Discover the ideal massage for you

Discover the ideal massage for you

Massage therapy is one of the oldest health practices of the world. References in books of Chinese medicine dating back are over 4 a thousand years. In the West, Therapeutic massage has been used since the time of Hippocrates (the father of medicine), which implemented the terms listed in the sixth century BC writings: "The physician must be familiar with the manual handling of tissues".

Therapeutic massage of the modern era, began in Europe (eighteenth century), cuando Peter Hendrik Ling, He developed the technique that today is known as "Swedish massage" and founded in Switzerland, Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics 1813. In recent 50 years old, complementary medicine practitioners, They have applied different forms of therapeutic massage and today, It is one of the most popular treatments, not only in alternative medicine, but as a complement of different treatments in traditional medicine (included in many health insurance).

Clinical studies have shown that massage can relax the body and mind, lower blood pressure and heart rate, help in the treatment of depression, provide headache relief, aching facial, symptoms of stress and many chronic diseases such as arthritis and diabetes.

Corporate Massage, noted that the therapy provides global effects on health, as increased sense of well being, particularly in patients with disabilities, or with limited possibilities of physical contact with other people, patients with mental health problems or addictions treatments.

Some of the massage therapies are:

Swiss Massage:
It is the most popular massage. The therapist may use hands, forearms and elbows, to manipulate the superficial layers of muscle groups to try and apply the technique active or passive movements of the joints. Profits attributable to Swiss massage are numerous, among themselves: enhanced circulation, mental and physical relaxation, stress relief, treatment of pain and muscle spasms, improving the mobility of joints, increase muscle strength, circulation stimulation (blood and lymphatic), improved skin tone, mental relaxation, improved sleep, increased concentration and increased sense of well being.

Deep tissue massage:
This technique combines the Swiss massage, acupressure and deep pressure in different tissues. It goes beyond the superficial layers of muscle, to relieve the tension and benefit the range of motion of joints. Do not expect to relax with this massage, or you may feel some discomfort when the masseur applies pressure with his fingers deep, elbows or instruments used in this therapy . Not recommended for patients with recent injuries in accidents or sports.

Massage in pregnancy:
Massage in pregnant women supports their physiology, to emotional changes and improves the sense of well being . Various forms of massage can be used, as the Swiss massage, that helps control stress and anxiety. High levels of stress during pregnancy, may adversely affect the mother and fetus, it can be accompanied by a reduction of blood flow to the uterus and increased incidence of abortion and premature labor. Massage is a way to approach the mother and child.

Masaje facial:
Different massage techniques, recorded varied benefits such as improved muscle tone of the skin of the face, muscle relaxation, relief of tension and anxiety, mental relaxation, relief of migraine headache, stimulation of the acupuncture meridians (for improving circulation and energy flow), relief of tension in the neck muscles, congestion of the sinuses and pre-menstrual syndrome.

Masaje Shiatsu:
It is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Shiatsu helps the patient to balance the flow of energy or CHI. Shiatsu practitioners use the fingers, knuckles, palms, sometimes elbows and knees, to apply pressure to the 12 energy meridians. Other, reported good results in people with asthma, depression, headache, insomnia, pre-menstrual syndrome and muscle problems.

Thai Masaje (Thai):
It was developed to help the monks to sitting for long periods of time. Thai massage includes elements of acupressure and yoga. The technique promotes flexibility and joint health. The practitioner applies pressure to manipulate the muscles with hands, sometimes elbows and feet. The technique seeks to balance energy or CHI. It is applied to people that affect motor function problems, muscle tension, neurological problems, digestive problems and postural.


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Natural antioxidants: What are and where to find them?

Natural antioxidants: What are and where to find them?

Antioxidants protect us from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, alter the functioning of these cells by attacking their cell membranes and even DNA. This damage is responsible for degenerative diseases of the circulatory system character, cardiovascular and aging.

Although the body has its defenses system, everyday need to incorporate antioxidants to reinforce the same due to its high level of free radicals, and what better to take what nature gives us in the form of vegetables and fruits, because these foods antioxidants synthesized.

There is a campaign called "Five a day" or " 5 day "was born in Chile and came to our country, This seeks to inform the public the importance of consuming 5 Different fruits and vegetables per day, since compounds with antioxidant properties are responsible color and as not all the same type synthesise, need variety.

