The Tomato: Virtuoso among vegetables

The Tomato: Virtuoso among vegetables

It is one of the most consumed vegetables in the world and reddens many dishes of our gastronomy. Tasty and indispensable in the kitchen, this site tomato encloses a number of health virtues.

Crude, fried, cooked, sauce, in juice or gazpacho, tomato is a nutritious and refreshing, for its taste and low price, part of the diet of most countries especially in this summer season. However, the benefit of this simple vegetable in health can be far superior to any drug and is categorized as a food with many healing properties .

The tomato is a known remineralizing and detoxifying.

Besides expelling toxins due to its diuretic effect, also is responsible for remove Uric acid and reducing the cholesterol. The substance, according to all the studies, is responsible for this result is lycopene, a pigment that gives it its distinctive red color. Lycopene is also found in watermelons, Carrots, apricots and grapefruits. The difference is that the tomato is the largest proportion of this pigment has, to the extent that provides the 90 percent of the body necessary for.


There are different types of tomato

Round, pear, cherry or 'cherry', sticks and Monserrat, inter alia, but, roughly, all these strains shared the same nutritional: They are a source potassium, phosphorus and magnesium -required for normal activity of nerves and muscles-, We provide significant amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B5, E and, above all, C and A-specific, beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A-. The tomato contains little fat. This feature, together with its diuretic power, makes it an exceptional ally in weight loss diets and weight control.

This is, also, a food rich in lycopene, a plant pigment from the carotenoid family that gives tomatoes their characteristic red color. Lycopene has antioxidant properties and numerous studies have shown that regular consumption helps reduce some cancers, such as prostate, lung and digestive tract and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also have been tested positive effects in the prevention of atherosclerosis and macular degeneration syndrome, leading cause of blindness in people over 65 years old.

Rich in Vitamins C and A,

  • B group vitamins, PP and K.
  • Minerals: Phosphorus, iron, football, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium and sodium.
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Lycopene
  • High antioxidant properties and therefore an excellent anticancer ally.

To those already mentioned properties can be added

  • Resistance to infection.
  • View (Vitamin A)
  • Prevention of heart disease

Neither green nor ripe

The pizza lovers, ketchup and the dishes washed down with plenty of ketchup are in luck: cooking and processing tomatoes does not reduce the health benefits of lycopene. Recent research confirms that the body absorbs lycopene better if consumed tomato processed or cooked in oil-fried, roast and gravy-than life or juice.

When we buy tomatoes taken into account throughout the freshest, with smooth, unblemished skin, soft to the touch and that are neither soft nor dented. Should choose them or too green or too red, because the tomatoes continue to ripen during storage. A trick to make us ripe tomatoes last longer is to place upside down and separated from each other.

If you will be eaten raw should be washed with water and a few drops of bleach to eliminate any germs. In the refrigerator can be kept in good 6 a 8 days when stored and a maximum of integers 2 days juice or comminuted. During the shelf, tomato retains most of the vitamins through your skin and your level of acidity.

A staple in the kitchen

Because of its versatility and flavor, tomato is a food star in the kitchen. A wildcard can be prepared culinary myriad forms: raw and sprinkled on salads, in juices, with bread and oil, Fried, roasted, in broth and jam… Everything is Permitted.

To prepare sauces, tomatoes must be ripe, and will taste less acidic and will thicken better. If you want to correct the acidity taste, simply add a teaspoon of sugar. It is also preferable to peel tomatoes before preparing sauces or swindled. To remove the skin easily, there is a small cross-shaped cut at the base and immersed in boiling water for a few moments; when you start up the skin is removed and allowed to cool.

The basic ingredients for making a good tomato sauce are: two onions chopped, two cloves of garlic, minced, salt, olive oil, ripe tomatoes and, as noted, a pinch of sugar to remove the acidity. Everything is cooked in a pan over low heat, of 30 a 45 minutes, and, so that it is thin, is passed through the food mill or blender.


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What is the correct diet for crossfit?

What is the correct diet for crossfit?

(*) By Maria Soledad Boca

Por its high physical demands, try including a variety of sports, recipe requires a significant consumption of protein and carbohydrate. How to prepare the body before practice.

It is known that when we do exercise increased our caloric expenditure, purchase whatever exercise. With some more and some less, but always increases energy expenditure. Duly the Crossfit activity is a strength and conditioning in which you are required the person a high endurance, since during the day the Crossfitter practice a variety of exercises for different sports: bicycle, oar, swimming, Peso, Boxing, etc..

