Medical Tourism grows in the tourism market

Medical Tourism grows in the tourism market

Miguel Cane, purchase General Manager Posada del Qenti, approved gave a lecture on Medical Tourism in the International Tourism Fair of Latin America.

(Buenos Aires, ambulance October 2014). Posada participated this month Qenti of the FIT, the International Tourism Fair of Latin America that is performed every year in Buenos Aires, on the campus of the Rural de Palermo, more than 1600 exhibitors and nearly fifty countries.

The FIT can enjoy innovative tourist offer of our country and the world, including medical tourism, segment that many countries are developing, as Argentina.

It was so La Posada del Qenti, within the stand of the province of Córdoba, offered to visitors, professionals and travel agencies their proposed health programs for year-end and for the summer season. These programs its prestigious joined Weight Management, Antiestrés, Smoking, Diabetes Management and Biological Rejuvenation.

The exhibition was visited by the Minister of Tourism, Enrique Meyer; by the President of the CAT, Oscar Ghezzi; by authorities in Business Chambers of Tourism of the Province; and President of Cordoba Tourism Agency, Gustavo Santos.

Within this framework, Miguel Cane, Board Member of CAT, President CIAPSA (the Argentina Chamber of Medical Tourism), and General Manager of the Inn of Qenti, lectured on Medical Tourism. Besides explaining its definition, market characteristics, the medical potential and competitive advantages of Argentina; He also spoke of the institutions offer facial aesthetic, physical and dental, as well as prevention and wellness (a significant and rising demand in the market).

Last, The importance of teamwork is emphasized, public and private, between CIAPSA, el Inprotur, and other City Agencies, Provincial and National, joint that allows specific strategies to attract patients from abroad, considering the important, diverse and competitive supply our country has.

In August 2015 will be held on First International Congress of Medical Tourism in Buenos Aires.



Foods that help happiness

Foods that help happiness

Are you what you eat? Nutritionists and neurobiologists now joined their voices to the chorus that defends this ancient truth. Thanks to the substances they contain and their interactions with other food, pill Some foods and drinks can have an effect on mood.

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Worldwide, rx consumers are paying increasing attention to issues affecting their health, website and next to it there is a growing interest in "Foods that affect mood", foods that naturally raise the spirits.

The international food sector now packaged these little "sunshine" natural, alone or as extra added food products that offer a "good snack to lift the spirits" between meals.

Neurobiologists analyzed the links between what we eat and human psychology, and they found that combination hormone determines how well an individual.

It is scientifically proven that serotonin and endorphins are the key substances that generate feelings of happiness, being and sleep; and, above all, that act as natural painkillers.

The human body produces Serotonin and endorphins by himself, but the natural production of these substances is stimulated by certain nutrients that are absorbed from what we eat, instead be generated directly by the body.

From all this it is the main protein tryptophan, an amino acid that is vital to the production of serotonin. Foods that include high content of tryptophan include cheese, lean meat, fish, legumes and nuts.

However, eat lots of this food selection is not enough to make us happy. The brain can only absorb tryptophan when combined with carbohydrates, which are converted to sugar in the intestine.


An increased level of blood sugar insulin stimulates production, and insulin in turn causes brain neurons receptive to tryptophan, from which the brain makes serotonin, feel-good hormone.

When we feel frustrated, is our body that drives the desire to take as "stimulating" a high-carb pizza or chocolate cake, to satisfy his need to clear the bloodstream and make our brain is receptive to the absorption of tryptophan to make serotonin.

In reality, short-term, our mood can determine a meal. Long term, systematically organize our nutritional intake is the best way to maintain a constant blood sugar level, stay in a good mood and not gain weight in the process.

The best way is to follow a diet that is as balanced as possible: varied and colorful mixture of food containing a wide range of different components.

This should allow us to avoid the peaks and troughs of fluctuations in the blood sugar level, and mood swings that cause. And the word "colorful" should be taken seriously: specific colors of foods have a beneficial effect on our mind; so, orange and red food stimulate, calming blues, encourage yellows, and green help concentration.

If we adopt a balanced diet, There are some natural enhancers of happiness that we can afford to give your mood a little extra boost.

The four most effective natural 'happy foods ":


1- Pleasure of Chocolate

With five different actions, chocolate is perfect to provide a small stimulus between meals. Sugar and cocoa butter makes the body receptive to absorb tryptophan, increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. The cocoa content in chocolate also provides stimulant caffeine. Another ingredient in the cocktail of happiness is chocolate feniletilamina, one derived from the fermentation of cocoa beans, it also raises the blood sugar level and have an exciting effect, stimulating.

