Vitamins, Are supplements necessary?

Vitamins, Are supplements necessary?

In recent years, viagra is being given a query or "practical" everyday is very common to ask the doctor prescribing vitamin supplements that are "somewhat listless" and need "more batteries".


Something else that is usually heard: went to the doctor and told me to make healthy diet and exercise, buy but says nothing on me, at least I had given "some vitamins".

The theme Vitamins I was to become something that is on everyone's lips, and either by beliefs or by the high impact advertising in recent years are given to these compounds reputed to be absolutely necessary and with properties far exceeding its real utility.

Let's start with the definition. The term "vitamin" means "vital amine"; amine to be an organic compound present in low concentrations in food and vital as being necessary and indispensable presence in the daily diet.

These nutrients, in food, are needed in very small quantities, primarily to take advantage of other nutrients. Vitamins do not provide energy, and included in the daily diet is inevitable, since their shortcomings produce disorders known as avitaminoses.

We know they are needed in small amounts. But is it necessary to use supplements to complement the basic daily needs?. From the standpoint of therapeutic medical, be considered to vitamins as a prophylactic drug treatment, for the prevention of deficiency diseases specific vitamins (avitaminosis); but It is not very clear its usefulness as a therapeutic agent in pharmacological doses.

How many types of vitamin supplements are? There are many and varied. Every day new types of dietary supplements. Depending on the vitamin deficiency that you are dealing with can be found with antioxidant vitamins (Vit E, A and C), antineurítica activity vitamins and antiamémicas ( B complex vitamins, folic acid, Vit B12), general multivitamin, in association with vitamins and trace minerals, etc..

How to know if we need vitamins?. Normally a healthy person ingests all the needs of vitamins, a balanced diet in quantity and quality of nutrients, therefore needs vitamins are covered. However, causes of vitamin deficiency exists. The most common cause is insufficient consumption of foods containing these vitamins. This already poses an answer to our question, what is needed in most cases is a balanced diet.

There are pathological conditions where vitamin A deficiency are common, where we could cite: anorexia and bulimia (psychiatric disorders), eccentric diets in obese people to lose weight, not include a sufficient daily vitamin intake. Malnourished alcoholics and among the most common. Furthermore, many substances can affect the absorption of vitamins such as snuff, alcohol, caffeine, and some medications.

There are moments in the life of the man who usually need to take vitamins, these are the early childhood (primary prevention), old age (mainly in pathological states, either by increased consumption or decreased absorption) and pregnancy (by increased consumption); but even in each of these states must assess individual cases and do not offer the alternative of vitamin supplement "routinely".

What should I consider when purchasing a vitamin supplement? Any requirement of vitamins must be under clinical supervision of a physician. It is very important to make an assessment of nutritional status, and analysis have ruled out pathological causes. Based on the results, if necessary prescribe, appropriate vitamin type to restore the deficit and the organic deposits, but they must also address the primary cause of vitamin deficiency and regular balanced diet.

Can be harmful consumption of vitamins? Yes. Any substance that is consumed without medical supervision may be harmful. In this particular case almost all types of vitamins have described effects of overdose called "hypervitaminosis"

In short this is a complex and always requires medical supervision, but which in most cases is achieved by a single treatment: balanced diet. At La Posada del Qenti professional team takes care of the income from medical monitoring to determine the possible pathologies involved and working with the psychological and nutritional area develops a personalized treatment plan effectively for the particular.

Dr. Christian A. Leiva

Medical Director

La Posada del Qenti

Healthy Cooking: Mushroom and Spinach Omelette

Healthy Cooking: Mushroom and Spinach Omelette

Spinach containing high levels of pro-vitamin A that helps to maintain good skin, advice vision and functioning of the defense system. Also, viagra dosage containing high levels of folate, pill vitamin essential for pregnant women because they ensure the proper development of the baby.




Performance: 1 portion.


  • 2 clear.
  • 1 cda. lean white cheese.
  • Pepper to taste.
  • Vegetable spray.
  • 1 medium onion chopped.
  • ¼ cup of sliced ​​mushrooms trozos.
  • ¼ cup spinach washed and cut into strips.
  • Sal Genser flavors with Fine Herbs Reduced Sodium.


  • Beat 4 first ingredients.
  • Moisten a skillet with cooking spray and cook the omelet.
  • When starting to dry add some of the onion, mushrooms and spinach.
  • Finish cooking until the omelette is cooked. Serve immediately.

omelet de ongos y espinacas



Monitor moisture levels predicts serious health problems

Monitor moisture levels predicts serious health problems

National and international experts discussed the latest uses of bioimpedance to classify hydration.

Monitoring hydration levels of the human body could help detect serious health problems early. This was one of the findings of a study presented at the panel 'hydration and body composition: health, and role models’ del 10th International Symposium on Body Composition, held in Cascasi, in Portugal, and organized by the Faculty of Human Movement (FMH) University of Lisbon.

As explained by Professor Henry C. Lukaski, researcher in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at the University of North Dakota, in United States, "Bioimpedance can monitor changes in the hydration of dialysis patients and anticipate future complications. You can also identify individuals with fluid retention and breathlessness. In other cases it may help to identify individuals with excess moisture associated with acute heart failure”.

The expert also noted that “other positive uses bioimpedance can lead to proper identification of alterations in hydration among the most vulnerable populations. Through this method it is possible to identify individuals who have inadequate hydration and may be at risk in terms of mental function or having complications with certain dose of medicine”.

Bioimpedance method assesses the percentage of fat, lean and hydration in the human body and to calculate ideal weight range for the individual subject by sex and age. "The future of bioimpedance ranking hydration is promising. Numerous applications in medicine and the detection of possible risk groups like the elderly and children can be targets for further investigation”, the researcher concludes.

In addition to Professor Henry C. Lukaski, The symposium featured presentations by Professor Dale Schoeller, University of Wisconsin, and Dr. Diana Thomas, Montclair University, both in the United States.The Dr. Dale Schoeller presented the results of its investigation into the adequacy of the energy balance equation. According to this expert, “determine the relationship between body weight and the amount of food we eat is fundamental to understanding the excess weight gain as we age, and losses during the treatment of obesity. This relationship is complicated, because our body is divided into two main components: fat-free mass, which is composed mainly of water, more protein components and minor, and fat mass, which is entirely fat. ".

As explained Schoeller, “water is the most important nutrient for life and constitutes almost half to two-thirds of the body weight. The measurement of body changes is not easy. Is still recent development of methods for measuring body water and its two main intra and extracellular components that allow measurements in clinical situations general”.



What we eat today will mark our tomorrow (Video)

What we eat today will mark our tomorrow (Video)

In today's society, and being more specific, lifestyle that we, It is making our future. Saying “We are what we eat” It is something that is not only true, but is also having a significantly important bearing on the evolution of the people.
Several studies have shown that the type of power is more influential than our genes, can generate and determine the course of disease increasingly globalized: Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol and high blood fats, Stroke and cardio-vascular diseases, inter.
So we want to spread the message of behavior change. A balanced diet, Regular physical activity and control of risk factors and stress are the key to a healthy life.
So do not forget the power today our future is determined.


Dr. Christian Alberto Leiva, MP. 31.209/1
Medical Center Director of La Posada del Qenti.