How does nutrition in aging?

How does nutrition in aging?

On numerous occasions talking about aging as an inevitable process, sildenafil intrinsically linked to physical deterioration and detached from the daily habits that keep people from his youth. However, pill Scientific studies revealed that in this lies the great mistake: habits determine how aging.

Nowadays, cheapest therapies and anti-aging treatments have invaded spaces. Despite its proven efficacy, numerous organizations and medical centers have begun the crusade to raise public awareness about the importance of implementing routines and healthy habits for life to change the way you face time. The importance of exercising the body, avoid stress and eat well, are some of the most widespread information regarding the.

Nutrition plays a key role in how the body ages. Although its impact seems less, It is actually one of the crucial factors in relation to aging.

Scientific studies revealed that adequate intake of nutrients and organic substances, helps the body maintain stable physiological functions, to maintain their tissues and promotes cell regeneration. Fruits and vegetables are an important source of vitamins and antioxidants, substance which prevents the formation of free radicals. The latter are known to promote oxidation and accelerate tissue organ damage, adding to signs of aging. Free radicals cause cell damage that favor the development of diseases such as cancer.

Similarly, intake of grains, helps the body to maintain the elasticity and flexibility of your muscles. Provide fiber and antioxidants that help fight cell damage.

In return, has proven the harmful effects of excessive intake of fats and fried. Fats, present for example in fast food, contribute to increased cholesterol, increasing the risk of cardiovascular events. Furthermore promote obesity, disease that leads to progressive loss of physiological functions of the body.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in aging, determining the conditions under which it will manifest. Proper nutrition, balanced and rich in antioxidants is the key to deal with health over time



Industries that threaten our health

Industries that threaten our health


There 2 large industries, ask led by large corporations (few exceptions), in various forms affect our health. Because of its economic strength and media power, these industries cause many diseases and pathologies, either direct and obvious or subtle way, unnoticed.

Both are presented with careful makeup camouflaged, pretending friendly forms and related health: One is the Food Industry, and another Pharmaceutical Industry.

The largest companies in the world ( 1%), migrated to food and including controlling 40% of total world consumption.

In our daily life, undeniable progress in both, and just simply look in our cupboards, and find a huge amount of industrial products, and remedies in our kits we intuit as healthy and beneficial for the fact of being "counter".

We see many cases where the food industry, mainly driven by large corporations, is nourished capital of various kinds, but in countries like USA, make use of funds from the tobacco industry, which caused, and even causes, large number of deaths worldwide. The lack of criteria based on healthy living, and in many cases, unethical, are common denominators associated with these capital.

It is easy to see in advertisements, that emphasize positive aspects of the products, with film production and digital technologies, that capture the attention of our children and adults; creating unrealistic expectations, or stating values ​​that have nothing to do with the product offered, and sometimes even distorting truth or hiding negative aspect. Such as guaranteeing that children grow best if they eat desserts or certain supplements and not instilling healthy eating; or linked a “good family” consumption of certain beverages, as if there is any relation, just to name a few cases.

Processed foods, unlike natural, are those that have been processed in various ways, to develop products that remain in good condition, even after a while of being produced.

The “modern industrialized food style”, generated in many individuals, the basis of a systemic disorder that negatively alters our metabolic function and the whole body in general. Industrial processing substantially affect food, depriving them of essential nutrients and adding undesirable substances, dietary fiber being one of the main victims in industrial processes.

In 1900 causes of death in the U.S. were in order of importance: Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, heart, liver, cancer, bronchitis, and diphtheria. 100 years later, with the introduction of processed foods with sugars, sweeteners, sales, preservatives, antibiotics, dyes and a range of chemicals; in some cases addictive; joined fast food proliferation, altered by other factors the order of importance of the causes of death. Today the order is: Heart Disease, cancer, lung diseases, accidents, diabetes, suicides, renal and hepatic. These diseases have, in many cases, a common denominator: poor diet and sedentary.

Same with the pharmaceutical industry, which increasingly experiences with new drugs in an effort to “improve our body”. We can not be hypocrites, nor deny that many drugs have helped in a huge way to health, and longevity. But the lack of controls, excessive consumption and sale (in many cases their respective prescription medications), mass access to “counter medications” Self-medication causing alarming, and incentives to physicians by laboratories increasingly prescribing remedies, are some of the things that are overshadowing developments in this industry, and take us to the edge of the famous phrase: “The Cure Worse than the Disease”.

