World Day without snuff: Stop the illegal trade in snuff products

World Day without snuff: Stop the illegal trade in snuff products

Under the World No Snuff WHO has set a goal for the new year: to address the tobacco epidemic in a new era of trade liberalization and investment.

Every year, the 31 May, WHO and its partners celebrate World No Snuff, in order to highlight the health risks associated with the consumption of snuff and promote the implementation of effective public policies to reduce the consumption. On the occasion of World No Snuff Day 2015, We encourage countries to cooperate to end the illicit trade in snuff products. They are called snuff products which are made wholly or partly snuff, are smoking, suck, chewing or snorting. All contain nicotine, a very addictive psychoactive ingredient.
Snuff consumption is one of the main risk factors for several chronic diseases, such as cancer and lung disease and cardiovascular. Nonetheless, its use is widespread worldwide. Several countries have laws restricting the advertising of snuff, regulating who can buy and consume products snuff, and where you can smoke.

Data and numbers

  • The snuff kills up to half of its consumers.
  • The snuff kills every year to almost 6 million, of more than 6 millions are consumers of the product and more than 600.000 are nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke snuff. Unless urgent action is taken, the annual death toll could rise to more than 8 million for 2030.
  • nearly 80% of the one billion smokers in the world live in low- and middle-income.

In some countries, children of poor households often work in the cultivation of snuff to increase family income. These children are especially vulnerable to disease green snuff, produced by nicotine absorbed through the skin as moist snuff leaves handled.


From La Posada del Qenti not only we support these initiatives, but also want to know more about this epidemic.

We have a successful multidisciplinary program to quit this addiction. And that's a key point to keep in mind. This is not a "vice", a "custom" or a "habit"; cause a real cigarette addiction which must be controlled from its root. At the same medical equipment and pulmonologist involved, working together with the psychologist, Nutritionists, PE teachers, physiotherapists and qualified professionals to carry this out. We invite you to take off doubts with these questions:

Why do we smoke? – We can recognize 3 stages. The beginning to "be like the others", later by habit and finally by necessity (addiction). Some smokers experience smoking pleasure. Some found in cigarettes and other stimulating effect a relaxing effect. The effect does not last long and need to smoke more and more to experience the same effects. But we know that quickly reaches the stage of addiction, and there is a "delusion" that we control the cigarette.

Does passive smoking ago bad?One, hand smoke kills…
Second-hand smoke is filling restaurants, offices and other enclosed spaces when people burn snuff products like cigarettes, bidis and water pipes. Snuff smoke contains more than 4.000 chemical products, of which it is known that at least 250 They are harmful, and more 50 cause cancer.

There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke snuff:

  • In adults, hand smoke causes serious cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, in particular coronary heart disease and lung cancer. Among infants cause sudden death. In pregnant women it causes low birth weight weight.
  • Almost half of children usually breathe air polluted by smoke snuff in public places.
  • over 40% of children have at least one parent who smokes.
  • Secondhand smoke causes more than snuff 600.000 premature deaths each year.
  • In 2004, Children accounted for 28% of deaths attributable to secondhand smoke snuff.

Everyone should be able to breathe smoke-free air. Laws against smoke protect the health of nonsmokers, are welcomed, They do not harm business and encourage smokers to quit.

More than one billion people, or the 16% of the world population, They are protected by comprehensive national smoke-free laws.


Does the smoker being can bring me to death?One… The snuff kills slowly…

Due to the lag of several years between when people start to consume snuff and the emergence of health problems, epidemic diseases and related deaths snuff has just begun. The snuff hundred million deaths caused in the twentieth century. If the current trend continues, in the twenty-first century it will cause one billion deaths. Out of control, the snuff-related deaths will increase to more than eight million a year for 2030. over 80% of those deaths will occur in low- and middle-income.

Do snuff consumers need help to leave? And…

Various studies show that few people understand the specific health risks associated with the use of snuff. For example, A study in China 2009 revealed that only 38% of smokers she knew that snuff caused coronary heart disease, and only 27% He knew cerebrovascular accidents caused. Most smokers know the dangers of snuff want to quit. Counselling and medication can more than double the likelihood that a smoker who wishes to leave the snuff get it. Alone 21 countries, They are representing 15% of the world population, They have comprehensive national services to help consumers quit smoking. There is no assistance to quit smoking in a quarter of low-income countries.

Then what should I do?

If you have never smoked, Do not start.

If you are a smoker:

  • Lower the number of cigarettes per day and psychologically prepared to abandon.
  • Restart physical activity.
  • Change your habits, especially those that relate to the fact smoking.
  • Get advice about medical support and ask about our smoking cessation program.


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Medical Center Director of La Posada del Qenti.

Medical Center Director Qenti Medical Clinic.


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