Latest on Aging: Biomesoterapia

Latest on Aging: Biomesoterapia

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July, mind was held at the Inn of Qenti, cheapest Theoretical and practical seminar on the latest developments in Mesotherapy with Peptones – Anti-aging medicine and bio-revitalizing, cost Special practices for facial and body, given by Dr. Graciela Parma former director of graduate courses mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine in aesthetic dermatology, Faculty of Medicine U.B.A, involving the Medical Director of Qenti Posada Dr. Christian Leiva, Laboratory and organization LINFAR.

Participants important specialists in aesthetic medicine, and within the topics, could develop biomesoterapia as a medical professional technical , wherein application of substances of different kinds, Intradermal to subcutaneous, the technique employed can be manual or specialized spray, through small needles. With the proper use of the technique of aplación, the patient perceives hardly any pain with minimal discomfort, in many cases the techniques developed in the course, results in a pleasant situation. The use of different drugs and their appropriate combination, is part of the treatment and is customized according to clinical condition and intended effect.

The biological therapeutic breaks new ground in beauty treatments and revitalizing.

In this opportunity the development of this technique was focused on the use of Peptonas, procedures presented in the last International Congress of Medical Aesthetics. Las peptonas (also called extract or tisuloextracto, desalbuminado, oligopeptidos, proteolisados, lisados, hidrolisados, etc.) are the product of the disintegration of the protein molecule. This therapy involves the use of proteins extracted from young cattle strict sanitary control. The most important feature of these products, is that they behave as a nutrient (specific to each organ) therefore have no intolerance of any kind, nor overdose no known side effects.

These natural nutrients provide a high concentration of essential substances for cell repair, with an essential feature: the organ-specific: a "zip code" that allows each peptone reach the particular organ which was developed. The contribution of bioactive peptides with full vital capacity helps to reverse and repair cellular damage certain organs. These cells can be used as nutrients in their metabolism genuine material. Peptones action contributes to slowing, reverse and stop the manifestations of organic decline.

All medical professionals, through the seminar held at La Posada del Qenti (, able to learn and appreciate the latest treatment techniques to stay ahead in aesthetic, health, prevention and quality of life.

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Contest Winner Friend Day

Contest Winner Friend Day

We are pleased to announce that we have a giveaway winner Friendship Day on Facebook!

This time the lucky one was Silvia Gomez, discount who was the recipient of 2 days 2 nights for four at La Posada, Under the Next Description :

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In other, Stay tuned, be arranging their schedules to come, that we will be launching special programs for the remainder of 2013!

How to lose weight, without jeopardizing health?

How to lose weight, without jeopardizing health?

Dieta-hipocaloricaBody weight is often taken by ordinary people and even by some professionals, remedy as the only parameter of overweight and obesity as well as sometimes as the only parameter of evolution slimming treatments.

The simply perdida of kilos is the only multi-targeted in obesity treatment programs, as if he bodyweight Away something we can control the willingness. This approach, had enough proven not to work (since we have increasing rates of overweight and obesity), often remains promising results touted magic lost many kilos in a short time and effortlessly , offering diets impossible to sustain over time, sometimes even hazardous to health by too restrictive, des necessarily induce balanced or acquire certain product or "magic potion" which constitutes the basis of treatment.

What really can control and change are the behaviors or habits that led us to increase body weight. If we are to seriously begin treatment have to really consider to change what we can control, those behaviors or habits that we were suitable and that led us to the progressive increase.

Obesity is a chronic metabolic disease, with a strong genetic component, characterized by an increase in the percentage body fat, usually accompanied by weight gain , generally and not always because we can provide normal weight obesity as in the case of central obesity or abdominal viscero where body weight may be appropriate for the size , but the existence of an increased fat between abdominal organs generates metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease, obesity own. This type of fat distribution is more common in men, but the woman can make this distribution similar to that of man to reach the perimenopause.

Body weight is a global parameter, which includes not only fat mass but also lean mass, the latter includes several compartments and cell mass (muscles and viscera), plasma proteins, extracellular fluid and skeleton.

The increase in fat mass is what determines obesity, presenting the same variation over the years and by sex. Increases with age in both sexes, is located preferably at the level of buttocks and hips in women and centrally or thoracoabdominal in males.

One feature is that body weight can be quite variable from one day to another even within the same day , to get on a scale we are considering not only the body fat but lean mass, the intra-and extracellular fluid may vary especially the latter. There are situations that can cause body weight present significant variations, the intake of foods with high sodium content that generate water retention, lack of bowel movement , increased physical activity usually performed, intake of some drugs such as anti-inflammatory that can also cause fluid retention as occurs on days with high humidity, in premenstruo or those with circulatory disorders like varicose syndrome of the lower limbs.

When evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment for overweight or obese body weight also must be alert to other parameters that can tell us we are doing things. These include direct body measurements taken with a tape measure or notice the looser clothing or belts need to shrink, or tying shoes costs less. The improvement can also be seen when performing physical activity with higher aerobic capacity and greater resistance to the same, improvements in mood or achieve adequate cardiometabolic fitness, that means improving clinical and biochemical symptoms related to increased fat tissue, for example the reduction in blood pressure levels or normalize biochemical parameters such as glucose or blood lipid values.

Not knowing these variations that can present body weight leads to abandonment of treatment, the use and abuse of purging as laxatives and diuretics, sometimes to incorporate very restrictive diets or excess calories in physical activity, all behaviors that end up generating metabolic disbalances , rapid declines related but not sustainable, metabolic reactions of the body's defense more hunger, mayor stress, lack of energy for exercise group, alteration in the composition of weight reduction, latter generated by the further loss of muscle mass and fat tissue water, generating an unhealthy weight decrease the loss of muscle mass or sarcopenia , which is one of the situations that act as constraints for descents hold.

By knowing all these variables with respect to our weight, we have to stop putting our effort in the simple loss of kilos, regardless of whether or not this decline is healthy and focus more on incorporating progressive changes in the way we feed ourselves by adopting a balanced diet, moderate amount, also try to be more physically active in daily activities and scheduled physical activity that we like so that we can sustain over time, in this way not only the loss of weight will be right and healthy , intended to modify the amount of fat tissue, but also can be learning and incorporating healthy habits are what ultimately will allow maintenance of achieved reductions.


Pull. Rosana Viscovig

Medical nutrition specialist

MP: 27742/ ME: 13164

La Posada del Qenti

How to achieve healthy eating on flights?

How to achieve healthy eating on flights?

Posted by our friends Pulse of Tourism


The plane ride the body undergoes many changes that necessitate a more careful of what you eat. La Posada del Qenti suggested feeding guidelines and proposals.

Traveling is a beautiful experience, visit this site either for pleasure or for work, diagnosis but it is important to consider the pre-trip food and watch the reactions of the body in an aerial flight. This situation becomes more complex for people with hypertension, web diabetic, Celiac u obese.

"In almost all air travel our body symptoms of fatigue, turbidity, swelling of the legs and digestive discomfort. To anticipate and improve these symptoms during the course of the trip is advisable to eat healthy foods without frying, no spicy, preferably homemade meals purchased avoid menus.
Decompose because of the power is in this case a risk " clarifies the degree Sandra Villareal, Nutrition Area La Posada del Qenti, M.P. 1138.

During flight decreases gastrointestinal mobility and gastric secretions, also, There intestinal gas expansion, therefore a light power inside the plane, easy to digest and provides enough hydration, is most appropriate.

"Since there is also greater retention, legs feel heavy and tired is advisable to drink still water, low sodium, or fruit or vegetable juices. The latter are rich in potassium and help eliminate fluid better. Infusions are recommended as tea and you should avoid the consumption of salt or salty. Many services offer onboard snack products high in sodium, cookies, nachos, peanuts, soft drinks are also a source of sodium " specialist insists.

On the other hand, variations in pressure after takeoff causes the dry air drying cabin nostrils and to a third numb the taste buds, hindering the smell and taste: "Why should not add much salt and seasoning in food on the plane" stresses.

Regarding bloating and stomach heaviness is not relevant overdo consumption on board, especially if the flight is short: "Avoid products high in fat and spicy, is today including wafers and chocolate covered alfajores , cream fillings , the shortbread and brownies. It would be better than the airlines expand this type of offers to mufins, peeled seeds like almonds or walnuts, dried fruits, muesli ,grain and honey nougat, alfajores fruit and rice, that can be consumed by diabetics also, the obese celiac " pointed.

If the trip is in times own meals, the recommendation is more variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and soft cheeses, pastas and cereals as well as soft and light sauce, from respecting and bromatological and fitness guidelines to the circumstances of each country and particular flight.

La Posada del Qenti is a place where tourists who choose to stay healthy can enjoy breakfast seminars offering from natural, to daily walks and exercise routine and nutrition with the most beautiful trails in the province of Cordoba as a witness and host.

Pulse of Tourism invited by a photo contest and a drawing resulting from the call to enjoy a stay in the harmony of the Inn to the winner.