The best day to quit smoking is now

To achieve, should make the decision and seek professional help. The most effective is to combine psychological therapy and medication. Regardless of the age and the time that has been smoked, impacts on health and quality of life.

In Argentina, today, smoke almost one in three people, emerges as the latest National Survey of Risk Factors, that makes every five years the Ministry of Health of the Nation. According to that study, in 2009 smoked the 30,1 percent of adults 18 a 64 years old, reflecting a slight decline compared to the previous survey 2005, when did the 33,4 percent of this age group.

But although the decline is good news, the numbers reflect that smoking remains a major problem in the country, with high impact at the individual level, but also on public health.

"One in two smokers will die from smoking sooner or later", Daniel said the doctor Buljubasich, president of the Argentina Association Tabacología (AST), La Voz del Interior , while assured that, willing and appropriate treatment, may quit.

Does everyone can quit?

Yes, quitting is possible, and everyone can do it. It is not something reserved for some particular.

Because most claims to have tried many times without success and it takes a force of will that have.

And general, bet the issue will, and the truth is that this is a mistake because the addict, by definition, not willing to quit. But it is true that the effort and commitment to work. And it is also true that many people have tried and failed. But what happens is that many times you try to bad, good results are not achieved and the idea is that it is more difficult than it really is. And since the idea is that it will be able to installed.

What is wrong try?

You do inappropriately and at inappropriate times. The worst mistake that people make is to try to do it alone, "Because you only got into this and has to go out alone", namely, without professional help. Many people say "one day I decided not to smoke, I threw the package and that's it ", but in reality is very few people can do that. The generality needs to work that situation.

What to do, then, specific?

The first is, I will have no say, but a decision. The second is to find the right help. The third is a commitment to work seriously, o sea, be determined to make a good attempt. We do not ask or guarantee success, but the person is committed to making the best attempt that may.

Does the method is the same for all or is designed to measure?

No single method or have the booklet with the perfect method. A type of cognitive behavioral psychological therapy that aims to provide knowledge and to guide behaviors working, and a medication that addition of different types. So this is like a master recipe or a recipe: should be putting every thing in each particular case. It is the same someone 30 years old, who want to quit smoking because your partner does not tolerate smoke, someone from 60 Smoking ago 40, have severe emphysema is permanent oxygen. You have to be flexible to tailor treatment to each.

What medicines are used lines?

Three, and each person will favor a particular. One is the nicotine replacement, as patches and tablets. The second is based on bupropion, an antidepressant in too effective as such, but to quit. And the third, varenicline, which is the newest and perhaps have the advantage of being the first drug that was designed specifically for smoking cessation. Each drug has its advantages and disadvantages, but what is clear is that if behavioral therapy and medication is done is added, greatly increase the chances of success, vice versa. O sea, it is advisable to do both things together.
Do the drugs have side effects?

There is always a medication to be able to use, even if you have to take precautions. And do not forget that they are drugs to treat a disease that kills one in two consumers. Because every one of the smokers late Temprano muere him fag. Therefore, is absurd that smokers wonder if the drugs will make them ill, when smoking kills. In fact, if I had leaflet, nobody would smoke…

Do you serve after quitting 20 the 30 years old?

Of course. There is always improvement, at any age, regardless of years of smoking held and the state of health has. Always has an impact on health and possible other things apart, like leaving an addiction, regain self-esteem and improve mood, because smoking produces depression. So there is more than what is measured on an electrocardiogram or spirometry. Therefore, the best day to quit today.

What is the success rate of treatment?

In a multicomponent treatment, rates hover between 40 and 50 percent. So you can say that one in two that succeeds serious attempt. And it is a very good percentage when you consider that smoking is an addiction.


Keys to Healthy Aging

Aging of the human being starts from the moment of birth. The first step that everyone can do is accept that reality, link aconseja Hugo Alberto Schifis, side effects president of the Argentina Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

The preparation for the last stage of life must begin from childhood, with vaccines administered as a trademark national immunization schedule. There are also doses of vaccine should be given during adulthood, such as influenza and pneumonia.

Eating fruits and vegetables is key to preventing various diseases. Recommended 5 servings per day.

Physical activity is also essential. We suggest at least a half hour walk. It depends on the age and health status of each person, you should get a medical checkup. The doctor can determine what type of activity corresponds to each person. For further, water gymnastics is appropriate because it allows people to relate to others and promotes the body.

Search spaces to meet other, such as senior centers, Clubs, activities or other places of interest are made for each person. Isolated can lead to depression and dementia. Dance, play chess, talk to other people from different generations, close to schools and other community projects.

Families must have patience and avoid arguments hearing impaired elderly person. These discussions can lead to isolation, a situation that is not conducive to healthy aging.

Source: www.clarí

Medical Tourism in Cordoba Export

Medical Tourism in Cordoba Export

During this week, dosage in the Posada del Qenti we had the visit of Dr. Jesus Ortiz, nurse CEO of US Orbicare, who visited our country to go made a tour of various health centers in the province to evaluate the proposal and Córdoba, in Medical Tourism, can offer to foreign tourists. , iIn addition to value and quality medical professional to realize the Province, to value,could appreciate and value the beauty and paisajisticapaisajística microclimate privileged account Punilla Valley.

This activity occurs in the context of relations engendered between the Director General of Qenti Group, Eng. Miguel Cane, along with representatives of various health tourism abroad.

While staying at La Posada del Qenti, Dr. Ortiz met with Dr. Christian Leiva, Group Director of the Medical Center Qenti, to assess the details of health programs that are ofreciendoofrece the Group, for those seeking a healthy alternative tourism.


The benefits of walking outdoors

The benefits of walking outdoors

The benefits of walking with a preventive approach

It's time to leave the sedentary life, this web the human body needs exercise, shop the soul relax and really requires any possible outbreak of stress. For all this, the spend a good time is highly recommended walks.

Today we can not deny the benefits of walking, apart from being an activity that requires more factors to perform than their own desire, represents the ideal alternative for those who for various reasons can not go to a gym or specialized site.


Main benefits of walking outdoors

  • Control your weight and promotes the elimination of fats.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Type Aleja heart problems.
  • It is an enemy combat depression and emotional fatigue.
  • Very good therapy for those suffering from respiratory illnesses.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Increases endorphin levels that the body produces against pain.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Reduces muscle tension.

Tips for a good start of the walk

  • The shoes should be comfortable without friction points.
  • Bring water to hydrate before, during and after the walk.
  • Make first warm- (muscle preheating)
  • Each person should walk at your own pace and without excess. Those who feel that
  • must stop to rest do so.
  • It is also important to use light clothing and comfortable.
  • Do not forget the “final elongation” especially the muscles worked.
Professor. Eduardo Menegozzi
La Posada del Qenti


Daniel Sedita with his art at La Posada!

Daniel Sedita with his art at La Posada!

On Sunday 1 April, buy we had the pleasure of the renowned artist, page Daniel Sedita, La Posada chose to present its collection of works of art.

The same has more than 20 pieces to be exhibited no end date, in the halls of our Inn, and which were made with the technique of oil and spatula, along the more than 20 years of experience and recognition that has Daniel.

Here are some images to let you enjoy the magic of this artist.

Daniel Sedita en La Posada del Qenti

Daniel Sedita en La Posada del Qenti

More images HERE