Globesidad: Epidemic?, the endemic pandemic? (part 2)

Globesidad: Epidemic?, the endemic pandemic? (part 2)

Overweight and obesity have a mortality rate similar to or greater than that caused by related diseases snuff. Only in this case is not a poison still admitted and rightly maligned as cigarettes.

In general we have forgotten how to eat, sale this act becoming substantial, viagra in harmful and destructive agent and not a source of life.

In 1900 causes of death in the U.S.. were in order of importance:

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Diarrhoeal diseases
  4. Heart
  5. Liver
  6. Apoplexy
  7. Cancer
  8. Bronchitis
  9. Diphtheria

One hundred years later, foods are fully industrialized with sugars, sweeteners, sales, fats and a range of aggressive chemicals (in some cases addictive). Aggravated this with the proliferation of fast food restaurants today prompted the order of importance of causes of death is:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Apoplexy
  4. Lung diseases
  5. Accidents
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Flu
  8. Diabetes
  9. Suicides
  10. Renal and hepatic

glovesidad 2

Most of these have a common denominator: poor diet and sedentary, producing overweight and obesity.

Diabetes is a disease, associated with obesity, causing great damage to the body and more people suffer. Even in a case known as.

In medical checks that are performed on La Posada del Qenti has the appearance of this disease, even in previous states, it is very important to address time.

The US Food Industry. It is a powerful corporation where unfortunately ethics and health are outside of their attributes. So much so that produce burgers, pizzas, canned, pastry, meat from animals raised in feedlots with antibiotics excess consume daily, with excess gaseous chemicals that affect metabolic function, chocolates and cereals, flour and refined sugars, producing more than twice the calories that their citizens need. As all this production must be entered into the consumer market marketing strategies are developed impressive, unscrupulously presenting as functional foods and deliberately misleading the public, as they did with cigarettes.

This is understandable if we look at the capital who exploited the snuff today migrated, mostly, maintaining the food industry codes the same lack of health care of persons, favoring big business only economic utility of, not caring for the health of the population and preventing illness, that must then be met by increased health budget, and reduction in the quality of life of people.

Another important cause of this pandemic is stress. Today unfortunately many of us live with, who make huge efforts to adapt to changing work situations, economic, political and personal.

Excessive consumption of drugs, above all anxiolytics, antidepressants, etc.. without proper professional support, are also cause many problems that affect metabolic function and thus our overall health.

All these conditions are treated with Health Specials Medical Center La Posada del Qenti: Weight Management, Stress Management, Diabetes Type 2, Anti-Tobacco and Biological Rejuvenation programs, develop and successfully for 19 years old.

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Diabetes; disease progresses

Diabetes; disease progresses

Diabetes is a disease characterized by poor utilization of glucose by the body. The malfunctioning of the pancreas or insufficient insulin activity are responsible for diabetes. That prevents tissues capture and use glucose (which is vital for all body functions), mind hence its accumulation in the blood (hyperglycemia). The danger is that hyperglycemia, find after a time, buy impaired blood vessels, the heart and body tissues, in particular the eyes, kidneys and nerves. (more…)

Summer: Sun risk prevention and skin cancer

Summer: Sun risk prevention and skin cancer

From sunburn to melanoma…

Exposure to sunlight especially ultraviolet A and B (uva y uvb), rx cause skin changes with different risks and alterations. May arise from the solar erythema (redness), aging (the brownish spots lentigines) and new Moon abrupt onset. Polka dot size changes, color, form, appearance and itching…and the transformation of moles or spots to skin cancer.

Are you a person at risk to produce a melanoma?. Everyone can develop. Your risk increases if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Fototipo claro (tipo I), skin, eyes and light hair, reddens easily with sun exposure.
  • Repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Performs tasks or live in geographical areas of intense sun, wind, land, etc..
  • Family or personal history of melanoma or other cancers.
  • Presence of moles (new), in force, so many size and colors.


Observe and control to prevent

Emergence of a pigmented lesion (in the, maybe he was before and) with changes in their usual appearance and rapidly evolving

The rating EL-B-C-D-E:

  • A: Asymmetry (symmetry-asymmetry)
  • B: Edges ( regular-irregular)
  • C: Color (multiple single-)
  • D: Dimension (less than 5mm 5mm or more)
  • It: Evolution (change in appearance in a few months)

Everything should take to try to prevent skin cancer and melanoma within these. Sun protection is the most effective method of preventing. Learning to "Enjoy the sun and not suffer"

We recommend:

  • Using a protector solar con alto factor UVB protection and grape.
  • Wear suitable clothing cotton avoid exposure in hours of maximum risk (of 11 a 15 hs).
  • Regularly evaluate your moles and other suspicious lesionss by a dermatologist.

Area of ​​dermatology

La Posada del Qenti

Globesidad: Epidemic?, the endemic pandemic? – Part 1

Globesidad: Epidemic?, the endemic pandemic? – Part 1

To understand Globesity concept we must first know the difference between epidemic, cialis 40mg endemic and pandemic:

Is said epidemic when a disease spreads for some time in a country affecting a large number of people. Endemic, in return, reigns habitually en times fijas, in a country or a territory while a Pandemic extends to many countries and many people simultaneously attacks.

