Women with multiple roles today: Faces greater risks??

Women with multiple roles today: Faces greater risks??

No doubt that in recent years women have made fundamental changes in their role as societal gender. Now… Have we won?.

There are multiple digressions that we might consider as we consider how to "win" or "lose", decease but there is no doubt that today's woman is inserted differently in society.

If anything is no doubt that the woman began to "snap" to be present in different areas such as professional, here managers, political, business, research, cultural, etc.. Demonstrated its ability not only intellectually, but provided the sensitivity, practicality and organizational skills as a genre that characterizes.


Essentially this position was due to a "No autodiscriminarse", to be on par with men in all roles and perform them efficiently.

The problem with evolution, is that it has taken positions without delegating or sharing, In most cases, the role of mother, wife and homemaker; therefore, overlapping activities, responsibilities and "Faults".

This wear and multiplicity of roles, brings with distress, exhaustion and lack of personal care regarding health, coupled with unhealthy habits such as smoking, little rest, poor diet and low physical activity.

A caring heart

Cardiovascular disease, leading cause of death worldwide, and ceased to be predominant in males. Statistics show that the number of women with events and complications of this etiology, are becoming more frequent and earlier ages.

Most people have the main cause of death in women the breast or uterus. Statistics show that only the 6%. However the cardiovascular pathology reaches 60% especially in perimenopause.

We know that the base of the vascular disease and the development of markers, risk factors are. Of these we highlight: Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, smoking, sedentarismo y stress.

In most of them found the genetic basis is present, but in a low percentage. Modulators are true lifestyle.

Obesity and distress in the spotlight

Obesity begins to appear as a real "pandemic" because of the poor quality and quantity of food, the percentage of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and physical inactivity also secondary to the metabolic disorder, begin to increase. Is enhanced with the sedentary (less free time, technology, computerized society, etc.) and primarily for the stress.

Best called "distress" since it is risky loss of balance between our defenses and attacks Sustained. It is the least currently considered within the scientistic interpretation. However I believe that is one of the leading causes in today's society, to initiate this cascade of negative health factors, considering how "systematic" and comprehensive is our body. The psycho-neuro-endocrine alterations shot that would result in the occurrence of one or more dysfunctions and pathologies.

While there is a critical and objective view as to the basis for effective and efficient strategy to lower these statistics, is to control risk factors and achieve healthy habits. We must also begin to consider that the methods used are not correct and that the current health benefits costs as demonstrated.

Women, in my opinion, have begun to change. We are walking.

The success of the quality of life

There are many things still (discrimination, postponement, violence, etc.). This change also men have an important place. Both should be arranged in a plane of equality in which "shared responsibilities" and the task is similar to duties and opportunities, without competition.

If we do so, win seats, hierarchy, money, but they also suffer the loss of health.

Ultimately, I believe that the desire that drives women in this development is to share with man a good quality of life, Is not?


Pull. Alicia Ciapponi



Applause for the Mediterranean diet!

Applause for the Mediterranean diet!

Considered "Intangible cultural heritage" Year 2010 by Unesco, This model is based on nutritional way to feed the people of the Mediterranean countries, mainly Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and southern France. Because of his high amount of antioxidants, fibers, Omega, and low in saturated fat, It is the healthiest nutritional model of the world. Several studies have linked the Mediterranean diet with Cardiovascular risk reduction, lower risk of cognitive decline during aging, improvement in the embryonic and fetal development, among other benefits.

Eating habits of these countries drew attention as lower incidence of coronary disease was observed in the northern European countries, then science custom check. Clearly, the development of food industry, increased availability and access to refined foods generated a gradual abandonment of such power and therefore a growth in obesity rates.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The main features of this type of food is the high consumption of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, dried fruits, fresh food, minimally processed, eating fish at least 3 times per week, lower consumption of red meat, olive oil as the main fat source, cereals and red wine in moderation; in this manner consumption of foods high in saturated fats (Animal), fried and sugar is minimal. Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease has been associated mainly to the daily consumption of monounsaturated fatty assets; as omega 3 blue fish and olive oil, and antioxidants such as anthocyanins and polyphenols present in red wine, lignans in olive seeds, fiber rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains, among other associations.

While several kilometers separate us from these Mediterranean countries, our land also offers these foods, not only for its taste but also for its excellent nutritional quality. The Mediterranean Diet is a "lifestyle" where food, exercise and tradition are words that join is towards a benefit to our health.