The chocolate are deemed a "drug of love" natural, because the human body can manufacture this hormone itself, in releasing larger amounts of excitation states. Another advantage is that the milk protein in the chocolate provides exorphine, a natural analgesic, and theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine, further boosting performance and stimulates circulation.

2- Banana Energy

More likely to preserve the silhouette that chocolate, but no less effective for active "emotional management" natural; see: Bananas are packed with nutrients and fiber and contain very little fat compared to chocolate; are also rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and give the body a quick energy boost.

Also, Bananas are easily digestible and can rebalance the acid levels in the body. And containing tryptophan helps produce serotonin, hormone of happiness, that has a calming effect on the nervous system and promotes positive thinking and an optimistic mood.

3- Stimulating Pineapple

Pineapple is another fitness booster, and an ally against frustration. This delicacy energetic is rich in minerals and vitamins and contains active compounds that stimulate the production of serotonin, creating an upbeat vitality. At the same time, other compounds calm anxiety and relieve nervous agitation.

Vitamin C contained in pineapples also stimulates circulation and metabolism; the combination of active ingredients promotes the ability of the body to heal itself, calms the nerves and helps in concentration and motivation problems.

And if you take pineapple at night, you're running a natural sleeping pill: at night, the brain converts tryptophan to melatonin, Sleep hormone.

4- The large effect of pepper

Capsaicin is the name of the miracle substance that fights frustration, anger and depression, causing a slight burning sensation on the tongue.

The brain perceives this pungent heat as pain, and to counter it responds by releasing endorphins that enhance feelings of well-being. This effect is known in biology as "the great effect of the pepper".

Clearly, manufacturers linked "good for the morale message ...,good for us ".


How to relax and escape the stress

How to relax and escape the stress

Does this sound familiar some of these symptoms: headache, tadalafil colitis, clinic gastritis, insomnia, back pain and even disruption of their menstrual period ? Perhaps you have experienced personally or someone close to you has experienced. The lifestyle in big cities has generated a variety of symptoms that in most cases, result from stress, thus affecting our emotional and physical health.

It is therefore essential to have techniques and strategies that allow us to have an effective and efficient response to various stressful events that we face.

In the first instance, know in advance that the stress is a physiological reaction that raises our adrenaline levels, with the specific objective to be alert to any events that we perceive as threatening. For example, imagine you had to get up at 6:00 a.m., fixed because it would require a board to 8:00 a.m. in the center and you live in the south of the city. When you open your eyes, notices that are 6:45 a.m. What? Your energy level increases, adrenaline starts to run through his body as physiological reaction, your muscles tighten and you hurry as you can to achieve your goal. But, What happens when you have all the time without stress the real situation so stressful is classified as present? Start living the call anticipatory stress that the only thing that will stop him is a decrease in the ability to live in the present and immense anxiety about events that may or may not be likely to occur in the future.


Thus, shoulders are always tense, the tendrá al sleep problems, will suffer back pain, menstrual cycle or period will be affected and your mood may tend to be more aggressive, plus it will lower its defenses, paving the way to diseases like flu, gastritis, colitis… .It is therefore essential to be aware of their perceptions and behaviors, and to determine, what are the agents that generate stress and specify which can be eliminated or what shall reactions and perceptions modificar.Cuando you can not remove the agent that generates stress, I suggest one tip to relax that will give you great benefits both physical and emotional medium and long term:

“Devote time to indulge, looking for a unique space where you can enter a state of relaxation that you can connect to your "I" interior, well reflect your current situation.”

Something that has shown results have been body rubs and reflexology, combinándolos with aromatherapy and musical therapy. Particularly those which have beds jade stone, combining the intensity of light, you apply essential oils and supplement with foot massage. The jade stone massage will allow you to reach an state "alpha", namely, just before falling in sleep, releasing cerotonina, which counteract the effects of the adrenaline in your body. In addition, jade stones with these beds, they provide infrared light, which will 7 inches under your skin, brindándole un effect of acupuncture that work with specific nerves that will send messages to the central nervous system. Similarly, will be exercising without the need to move, for session 35 minutes equals one hour of jogging. While enjoying the benefits of massage, your circulatory system is working at 100%, because with the heat issue jade stones, will make your veins and arteries will dilate, so blood flow and consequently the oxygenation.