Examples of natural antioxidants are:

1- The Carotenoids precursors Vitamin A and present in carrot, orange, spinach and tomato.

2- The Vitamin C potent antioxidant found in kiwi, citrus, alfalfa sprouts, peppers and spinach.

3- The Vitamin E whose function is to protect cells from external aggression type of pollution, pesticides or snuff smoke, more foods that contain this vitamin are rich in essential oils that have the characteristic of being soluble (lipid soluble) as dried fruit, seeds, vegetable oil and wheat germ.

4- The Lycopene responsible for the red color of tomatoes.

5- The Tannins tea and grapes, there is attributed to red wine antioxidant property.

6- The Isoflavones soy and derivatives have been linked as allies against cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

7- Many more antioxidants the group of Polyphenols the Phenolic afterdemos found in plant foods is therefore important to include in our daily diet.

Always remember that variety is the balance.


Lic. Del Boca Maria Soledad

M.P. 1998

Area of ​​Nutrition, La Posada del Qenti

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7 Tips for good hydration Skin

7 Tips for good hydration Skin

The arrival of summer, comes from the hand of the sun, Higher temperatures and deserved vacation. It is the ideal time of year to rest, but also accompanied by some evils like allergies and skin dryness we must prevent their care.

Healthy skin and carefully must have two elements: hydration and moisture.

  • The hydration It is the water that reaches the skin through the blood vessels, and accompanying oxygen and nutrients.
  • The humidifying, on the other hand is the skin gets moisture from the external environment, and this in turn can be natural or artificial, as creams and preparations made from water and other products help moisturize skin.

summer skin

Tips for hydration and skin moisture

1- Take plenty of water. This is the main contribution of moisture to the skin. But how?. This is the "big question", and no single answer. The amount of water depends on my age, ambient temperature, My physical activity, etc., etc.. However it can be said that in hot weather (spring-summer), intake should be at least 2 gallons per day of water. The cleaner, pure and free of chemicals or solutes is better. Flavored waters, sodas or teas as "mate" so popular in our population, provide less quantity and quality of liquid cash that pure water.

2- Balanced diet. This are an important factor in soil, but competes with pair-water intake. The food should include all types of food, in caloric amount adequate to our needs. Also should be rich in fruits and vegetables, as such foods have naturally high amount of water in its composition. The strict calorie diets, protein or restrictions are detrimental to good skin hydration.

3- Control of sun exposure and physical activity. These two factors also influence the hydration. Unnecessary or prolonged exposure to the sun (especially without the proper protection of the filter screens solar), well as excessive physical activity, are factors that drastically reduce the amount of body water.

4- Control of risk factors and toxic. The classic risk factors: Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Sedentary, Cholesterol and alterations mainly Smoking; negatively contribute to proper hydration.

5- Using creams and moisturizing products. Available on the market a wide variety of specific preparations for this purpose, either in the form of creams, geles o emulsiones. Some recommended substances include: urea, Glycolic acid, lactic acid or ammonium lactate, etc.. To do this we must always have the indication of a qualified professional.

6- Using Hydrotherapy. Therapies through water, such as sauna, steam, specialized tubs and hot springs among others; provide an excellent complement to the wetting of the skin, while such therapy offers a relaxing option for the whole body. Hot water generally relaxes the body and acts on the pores of the skin in particular. It also improves blood circulation.

7- Stress Management. The skin conveys our inner, and is why the stress, not only reflected on the skin hydration, but also in its sagging, luminosity and expression lines.

If you put these tips into practice, our skin will be healthier and will always.


Dr. Christian Leiva

Medical Center Director

La Posada del Qenti

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6 Nutrition tips for spring

6 Nutrition tips for spring

Spring begins her search for a food alternative that helps us enjoy more summer approaches. It is likely that, if you do not have the appropriate professional support, we submit to Diets that do not provide for our needs nutritional, personal, emotional and even less, the daily rhythm of work and social activities. This can lead to confusion in food, where, if we lost some weight, then recover those extra kilos and perhaps some more.


Therefore it is important to highlight that a food choice without "restrictive diets", where food is more than a transport of nutrients and calories, may be the ideal choice for all seasons. The food is part of our daily lives, forming a language that we share with other.

