10 keys to improving our metabolism

10 keys to improving our metabolism

How exactly our metabolism and what to do for food eaten are used depending on our health. Tips to speed it up and fight fat accumulation.

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Many health problems begin with the altered metabolism and only up to us to keep it stable. The guidelines are simple and we must implement from small.

Is our metabolism is always the same? Of course not, this can be altered by several factors, including not implement and sustain over time not good eating habits. Improving a metabolic disease or cluster depends largely a significant decrease in weight or eating patterns include moderately.

To understand more about the functioning of our body we must go back to 1962 when it was discovered the selfish gene saver, so named because from the time of prehistoric human body is dedicated to saving fat as energy to spend. The activation of this gene can simply give inheritance or an episode of severe stress or depression.

By the time the body stores fat reserves as efforts begin thyroid and pancreas, and liver fat fills increasing renal function and fats accumulate in the arteries; leading to increased triglycerides and total cholesterol and lower HDL (high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol).

Therefore it is vital to instill in our children early habit of physical activity, provide a rich and good nutrition, and teach them to occupy their minds with activities that provide high doses of endorphins that give them pleasure for no channel their anxieties with food or other addictions.

Also, to preserve our stable metabolism is important organize food habits based on the circadian cycle. Our main biological clock in the brain and is a group of neurons that is adjusted by the sunlight that reaches our retina and transmit information to regulate our circadian cycle.

There are also biological clocks in other organs such as the lung, heart, liver, kidney and pancreas; although all are synchronized by this group of neurons for our cells respond to a pattern 24 hs.

During breakfast and lunch our metabolism is at its finest, spending almost all of our intakes for energy and capturing everything that enters to absorb, not knowing what is being spent. Is the ideal time to try to bring food in other times could restrict.

Conversely, during snack and dinner is entering metabolism at rest and absorb as much storing it as fat intake reservation. Everything that we do not give our bodies before saving recognize reserve, it will ask at this time and would lead to alter metabolism.

We must never forget that preserve our stable metabolism is what gives us general welfare.

Keys to speed up metabolism

1 – Good night's sleep not only in hours but in quality.

2 – Create and sustain over time good eating habits.

3 – Perform aerobic and anaerobic physical activity daily interleaved.

4 – Knowing how to choose the food needed for good nutrition.

5 – Never choose foods to eat according to their calories.

6 – Knowing the time of day in which to incorporate each food.

7 – Having a strict control of food portions to eat.

8 – Recreational activities for the mind and body.

9 – Maintaining good oral hydration.

10 – Keep in mind that good physical health helps to have good mental health.


Pull. Gabriela Tórtolo

Medical specialist Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

La Posada del Qenti.

Source: www.clarin.com

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