Regarding Aromatherapy, it's main function is to work with the target organs such as: stomach, CNS, lungs… At the time you apply the oil, absorbed into skin 30 minutes and properties 1 time, the bloodstream will have these elements, sending them to the target organs for which it was designed essential oil. Same will be listening to music previously selected you to concentrate, relax, increase creativity and balance your energy flow, eliminating negative thoughts (anticipatory stress) and focus on the "here and now".

Last, It is essential have a balanced life, as well as a balanced diet, but especially, a strong commitment to yourself to your physical and emotional health.

Lic. Mariel Violet


La Posada del Qenti

Osteopenia Osteoporosis y: Knowing them to prevent them

Osteopenia Osteoporosis y: Knowing them to prevent them

Osteopenia means "less bone", website is a previous step to the osteoporosis and occurs more frequently. It is a relatively mild decrease in bone mass if detected in early, visit this is controllable and can often be reversed. Osteoporosis means "porous bone", about it is a disease that causes a decrease in bone mass and strength and the fracture predisposes. It has no definite beginning, is silent; at times is usually visible when presented Hip fractures, wrist, the column, and in other cases when present symptoms of pain in hips, loss of height or curvature of the backbone, because the bones become weak and compressed.

Why osteoporosis occurs?

Bone is a dynamic tissue characterized by a constant turnover of calcium. Within this tissue's cells called osteoclasts that break down bone and draw calcium to carry blood to be used for other functions; while other cells called osteoblasts form bone calcium deposited again.

The formation of bone mass is performed in childhood and adolescence; and up to about the 30-35 years is generated and stored bone efficiently, being the formation of new bone faster than old bone destruction. From this age both men and women are losing more football of which is recovered, and bones become less density.


Who can develop osteoporosis?

The bone mass and its conservation depends on multiple factors:

  • Age; in adulthood bones lose density.
  • Gender and sex hormones; women have a greater chance of developing osteoporosis than men because they have less bone tissue and lose more rapidly due to the hormonal changes that occur at menopause.
  • Bone structure and body weight; Thin body and small bone women, or those that are below a healthy weight.
  • Drugs; corticosteroids and thyroid medication.
  • Lifestyle; are less likely to have osteoporosis than nonsmokers, not consume alcoholic beverages, perform physical activity and incorporate into your daily eating an adequate amount of calcium.
  • Heritage; predisposition to fracture can be inherited.

How I can prevent osteoporosis?

The body does not produce calcium thus be incorporated with the feed. An adult to rebuild and maintain strong bones need daily 1.000mg. Calcium, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, fluor, copper and vitamins D, C y A.

How I can cover these recommendations?

Consuming foods rich in:
Football; found in milk (milk, cheese, yogurt, ricotta, etc.), spinach, radicheta, broccoli, dried fruits, vegetables and sardines. Options to cover daily recommendation:

  1. 500 cc. milk, 200 cc. yoghurt, 30 gr. by salut cheese
  2. 300 cc. milk, 200 cc. yoghurt, 50 gr. by salut cheese, 30 gr. white cheese skimming
  3. 1 Actimel, 250 cc. milk, 200 cc. yoghurt, 50 gr. by salut cheese.
  4. 1 Actimel, 500 cc. milk, 150 cc. yoghurt, 50 gr. de ricota

Vitamin d; found in the liver, egg yolk and fortified dairy, in turn to obtain 15 minutes of sun exposure; vitamin absorption and allows binding of calcium.

Vitamin C; is present in citrus (mandarin, orange, grapefruit, lemon), chili, melon, broccoli, carrot and tomato.
Produces a protein synthesis (collagen) part of bones.

Vitamin A: as such is found in egg yolk, dairy, fatty fish, liver and as pro-vitamin A in fruits and vegetables yellow and orange like carrots, peach, damask, potato, melon and also in dark leafy greens.

Are there foods that may be involved in calcium absorption?

It is important to know that there are foods and beverages that interfere and others who favor the absorption of calcium.

Interfere with calcium absorption:

  • Excess consumption of animal protein, salt, alcohol fiber.
  • Fiber if not consumed in moderation interfere with intestinal absorption of calcium.
  • Xanthines and caffeine- found in coffee, to, mate, cocoa and cola.
  • To combine la leche with chocolate You can lose up to a third of the calcium ingested.