La AOA (American Obesity Association) Obesity has been identified as an international epidemic that spread through Globalization, or at least by prosperity and modernity, with exponential and phenomenal progress of technology.

The modern industrialized food style generates, undoubtedly, the basis of a systematic disorder that seriously affects our metabolic function and the whole body in general.

Industrial processing affects, substantially, our main food (cereals , oils, salt, sugar, etc.), depriving them of essential nutrients and contaminating them with undesirable substances. Fiber is one of the main victims refining industrial processes.


WHO (World Health Organization), observed and identified this phenomenon and proposes a name for it Globesidad.

Obesity coexists, regrettably, with a massive malnutrition and upper classes cater to a lifestyle far more sedentary with the Technology Association; especially early edad, renouncing the traditional homemade meals, benefit of fast food and industrialized. At the other end most disadvantaged classes survive the economy with many more hours of work, little rest and lack of quality calories required.

This is a concept that for many years has ingrained La Posada del Qenti, who propose that much more important is the quality that the amount of calories you eat, concept that is rooted in the teachings of one of the great educators the Dr. Jorge Braguinsky. There, regrettably, media professionals who still favor the amount of calories they sell in supermarkets with a large number of chemical contaminants, preservatives, Flavoring, dyes, etc..

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Caring for our food when we are not at home

Caring for our food when we are not at home

When we know in advance that we will make a meal out of the ordinary (eating out, information pills Holidays, birthday, holidays, etc.) previously we organize daily feeding.

First of all , banish the idea of do not eat anything all day because at night I have a party, Otherwise we should respect all previous meals , taking care that they are more lightweight, very fluid intake throughout the day, with more fruits and vegetables and even a good strategy is to eat a snack before leaving (fruit, yoghurt, gelatin, a cup of broth, a large cup of tea with 2 Fetas fine cheese, etc.) not arrive with much appetite and to be moderate when eating.


Tips to make healthier choices

  • In the restaurant we serve usual pastries based cream or mayonnaise to accompany classic breadsticks or rolls flavored. We will ask the waiter to remove them or eventually move away from our fingertips and we can ask them to bring the drink.
  • Moderate alcohol consumption because it has calories and also control what is lost is eaten. Set limits on the amount of advance, "Elijo take in but 1 from 2 wine glasses” , then ask for water, light soda or soda.
  • Then and according to your preference Choose between the following two options: Ask them to bring a dish Tickets or if more dulcero, dispense with the entrance and ask directly the main course and then a light dessert.
  • You can start with a plate of salad (palmitos with carrot; lettuce tomato and onion; arugula with tomato; celery, apple and walnut; beet and egg; grilled eggplant with onion and garlic) the 2 cheese rolls and 1 raw or cooked ham (this option has more sodium, eye if hypertensive), garnish with a few drops of olive oil and vinegar or balsamic vinegar to taste.
  • In winter time you can opt for a mixed vegetable soup, without adding or grated cheese a patty of meat or vegetables.
  • Note that the simplest is the least calorific.
  • As a main meal, prefer order dishes with lean cutss as: peceto, cuadril, back (pigeon) skinless chicken breast or fish. Accompany with a plate of grilled vegetables.
  • Alternatively 2 vegetable and ricotta cannelloni with fileto sauce without cream or cheese. Or a girl serving of vegetable lasagna. A boy with seafood paella dish.
  • If consumed input and / or main course more caloric or options preferred finish the meal with 1 from 2 glasses of champagne do not eat dessert, otherwise choose fresh and fruity desserts , Avoid creams , chocolates, dough and candy or syrup.
  • Some suggestions: Unsweetened fruit salads or unsweetened strawberries compotera, or a glass of melon, or a portion of ice water, fruit gelatin, a pudding without vanilla or sweet cream, 1 small portion of fruit tart.
  • When you attend a party or at Christmas or year-end, is rather moderate when sweet table remember that everything found there is highly hipercalórico. If you like sweet things not resist the temptation to try something, because this increases the desire. Find a guy saucer and put smallish portions chose what to eat (eye without overlapping…), this will be your "control zone". Eat slowly taking sufiecente time between one portion and another, savor and enjoy every bite (eye does not repeat ...)
  • After an outing or meal where we found several gustito the day or the next day , should drink lots of fluids especially water, hot or cold infusions ( to distribute,, to the Hierbas digestivas) bitter with the sweetener, wines glued. Having compoteras light gelatin alone or with pieces of fruit ready to eat in the refrigerator.
  • Schedule heading out for a brisk 1 hour minimum, and perform a detox diet with fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Example: Wines glued, infusions and gelatin Light in free form.

Breakfast and Snack:

  • Infusion (tea, mate, the decaf malta) con o sin leche + sweetener:
  • 2 choosing fresh fruits in the jam
  • 1 descr glass of yogurt. + 1 fruit.

Mid Morning and Mid-Afternoon (Cold or hot tea with sweetener to taste):

  • A Light compotera gelatin with fruit
  • A box of Baggio or Ades.
  • A cup of yogurt.


Hot + 1 soup bowl of raw vegetable salad with choice 1 cuch, oil dessert, vinegar and / or lemon to taste + 1 white of egg + 1 gelatina Light-


Hot + ¾ shallow dish with cooked vegetables 1 cuch. Oil melted dessert with a piece of cheese on thin 2 fetas ends + gelatina Light .

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