It is therefore essential that the power of those who practice this discipline is rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

On the one hand carbohydrates are an energy source for the brain and nervous system, and provide the necessary fuel for body functions, physical and mental, so it must be the highest daily nutrient requirement. Specifically for el Crossfit, help the body to better coordinate movements, achieving greater agility in the development of the discipline.

As proteins have, its functions, build and repair the tissues. They produce hormones (as insulin) and neurotransmitters that enable them to regulate cell functions and impart elasticity to tissues. This led to the sport results in a improvement in muscle mass recovery and, therefore, better response of the body to perform the activity.


Power and performance

At the start of workout routine, during the first minutes, depending on whether the person is more or less trained, the body first uses the glucose that is circulating in the blood, then deposited glycogen and then fat as a fuel source.

To make this process suitable must be well fed, otherwise we toil quickly to start training, as reserves glycogen are rapidly depleted, and weaken ourselves, so that performance during training is not ideal.

When we started training Crossfit, we must stress have a complete and balanced diet, not eliminate foods in our diet, mostly carbohydrates, which are those that provide the energy it takes to train.

Many weight loss diets foods with carbohydrates are removed (cereals, pasta, potatoes, etc.) and this causes during exercise quickly becomes tired and fatigue, since no circulating glucose.

Therefore, if the training is conducted during the morning, a good breakfast that includes cereal fiber, dairy and fruit is ideal. If you train in the evening we should pay attention to the snack and not train if they've spent more than three hours after the last meal. If so, a smoothie rich milk or yogurt with fruit and oatmeal or cereal with skim milk and fresh and dried fruit is a quick and nutritious snack.

For lunch and dinner is advisable to combine proteins with vegetables or carbohydrates with vegetables and fruit dessert. You should always remember that it is essential prevent dehydration, causing cramps and exhaustion during the practice of this discipline.


(*) María Soledad Boca has a degree in nutrition, specialist obesity (MP 1998).

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Eating nuts makes us smarter

Eating nuts makes us smarter


(*) By Maria Soledad Boca

The nuts are native to Persia (Himalayan region). Walnut is one of the edible fruit trees oldest in the world. For its high content of healthy fats (the 90% containing fat is omega 3 and 6) is an excellent food contributing to reducing serum cholesterol levels and enhances the connection between neurons thanks to its antioxidant intake, discount polyphenols and Vitamin E. Hence, then, we say it is extremely beneficial to the brain and heart.

According to a study in the year 2002, Walnut is the second most food of plant origin rico en antioxidants. However, because their healthy fats are high in calories, whether consumor with rationality.

Eat three to four walnuts a day would be ideal. Can be added to salads or eat mid-morning or afternoon snack with a fruit. They have the virtue of being a food saciógeno, since eating these fruits gives feeling of fullness, because of its contribution to vegetable protein, fiber essential oils.

Other nutrients found in nuts and are valuable to the brain are phosphorus, Zinc and Vitamin B Complex.

For oil containing no oxide shell is convenient to buy and split them when ingesting. If purchased peeled store in an airtight container to avoid losing more properties. Avoid eating green walnuts, as they may be toxic.

(*) María Soledad Boca has a degree in nutrition, specialist obesity (MP 1998).

Area of ​​Nutrition, La Posada del Qenti


Daniel Sedita pint el Qenti…

Daniel Sedita pint el Qenti…

sitting Mail

On Wednesday 24 September the renowned artist Daniel plastic Sedita, cheap will be teaching a painting workshop at the Posada del Qenti.
During the same Daniel will share his secrets of painting and teach us how to find inspiration in nature
The appointment is at 16 hs. La Posada del Qenti located on route 14, ampoule km. 14.5, Villa Icho Cruz, with free admission. Registration and more information by calling 03541 420055 or by filling out the form below.

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Qenti present at the International Scientific Congress FELSOCEM

Qenti present at the International Scientific Congress FELSOCEM


We told you last Wednesday 10 September we had the pleasure of participating in the FELSOCEM International Scientific Congress, pill in his edition XXIX; held in the province of Cordoba from the 9 to the 13 September.
The same It was attended by leading professionals in medicine and the health of the American continent and various parts of the world.

The modality of treatment was multiple, store having the discussion talks, dissertations, conferences, presentations of scientific papers and updating of health issues including.

From La Posada del Qenti, and given our vast experience in the subject, We proposed as a dissertation focus on Obesity, the gran epidemia modern. The topic was discussed from the causes, distribution, forms of management and treatment as central axis and then space given for questions, that have enriched us all and showed different realities in Latin America.

It was attended by more than 250 enrolled, where groups were highlighted Chile, Peru, Venezuela, USA, and Colombia and others around the world.

This epidemic is everyone's responsibility, and mission health encourages us to continue with presentations and other projects that improve our quality of life.