Art Show at La Posada!

Art Show at La Posada!

We are pleased to announce, on Sunday 1 April, to 17:00 hs. we will start with a toast to the sample of the prestigious Art painter Daniel Sedita. It is permanent and will be updated, for all our guests to enjoy the talent and the unique look of reality, PUT that Daniel.

exposición Qenti

Successful aging

While the average human life continues to increase, prostate poses a great challenge: give more quality to old age. Where science aims?

Human life shows no sign of approaching a fixed limit imposed by biology or other factors. With a 7 billion people, recipe the world's population and record, and this is mainly due to the increase in life expectancy at birth, namely, estimate at birth on how many years we will live.

According to current demographic data, that Life expectancy has nearly tripled throughout the history of mankind. Further: in the last 200 years old, within 10 generations, doubled.

The initial way to that extension has been marked by a general improvement in the standard of living, and organized efforts to control the spread of infectious diseases, and a reduction in infant mortality in the late nineteenth century and throughout the twentieth century.

From 1970, y differentiates for previous seasons, the main reason for the increase in life expectancy was the reduction in mortality rates in the elderly population. In particular, contraction of mortality associated with cardiovascular disease, stroke or stroke and cancer.

According to researchers at the Department of Demography at the University of California, historical complexity and stability of the steady upward trend in the average life suggest that, at mid-century, life expectancy at birth in the industrialized countries will be about 85-87 years old. While the average age of the world population has spread over time, the maximum number of years lived has not been overcome since, in 1997, Jeanne Louise Calment died at 122 years old, en Arles, France. Despite this irrefutable fact, Thanks to advances in the fields of molecular biology and genetics is possible that those who read these words today are living the historical threshold at which the fundamental mechanisms of aging process unravel. Tal vez, in the not too distant future, your children or your grandchildren can bring about interventions that prolong their lives to levels never achieved.

We all age from the moment we are born. In the first century, Galen introduced the concept of aging is a loss of productivity, described as the depletion of the fundamental humours of blood and other body fluids. He theorized that this was not a disease, but a process that gradually develops from birth.

However, now know that aging is a continuous process of human growth and development, full of potential, highly modifiable by a combination of personal responsibility and appropriate medical care. Not all age the same way. Just as every life is unique, every person who reaches old age makes his way, with their particular features. It is these unique characteristics that define the quality of life of an individual during its last decades of life. Healthy aging is known as the ideal state in which we got to this stage, living it to the maximum possible degree of welfare. This concept has aroused great scientific interest in recent 50 years old. However, remarkably only at the mid 70 began to take hold the idea that society is useful for preserving the health of older people with good quality of life. In fact, in the last 10 healthy aging years has become a target at which point most of the efforts to prevent, treat and rehabilitate all kinds of diseases, neurological and psychiatric mainly.


Autumn Begins: Influenza Vaccination 2012

The 21 March and autumn officially begins, price are rigged with decreasing temperature, sudden changes in it and considerable changes in the temperature range. All this favors the pathological conditions of the respiratory tree, from a "common cold" to penumonias.

However, because of their importance in the media, in recent years the main news is the FLU.

The disease, often confused with the cold as they share some symptoms, is well defined. It is a disease caused by influenza virus and mainly affects airways. The first and main symptom is a high fever (Lobby 39 º y 41 º C).

Other common symptoms include:

  • Eye pain and body
  • Chills
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Decay (often extreme and prolonged)
  • Tos seca
  • Rinorrea (clear and watery), sneezing and sore throat
  • The flu can worsen asthma, respiratory problems and other long-term illnesses.

From 2011 influenza vaccine was incorporated into the National Immunization Schedule.

This annual vaccination is provided free of charge in public hospitals and health centers across the country to the population at risk:

  • All health workers
  • All pregnant women, at any time during pregnancy.
  • All women have smaller babies 6 months.
  • All children between 6 months 24 meses inclusive.
  • Children and adults between 2 and 64 years with chronic diseases(respiratory, heart, renal, diabetes, Morbid obesity), prescription.
  • Age 65 years old.

This vaccine prevents influenza A (H1N1) and two other flu strains that circulated last year (A H3N2 y B).

The optimum time to begin vaccination is mid-MARCH, although it may extend throughout the fall and even the winter come.

Dr. Christian Leiva

Director of the Medical Center

La Posada del Qenti and Medical Qenti

Preventive controls: and when you need them

Breast cancer. At the stage of perimenopause, unhealthy should have a mammogram every 1 a 2 years old. At younger ages, or if women with a history of cancer in the immediate family, approved these controls may be needed before a case by case.

Cervical Cancer. Hágase a fleet of Papanicolaou (“Pap”) each 1 a 3 takes years if sexually active.

Colorectal Cancer. After the 50 years old, Grow a study of colorectal cancer.

Depression. Your emotional health is as important as your physical health. If you felt discouraged, sad or helpless in the past 2 weeks or have felt little interest or pleasure in doing things, You may be depressed. Talk to your doctor about testing for depression.

Diabetes – High Blood Pressure – High Cholesterol: each 1 a 2 years old, should have control over these factors.

Osteoporosis (bone thinning). From menopause, ask yourself a bone density test and see your doctor often suggested.

HIV and STDs (ETS): Talk to your doctor about HIV screening (HIV) and other STDs at risk.

Obesity. We must know and control our weight, percent body fat and visceral (abdominal fat), el IMC (Index Masa Corporal) and waist circumference; as risk markers.

All these recommendations are aimed at healthy people. The basis of everything is focused on the clinical assessment and periodic gynecological, in the case of women. If you have other previous or concomitant diseases, and associated risk factors exacerbate the controls we.

Dr. Christian Leiva

Medical Director of La Posada del Qenti and Medical Qenti

Announcing the Big Winner of the Month of Women!

We are pleased to announce that we have a winner among all who shared on Facebook and re-twettearon us on Twitter!

This time the lucky one was Erika Bobbio (, click who was the recipient of 2 days 2 nights for two at La Posada, malady Under the Next Description :

  • Gatronomía : Breakfast.
  • Recreation and Sports: Gym equipped with the latest technology, tennis court, volley, heated pool and jacuzzi, aqua , relaxing gymnastics, tango and salsa classes, walks, trekking, divideoteca.
  • Health Workshops: medical lectures, physical activity, Anxiety, Nutrition, etc..
  • Evening recreational activities: Tango and salsa classes, taller musicals, movie night, game night, surprise night and recreation, which vary for each day of the week.

The validity of the same is 180 days from the date.

Erika, to enforce your prize, contactate to the al llamanos 03541 495715, I hope!

In other, Stay tuned, be arranging their schedules to come, because we are preparing a huge surprise for the remainder of the month of March and Early April!