After 18 years having received more than 15.000 guests from around the country and abroad, we can say that what we present above is unfortunately true.

Dr. Christian Leiva – Medical Director – La Posada del Qenti –

That damn cigarette

That damn cigarette

Fighter. Fernando Napoli are expert in smoking, graduate of the University of Cantabria and by the Department of Addiction Snuff Model Institute of Cardiology, but also has a family history that explains their battle.

fernando napoli

It is very rewarding for me to come to you, readers, through this space, in a very particular moment in my life, when I feel the urgent need to help people quit smoking, without suffering, pain, insomnia, no significant increase in weight.

From 1997, when I started with my first research in the field of tabacología, to the present, not have been surprised by the strength and determination of some people to leave, for "Zafar" size addiction.

I've been learning, hours and hours, day to day, of each of the smokers that I have had to attend, discovering his anguish, His sufferings, his pain, fatigue, their fears or dislikes and even fights, especially family-type and, including, to loss of life.

That's why I believe that quitting is not just throwing cigarette and say "never again". It is much, but much more than that: It is a paradigm shift, a real change of life, target, course, Compass, allowing you to, who achieve it, live in freedom, looking forward, forward, it without the fear of getting sick morir advance, namely, to live ... To live fully living!

Writing about the damage caused by smoking would take much of this space is not my main objective. Do not want to frighten or bore you with what surely most smokers have read on more than one occasion.

I am satisfied to know that every cigarette reduces the addict him 14,5 minutes their life expectancy ... happily recovered by quitting time.

It is also important to know that cigarettes cause direct and indirect damage; direct are the different types of skin cancer, language, lips, larynx, lung, mama, stomach, prostate, kidney, inter alia, and vascular damage are indirect, respiratory, digestive, neurological, as headaches, memory loss, hemiplejías, stroke, cramps, paresthesia of the lower limbs, ?várices, gastritis, gastric ulcers, Epoc, and I could go a couple of lines, but certainly more than a smoker would read the rest of this note.

I will not forget to mention the damage suffered by the people and pets who live with smokers, called "passive smoking", who unintended or, besides supporting and unpleasant fetid smell of smoke snuff, may suffer the same diseases of smokers; hence it is paradoxical that people addicted to snuff, last sick loved ones.

But I will not walk away from the main idea of ​​this space, which is to convey a message of hope that you can stop smoking, they can be free.

Family history. I always find it difficult to talk about my own experience with cigarette, but I think it appropriate to do so, and perhaps it can serve as an example of what not to do. My parents were heavy smokers; this made me suffer respiratory problems from very small, including two serious events that are almost done with my life. Then, unfortunately my sister, of 3 years old, He died of white death, cot death; this was the reason for my first research in the field of tabacología in WHO, Geneva, with which I confirmed that there ?a direct relationship of the disease with children of smokers.

However suffer the loss of my sister, My parents continued to smoke. Clear, was a trend; also, at that time, I was not as widespread as today that smoking was responsible for the damage we know today. As expected in a child of parents who smoke, I also began to try and, Worse, bought them and lit cigarettes ... my parents played with Tags, while often accompanied my grandfather to a pulmonologist famed, who later became a great friend and ardent fighter against smoking, Bartolomé ?Long.

My parents continued to smoke; I, lighting his cigarettes, until my mom, to 40 years old, starts to feel bad. I was young to fully understand what was happening; itself felt his sadness and concern. Shortly after the surgery and, from there, I started often accompany chemotherapy and radiotherapy performed. The re-operate and one of the opportunities that accompanied the Spanish Hospital, the doctors Meloni, y Bofelli, - I still remember their names -, I asked him to tell my father that he wanted to talk to.

We went together and we heard when doctors told him: "We did everything we do". One Sunday afternoon, I remember every day-, and hospitalized, took me by the hand, I pray that pidió, not to be afraid and to accompany my father. After, He closed his eyes forever.

Three months later I lost my beloved grandfather and one of my uncles (for acute myocardial infarction), Smoking both. There I began to understand that smoking was not a game, but was a deadly weapon, it takes the Temprano kills you, and causing a difficult wound healing in which were here and we had given anything to stop the snuff.

Journalistic Production: Alejandra Beresovsky – Source:

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