They promote the absorption of calcium:

  • The adequate intake of vitamins mentioned above that of the vitamin d.
  • The Sun exposure.
  • The Physical activity contributes to the absorption of calcium and developing mass and bone density during the growth stage and helps the elderly to decrease the loss of bone mass, improve balance and coordination to prevent falls and prevent fractures; so that recommended at least daily during walking 30 minutes.


In conclusion we can say that if we make physical activity on a regular, We carefully exposing the skin to sunlight for 15 minutes daily, we feed and following a balanced diet nutrient cover the above recommendations; but we must remember the importance of consulting a professional for advice on how to meet the particular requirements of calcium, which varies according to age, SEX, the biological status (growth, pregnancy, etc.) or if bone pathology manifests.


Lic. Sandra Villarreal

Area of ​​Nutrition

La Posada del Qenti

Baked Creole vs. Asado light

Baked Creole vs. Asado light

The roast, cheap Argentina typical food, becomes the delight of the people when choosing a menu that we socially, without realizing how many calories, consume fat and sodium in that election. Consider then a typical Sunday roast.

We started with a snack one hour prior:

  • 4 the 5 olives
  • 4 the 5 daditos of cheese Silver Sea
  • 2 the 3 slices of salami
  • 2 rodajas thin pan
  • A glass of good red wine of 200 cc.

Solamente this entry in a nutshell: 434 calories, 40 gr. fat and high sodium.

At the time of lighting the fire see how our roast consists, taking into account amounts to a diner:

  • 1 Chorizo ​​bonbon
  • ¼ sausage
  • 200 gr. of Vacio semimagro
  • 200 gr. of pork chop
  • 150 gr. of creole salad (lettuce, tomato and onion)
  • 1 boiled type mignon de bread
  • 1 and ½ cups vino tinto of 300 cc

This appetizing roast has 1762 calories, 100 gr. of predominance of saturated fat and cholesterol, with a sodium content of over 700 mg.

With this example we note that our roast covers 100% of the daily calories for an adult with moderate activity (2200 cal.) with only a per diem since ingesta keep in mind el postre, afternoon tea and dinner that day .


But let's see how we can organize our roast without many calories , fat and sodium. Our entry may have:

  • Casserole pickles of 30 gr.
  • Queso cream diet mixed with parsley and chives
  • Seasonings to taste, 20 gr. equals 1 Scoop heaping tablespoon.
  • Green olives 3 units
  • 2 toasted gluten the 2 bran bread sticks
  • 1/2 glass of wine tinto 100 cc.

This entry in the sum only 200 calories about.

When thinking about the grill, we must choose leaner cuts and not eat any offal. Another tip is to use the least possible amount of salt.

  • Option 1: tail of rump of 300 gr. with marinated chicken breast of 200 gr.
  • Option 2: roasted corvina of 300 gr. with 1 grilled trout of 300 gr.
  • Option 3: chivito or cabrito of 400 gr. with 1 Chorizo ​​bonbon

To accompany:

  • Portion of raw vegetables or grilled of 200 gr.
  • 1 Mignon of pan
  • 1 glass of wine of 200 cc.
  • Water or diet soda

Using any of these options add 1054 calories approximated, cover the 47% of our daily caloric value, lowering the levels of fat and cholesterol considerably .


Garnish we can choose the typical creole salad or opt for grilling vegetables on the same grill. Another option is to cover plant (Eggplant, pumpkin, cebolla or zucchinis) with foil, previously spicy aromatic con hiervas y gotitas olive.

We can not ignore the famous provoleta roasted; cheese is very tasty but high in calories and fat, is not recommended in our lightweight option. Moreover, we avoid fries fittings, sweet potatoes with mayonnaise or roasted, these provide large amounts of calories and fat.
Another suggestion is to not use rich seasoning salt or sodium, mustard, salt, ketchup, but we can use the resource of vinaigrettes made of garlic, parsley, pepper, lemon, with a touch of vegetable oil, marinate a few hours before our steaks with this preparation.
If we replace part of diet drinks wine or sparkling water, avoid adding empty calories.
After a lunch and, the day we should drink plenty of fluids especially water, to the Hierbas digestivas, after 2 hours a walk, and eating fruits and vegetables until the next day.
Are we willing to live better and healthier? This weekend if you invite your friends or family, remember these tips.


Lic. Sandra Villarreal
Area of ​​nutrition
La Posada del Qenti