Well known are the messages of the different forms of priming a mate, or the ritual itself deployed in a roast, where in the previous and next to the coals, more than cooked meat cuts. Food connects us, we define, we identified, on the property, history is printed on our senses, in our memory, and in our affections.

For all this we invite you to try these tips daily diet to fully enjoy spring:

  1. Change the forbidden food for moderation in the amount and serving of food.
  2. Change the monotony of the diet for the variety of colors and flavors.
  3. Change the blame for pleasure of enjoying a meal.
  4. Change the uncontrolled food for balance and harmony.
  5. Change some magic and clear information.
  6. Change the "good or bad foods" for good practices for a healthy lifestyle.

Looking good, feel good, comfortable with one's own body, must go hand in hand with the sense and enjoy what you eat. All foods can have a place at our table, making better food choices, appropriate to our health, based on proper nutrition information and knowledge of our body, according to the significance of the act of eating is of.


Anabel Avila

Lic. In Nutrition MP 2496

La Posada del Qenti

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5 Healthy recipes for the holidays

5 Healthy recipes for the holidays

If you're watching your diet to improve your health or lose weight, should know that in this time of year lends itself to increase our intake and eat foods high in fat and sugars, causing a nutritional imbalance. From the Posada del Qenti we bring some ideas and tips so you can live a true healthy holiday, without sacrificing taste and enjoy your meals.

We recommend:

  • Planning our menu Eve or New Year in advance.
  • Control social events with friends and work before these dates.
  • Avoid making purchases of Christmas products for home ahead, especially high-calorie (pan dulce, nougats, puddings and drinks).
  • The day after each social gathering should make a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with plenty of fluids, no animal protein or flour.
  • Give the social value that deserve meetings, mindlessly eat that night to overflowing.
  • Check the level of alcohol, know when we started but after a few drinks do not control when finished.
  • Making menus summer and not winter, will be fresher and less caloric.

Christmas menu


Suggested festive menu:

Option 1

  • Melon with ham
  • Chicken stuffed with various salads
  • Water ice
  • 1 champagne glass
  • 1 glass of wine
  • Water

Option 2

  • Sweet bread 1 portion
  • Matambre 2 with arugula and grapefruit slices
  • Peceto with plum sauce and applesauce
  • Fruit salad
  • 1 champagne glass
  • 1 glass of wine
  • Water

Option 3

  • 1 English portion pudding
  • Cup mayonnaise seafood diet
  • Turkey stuffed with grilled vegetables
  • Wineglass
  • Champagne glass
  • 5 almonds
  • 2 pieces of nougat

Option 4

  • 4 pieces of sushi
  • Grilled salmon with raw vegetables
  • Tropical Fruit Cup
  • White wine 1 cup
  • Water
  • Cider 1 cup
  • Nougat rice 1 ROD 10 cm
  • 5 Cashew nuts

For vegetarians

  • Mini pancake tower and mixed vegetables
  • Chop suey con Tofu
  • Skewers of tropical fruits
  • Yoke of natural fruits
  • Water
  • Clericó
  • Almonds and walnuts
  • Pudding nougat

Attentive to the sweet table!

  • Leave at least spend an hour before the sweet table.
  • Do not start with alcohol, leave for the toast.
  • Choose diet soda or fruit cocktail.
  • Try a slice of sweet bread or pudding.
  • Opt for fresh fruits and nuts, almonds or other of its kind.
  • Avoid chocolates or peanut paste.
  • Know away from the table on time and encourage dialogue or other entertainment that does not add to the food.
  • Remember that within 7 Days will repeat the same opportunity, full forward is not long at Christmas.

Example 3 options to choose:

Option 1

  • 1 glass of cider
  • 1 Cleric tank
  • 1 slice of sweet bread
  • 5 nuts
  • 5 hazelnuts
  • 1 piece of nougat
  • 3 candied higos

Option 2

  • 1 champagne glass
  • 1 glass of sweet wine
  • 1 piece of nougat
  • 5 nuts
  • 5 cashews

Option 3

  • 1 glass of cider
  • 1 cup pineapple fizz
  • 1 pork. fruit pudding
  • 1 pork. marzipan
  • 1 pork. rice nougat

Lic. Sandra Villarreal

M.P. 1138

Area of ​​Nutrition

La Posada del Qenti

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