Lic. Del Boca Maria Soledad

Nutrition Area

La Posada Del Qenti

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Diet for a Super Health

Diet for a Super Health

To build a healthy diet that allows us to be healthy we need to incorporate more than 40 different nutrients, nurse through the intake of a wide variety of foods that are grouped into 6 categories, see nutrients according prevailing in each food, because no single food can provide all of them.

healthy nutrition

Foods as the largest amount of nutrients that have distributed as follows:

  • Group 1: Cereals, derivatives and pulses
  • Group 2: Fruits and vegetables
  • Group 3: cheese, milk and yogurt
  • Group 4: Meat and eggs
  • Group 5: Oils and fats
  • Group 6: Sugar and sweets

For food is healthy, is important to consume moderate amounts of daily food of each of the above groups to control calorie intake and ensure balanced nutrient intake, and it is also imperative programming schedules each meal to make sure not to skip any and prevent nutrient deficiencies, because they do not cover or compensate for their contribution subsequent meals.

Complementing the above recommendations include:

  • The importance of consuming 3 a 4 servings of milk per day to maintain bone strength.
  • The fiber provides the daily intake of whole grains, 2 servings of vegetables and 3 fruit units, that can be consumed to be well tolerated in shell, help lower cholesterol and improve bowel movements.
  • The increased consumption of lean fish Baked, al vapor the grillados, a 2 times per week, contributes to lower cholesterol or maintain appropriate values ​​within.
  • What to drink enough amount of water between meals, of 6 a 8 glasses per day. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation and prefer drinks that do not contain sugar.
  • Cut down on salt, remember that processed foods containing it in considerable quantities.
  • Be physically active on a regular basis, according to their ability, and that combined with a balanced and balanced diet, help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight and achieve physical fitness.

It is important that from this moment to rethink and positively change their routines eating and physical activity, Euplius new targets that are possible to achieve; while walking this path.

Be realistic, set lifestyle changes gradually and at the same time remember to be flexible, allow yourself to expand their food tastes to enjoy the benefits of a greater variety of foods.

Lic. Andrea Vaccaro
Nutricionista – M. P: 1875

5 very healthy lifestyle

5 very healthy lifestyle

Today we see that they are changing the patterns of morbidity and mortality in developed societies. This change is the replacement of infectious diseases by diseases commonly considered "lifestyle diseases", such as obesity, diabetes, etc..

These diseases, which incidentally they are not at all new, except its danger indices, They are characterized by chronic type and are caused, further, by toxic health behaviors.

Then we let 5 tips that will help us prevent and also to achieve a state of complete physical, mental and social.

healthy habits

  1. Sustain over time a balanced diet. It would include all foods covered by the food pyramid, but in suitable proportions and in sufficient quantity (no more), just to maintain the nutritional needs of the organism in terms of energy consumption that it performs with daily activity.
  2. Perform regular exercise. Determine the general recommendations about 30 daily minutes of physical activity, It is sufficient walking briskly during this time. This allows you to burn the excess calories and strengthen muscles and bones, but also it helps control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and contribute to the elimination of stress and help you sleep better, acquire a state of relaxation and prevent mood swings, improve self-esteem and personal satisfaction status.
  3. Maintain adequate personal hygiene. So many health problems are avoided, from dental infections or skin problems.
  4. Achieve mental balance. It refers to the state of emotional and psychological well-being, necessary to maintain and develop the cognitive abilities, social relationships and coping with personal and professional challenges of everyday life.
  5. Participate in social activities. Social relations are essential for human health and appearance, in consequence, for healthy aging.


Pull. Gabriela A. Tortolo – MP. 24052

Medical Clinic - Specialist in Obesity and SDRE. Metabolic

La Posada del Qenti

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Removing the harmful effects of stress on the skin

Removing the harmful effects of stress on the skin

It is known that chronic fatigue is felt in the body, rx causing the skin cells can not fulfill its essential functions of nutrition, shop oxygenation and elimination of toxins, sickness quedando desprotegidas y manifestándose principalmente en la cara con síntomas tales como ojeras, puffy eyes, párpados caídos y líneas de expresión acentuadas.


To keep skin toned, is necessary that the deep layers are hydrated and oxygenated. And moderate muscle tone keeps its contours.

For this there are many options that offer optimal results against skin aging and also to achieve relaxation:

  • Intensive Leisure. 8 horas diarias es la base esencial para el cuidado de la piel.
  • Aromatic immersion baths. Elimina tensiones y logra un efecto relajante. Lavender is mainly used, camomile, juniper and sandalwood. Rosemary and mint give a revitalizing effect.
  • Hand Massage. Apart from being a pleasurable activity intensifies the circulatory rhythm, relaxes muscles and eliminating distended skin contractures.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage. Disminuye tensiones y mejora la textura de la piel, acting on the pathways that carry lymph (transporting liquid and removes toxins from the body).

These precautions will help sustain the levels of collagen and elastin, that function as essential supports to have a fresh and healthy skin.

Lic. Paula Peace