Getting Day of Hospitality matter in La Posada del Qenti

Getting Day of Hospitality matter in La Posada del Qenti

Students of 2nd year Career and Technical Superior Tourism Guide Arturo Umberto Illia Instituto Superior visited the La Posada del Qenti, within the framework of the Day of Getting Stuff Hospitality. The Subsidiary chaired by Jorge Pomponio helped organize the activity.

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On Saturday 26 October twenty students of 2nd year Career and Technical Superior Tourism Guide Arturo Umberto Illia Instituto Superior (ISAUI) were accompanied by the deputy, profesor Mario Carletti; the teacher in charge of the subject of Hospitality, Laura graduated Bocca; President of Subsidiary and protesorera FEHGRA Villa Carlos Paz, AS.HO.GA., Pomponio Jorge y Blanca Feeling, respectively. At that time the teaching team ISAUI thanked AS.HO.GA. for collaborating with the catering and the Ministry of Tourism Villa Carlos Paz in charge of moving.
As part of this day familiarization Celeste Tybalt, responsible for the Commercial Area Property, conducted a guided tour through the indoor and outdoor facilities such as, Room, restaurant, common spaces, pool, park, etc.. In each place the students explained how he shaped the edilicias facilities and professional team performance combine to provide various health treatments. To complement this information the participants received a lecture by the Physiotherapist, Lucas Tesouro, who said what constitutes Tourism Health services provided by this establishment has international prestige. Then he proceeded to visit the Equestrian Club where they develop treatments Qenti Equine, allowing visitors a complete outdoor experience. Finally, the students enjoyed the gallery of catering establishment served by La Posada del Qenti, which consisted of flamed paw cool drinks and delicious homemade.
To the directors of the Subsidiary is a real proud to support this action after the training of future professionals of tourism and especially to share this joy.

Benefits of Carrot

Benefits of Carrot

This beautiful plant is embedded in our daily diet, more about by color, generic aroma and be so versatile has earned the esteem of adults and children joining in our everyday dishes.

Carrots can be eaten in many different ways. It usually chop, prescription and eaten raw, cooked, fried or steamed and cooked in soups, stews, pastry, juice, well as prepared baby foods and pets.

There carrots of different types and colors. It is an excellent food from the nutritional point of view due to its content

in vitamins and minerals . Water is the most abundant component, followed carbohydrates, being these nutrients that provide energy. The carrot has a higher carbohydrate content of other vegetables. Being a

root, absorbs and assimilates nutrients in the form of sugars. The content of these sugars after cooking decreases and increases with maturation.

Its characteristic orange color is due to the presence of carotenoids, including beta carotene or pro-vitamin A, an antioxidant compound that is converted into vitamin

To which serves to behold once it enters our body. Also, is a source of vitamin E and B vitamins such as folate and vitamin B3 oniacina. As minerals, emphasizes the contribution of potassium, and discrete quantities

phosphorus ,magnesium, yodo y calcio

Vitamin A deficiency difficult to see well at night because the optic nerve is nourished by this vitamin and a protein called "opsin", reason carrot has always related to the improvement of vision.

Also presents significant amounts of provitamin A tomato, orange , La Papaya, lettuce and spinach .

It increases the production of melanin , the pigment that gives skin its color and protects it from harmful solar radiation (UVA y UVB).

Nutritional Value

  • Water (g) 88.6
  • Carbohydrates (g) 10.1
  • Lipids (g) 0.2
  • Calories (cal) 40
  • Vitamin A (U.I.) 2.000-12.000
  • Vitamina B1 (mg) 0.13
  • Vitamina B2 (mg) 0.06
  • Vitamina B6 (mg) 0.19
  • Vitamin E (mg) 0.45
  • Nicotinic acid (mg) 0.64
  • Potassium (mg) 0.2


INGREDIENTS párrafo 2 people:

1 fresh medium carrot ,1 red apple girl, 1 Medium orange juice, agua potable o hielo. Wheat germ 1 spoonful. Blender


Ralls 1 carrot, trozar knocking the apple core and seeds, orange peel and break off; place all ingredients in a blender.

Blend for a few 2 minutes and then add ice cubes and scoop wheat germ.

Usually low consume preferably in the morning or evening when your energies are.