La Posada del Qenti through the lens

La Posada del Qenti through the lens

It is customary for us to receive numerous celebrities among our guests. This time we visit Mrs.. Barbara Feler, cialis 40mg a recognized artist Photo:

How did you come to us?

After touring many places in the world to rest and relax from everyday stress, story I discovered that I had about the best.

Barbara,You find in? Posada del Qenti, that makes it special?

My place in the world. The secret behind the mountain combined with the warmth of the people attending us, makes it unique.

What does it mean to you The secret behind ¨ mountain ¨?

It is the dialogue that each set with nature in its purest form. As a photographer I seduce permanent color changes, textures, lights and shadows.

What is your opinion of our treatments?

I must admit I'm not an easy guest and recognize excellence. I have faith that frontline professionals and use the best quality products.

What in your life means Photo?

Taking pictures is what I do, but it is also the way I live my life. Most of the time my photos are meant to advertising campaigns, Editorial, personal work, or just finish stored on a hard disk somewhere. But one thing they all have in common: Every picture I take is part of my journey and part of what I am.

Finally we want to thank Barbara and the willingness of some photos that we study ¨ Feler & Sverdloff¨ ( developed in our house.

How to prevent heatstroke?

How to prevent heatstroke?

A heat wave that left historical records announces a summer where more than ever we need to take preventive measures to avoid the damaging effects of heat on health. “La Posada del Qenti " recommends the most important measures to take account.

Heat stroke is the situation caused by the dangerous rise in body temperature in a relatively short period of time. This situation may represent life-threatening and require emergency medical care. With the arrival of summer and high temperatures associated, physician is necessary to consider a number of recommendations and extreme care to avoid this situation.

"The sharp increase in body temperature , capsule called hyperthermia, It may occur in situations such as direct sunlight or heat stroke, usually associated with prolonged exposure at peak hours between 11 am -17 hs and exercise or physical exertion pronounced being exposed to very hot environments " explains Dr.. Rosana Viscovig – Medical Nutritionist (MP: 27.742/2 ME: 13.164).

In the latter case, It is characterized by loss of fluids and salts associated with non replacement thereof, Typical are those that can appear laborers or athletes not adequately replenish their losses.

"Anyone can be a victim of heat stroke, however it should be especially careful with babies and children under one year since your body is less able to regulate its temperature, especially when you have a fever or diarrhea from other causes " indicates the specialist. Also constitute a vulnerable group of people with chronic diseases such as heart disease, renal or neurological and usually take diuretics, because with the heat even more fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat. "In the case of the elderly, advanced age reduces the ability to cope with high temperatures, especially if they are in poorly ventilated " adds.

Among the most important to detect symptoms of heat stroke are:

  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Sweating to the top, with subsequent lack of sweat.
  • Redness and dry skin.
  • Fiebre with bad body temperature of 39.4 º (reaching the 40 y 41º).
  • Fast heartbeat weak heartbeat.
  • Headache.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Seizures.
  • Feeling of exhaustion, the fatigue Weakness.
  • Confusion and disorientation to more advanced degree of alteration of consciousness.
  • For young children reddened skin, hot and dry, irritability, llanto inconsolable

Of being in the presence of a person who is suffering heat stroke, It must immediately move it to a cool spot in the shade and place your feet up as continuing the sun the temperature would not fall and could even rise further. "Do not try to feed liquids if the person is unconscious –advierte Viscovig – Decrease body temperature by placing wet with cold water or ice tea or underarm English. For fast recovery does not occur, body temperature does not drop, presents the weak pulse is known to suffer from heart diseases requesting medical attention immediately ".

Remember that it is always the best prevention tool, therefore it is important to anticipate with minimal care compared to the high temperatures in this season, through measures to promote the body's cooling mechanisms and also ensure good hydration status.

"It is desirable to increase fluid intake throughout the day (no alcohol, coffee, caffeinated beverages, or soft drinks to replace water), consuming foods with high water content such as fruits and vegetables, avoid excessive sun exposure and especially in times of noon " recommended Viscovig.

On the other hand there avoid strenuous exercise in hours or extreme heat environments, wear light clothing that allows perspiration, cooling the primary mechanism of our body. "You have to anticipate thirst and offer frequently especially children and the elderly mainly water and natural fruit juices" Concludes specialist.

