancer: consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, reduces the risk. Beta carotene supplementation (vitamins A plant). Increased risk in male smokers .

Prostate Cancer: Diets high in saturated animal fat, increase the risk. Consumption of vitamin E supplements may reduce the risk of this cancer, as well beta carotene supplement, which is not easily associated with the improvement of lung cancer .

Breast Cancer: diets with high caloric value and fat increase the risk of this cancer. Beer consumption may increase the risk of this cancer. Increase consumption of vitamin C and beta-carotene (vitamins A plant) quantity warned this cancer.

Colon Cancer: content diet high in grains and fiber in long time, prevent this type of cancer.

Cancer of esophagus and stomach: diet high in fiber reduces the risk of this cancer. Consume important contribution of vit C,E and beta carotene may reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.


Lic. Sandra Villarreal, MP 1138

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3 clues as to whether your diet is healthy

3 clues as to whether your diet is healthy

Smoke and Mirrors. Many times we think we eat healthy, but we do not really. And a healthy diet is one of the pillars to prevent cardiovascular disease.

To promote good habits in this regard, at the Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires (ICBA) They developed a self-assessment test for power that intends to reflect on three axes: when, how and what we eat.

Namely, choosing the right foods is as important as the time and manner in which the ingested. For when, the ideal answer is five times per day: breakfast, collation, lunch, lunch and dinner. Nor should eat anyway: must be seated, relaxed and enjoy food, ingest to consciousness. As to what, There are foods Whose action cardioprotectora (which protect the heart) It is scientifically proven, but each has a divine proportion that makes the difference. “While components provide benefits for cardiovascular health, should be consumed as part of a healthy diet and effective levels”, clarifies the degree Carina Peretti, who developed the test area and is part of ICBA Nutrition.

healthy food

Here, test to evaluate how we eat and what we need to change. In all cases must mark with an X the items matching the behaviors, and evaluating each reply.

1 – When as?

  • I make breakfast.
  • I make lunch.
  • We perform snack.
  • I make dinner.
  • SI spend more than five hours between meals and one healthy snack conducted (fruit, fat dairy, etc.).

Four or more X marked: you demonstrate appropriate and beneficial habits to improve their quality of life.
Three less marked X: should modify certain behaviors to channel power to better habits. Try to incorporate the guidelines do not apply daily and begin by enabling easier to include.

2- How as?

  • As always sitting.
  • As in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
  • When I set aside as work.
  • No I watch television during meals MIS.
  • No pecking conducted between meals.
  • I take meals to talk about pleasant topics.

Five more X marked the: manifest eating habits that improve their quality of life; try to include behaviors that have not scored.
Cuatro less marked X: should aim to improve their eating habits, behaviors that incorporate features not usually begin and those that are less costly to include.

3- What as?

  • As 3 a 4 fat dairy servings per day.
  • As different colored vegetables at lunch and dinner.
  • As 2 a 3 fruit per day.
  • As white / red meat 1 the 2 twice daily.
  • As the bread flakes cereal, or dried fruit only breakfast and snack, and I avoid cookies, bills and kneaded pastries (I eat only on special occasions).
  • Ingest only one daily serving of grains (flour, rice, pasta, lentils, potato, potato, corn, beans, soy cutlets, etc.).
  • I try to avoid fats “bad” (manteca, cream, Fry, margarine) and most meals condiment with crude oil (one tablespoon per meal).
  • I avoid sugar and sweets.
  • I cook without salt and use it sparingly, avoid foods high in sodium, and stiffs, sausage, Seasonings, etc..
  • Bebo de 2 a 3 liters of water per day and avoid soft drinks and juices. Evito o tomo alcohol con
  • moderation (most men: two glasses / most women: a glass).
  • I incorporate cardio to improve my health food.

Nine or more X marked: you transition the right way to improve their quality of life. Try aquellas guidelines incorporate the behavior you read missing.
Ocho less marked X: Should be attempted changes in eating habits to improve food quality and health. Try to incorporate the habits that do not have and start with the least cost you.