Launched in the country

Launched in the country's first official guide against obesity

First, sildenafil the Ministry of Health of the Nation published conclusions of experts to treat obesity in adults. In Argentina, more about the 18% of the population has the disease.

First, the Ministry of Health of the Nation published a guide for the treatment of obesity in adults based on evidence provided by hundreds of scientific studies that have evaluated benefits of different strategies. For the preparation of the guide, INTERVINO an interdisciplinary panel composed of experts estuvó as Alberto Cormillot, María Elena Torresani, Julio Montero y Monica Katz, inter alia. Here are the 10 basic guidelines that are recommended for losing weight without excessive effort:

1) Calculate it body mass index. This parameter is obtained by considering the weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. It was found that when the ratio rises above 27 adult, also significantly raises the risk of heart, cerebrovascular attacks, hypertension and diabetes type 2.

2) Measure the waist circumference. It is an indicator of the distribution of body fat. Fat deposits in the belly are more dangerous than those accumulated in the queue. "It is because fat deposited in the abdomen is metabolically more active. Leads to increased turnover of free fatty acids in the liver and increased formation of triglycerides. They act as triggers hyperglycemia, dislipemia e hiperinsulinismo ", advirtió TORRESANI, director of career specialization are in clinical nutrition from UBA. It is considered that there is a high risk if waist circumference is greater than 102 inches in men and 88 cm in women.

3) Receiving care from a team of professionals. You must be composed of nutritionists, professor of physical activity, psychologist and medical. "Every overweight person should go first to primary care, who will evaluate if you need to refer the case to a team of professionals ", Katz said the medical Monica, Favaloro University, when asked by Clarin. "In cases of patients who have not responded well to initial treatment or who have higher risks, are advised to be treated by an interdisciplinary team ", Caesar signal Casávola, chief of nutrition Hospital and president of the German Nutrition Society Argentina.

4) Getting targeted in 12 reduction months 5 to the 10 percent relative to the weight of overweight Start. Before you begin, the patient can talk with my potential factors that could lead to failure. "Fast descents are discouraged because muscle mass is lost, and a rebound occurs more easily than in the drops comfortable ", advirtió Casávola.

5) Identify the benefits of weight loss can bring health. "It is critical that the person be brought to think about why you want to lose weight. One reason is that it serves to control diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, Sleep apneas, and cardiovascular disorders. Also to lose weight, better walking and suffer less joint pain. It greatly improves self-esteem ", Resalto Silvio Schraier, director of career specialists in nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

6) Follow an eating plan that suits the tastes of the person. "There is inadequate food, but inadequate amounts. For example, can not ban croissants, but should be consumed in limited quantities ", Schraier comments. "Every patient must follow specific goals, reach from tying shoelaces to walk a few blocks without gasping for breath ". It is important not peck food out of time schedules of food.

7) Practicing physical activity, especially aerobic. The best practice is fast walks 5 kph, but depends on the condition of each patient. There are very obese people who could start arm exercises.

8) Following a behavioral therapy. It may be useful for some patients with obesity. Used to change unhealthy habits, and prevent relapse. Through attention with a trained professional in behavioral therapy, the patient learns to use tools to build skills that enable it to achieve a healthy weight. You must join the plan balanced diet and physical activity. "Behavioral therapy helps patients to define goals in stages, make a commitment to the professional or with a group of patients, facilitates self, and makes expectations adapted to the reality of each patient are generated ", Explains Casávola.

9) In some patients, medication. The guidance of the Ministry of Health supports the use of orlistat drug. "In people with obesity and which adhere to conventional therapy, suggested consider-especially in hypertensive or diabetic, adding orlistat to 120 milligrams three times a day for a year to help lose weight slightly ", the guide points. However, Obesity specialists often also prescribe other products that may assist in the treatment.

10) In some cases resorting to bariatric surgery. Recommended only when conventional treatment did not work. Requires prior preparation of the patient to take the impact of the operation. "If conventional therapy did not work-Casavola-warned is because the patient has difficulty addressing plan, surgery and just does not solve the problem if not accompanied by a professional with experience tracking. The patient faces new dilemmas, as poor absorption of vitamins and minerals for life ".