Cooking with Mom and Dad

Did you know that cooking is a good ally for their children's learning?. Children can learn a lot in the kitchen. Also, viagra both are going to have lots of fun!

In holiday seasons where we spent more time with our children, buy information pills grandchildren and nephews, order We can cook together or prepare snacks to take to the river or the pool.


Gaining weight can also be healthy

People who want to lose weight can easily find a lot information, tips and diets, viagra sale because being overweight is a common problem.

But there are also people instead, need to gain weight, either because their metabolisms there are more accelerated than the average person because for some reason or, as depression, diseases or stress, not have enough appetite. For these people, gaining weight is as difficult as it is to lose weight for other; also, by not having the correct information on how to achieve their purpose, tend to adopt eating patterns that undermine their own health. The most obvious way to gain weight is to consume more energy than the body expends. To achieve this goal, is advisable to follow the principles of Ovalo Food, eating more servings of six food groups, adequate quantities, of foods that provide high energy and nutritional. Gain weight eating exaggerated amounts is not the most healthy and appropriate way.


Here are the 15 Winners 15 Awards!

Here are the 15 Winners 15 Awards!

came the great day ! We are happy for our 15 years and already have in Winners Of The 15 Awards!

The First 5 Winners child :

They have earned for 2 days 2 nights in paragraph two characters La Posada del Qenti, page Medical Spa & Resort Under the Next Description :

  • Gatronomía : Breakfast.
  • Recreation and Sports: Gym equipped with the latest technology, price tennis court, side effects volley, heated pool and jacuzzi, aqua , relaxing gymnastics, tango and salsa classes, walks, trekking, divideoteca.
  • Health Workshops: medical lectures, physical activity, Anxiety, Nutrition, etc..
  • Evening recreational activities: Tango and salsa classes, taller musicals, movie night, game night, surprise night and recreation, which vary for each day of the week.

The validity of the same is 180 days from the date.

Los Seconds 5 Winners child :

They have earned for 2 days 2 nights in paragraph two characters Post, Mountain Resort Under the Next Description :

  • Gatronomía : Breakfast.
  • recreational activities : heated, walks, trekking, divideoteca, etc..

The validity of the same is 180 days from the date.

The Third 5 Winners child :

They have earned a prograna Qenti Weleda párrafo 1 person , in Qenti Urban Spa of San Isidro . It includes :
Sauna, hidromasaje , relaxation room , infusiones Naturales , relaxing massage with essential oils , Balsamo scammers reflexology cakes para . Includes UN Weleda gift . Duration : 3 hours

All winners, it is important to know that to enforce prize, should contact a or call us at 03541 495715, the hope !

Nutritional advice to prevent Chronic Constipation

This time we bring you a series of tips and habits, viagra approved we will avoid this evil:

– Stop using laxatives imitative.

– Increase physical activity to promote bowel movements.

– Take two ½ liter of water per day.

– Perform 4 meals and 2 the 3 snacks.

Mejorar los hábitos de defecación: Increasing the time set for the BM (must secure a alredor time of ten to fifteen minutes a day, clinic approximately the same time, preferably after a meal, to take advantage of the gastrocolic reflex) and not suppress the desire defecation.

– Increasing dietary fibers:

  • Consume fruits and vegetables if possible in shell.
  • Prepare cake, cakes and biscuits by adding whole grains (ej. Wholemeal, rescued from oats to wheat) Fresh Fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Eat at least 1 raw vegetable dish on the day special sheets.
  • In recipes that are half white flour replaced with whole wheat flour and stir in bran.
  • Take prune juice fasting, This fruit has a component that stimulates bowel function (2 the 3 in a full glass of water and leave overnight next day eat the plums hydrated and take the soaking water fasting).
  • Eat fruit juices with the pulp.
  • Choose whole grains (wheat bread, bran cookies, brown rice, flours, cereal bars
  • Increase consumption of vegetables.

– You can make a mixture of grains and seeds to add to prepaciones: Mix equal parts wheat bran oat bran and add to a lesser extent wheat germ and flax seed: 1 cda. tablespoon of the mixture per day and gradually increase up to 1/2 cup per day ( add to infusions, milk, yogurt, water, juice, broths).

– The most annoying side effect of the fibers, especially the bran, is abdominal distention and bloating (intestinal gas).But that disappear with continued use; therefore recommended to start with low doses and gradually increase.

Do not abandon the measures outlined, or use laxatives are irritating because immediate results; The restoration of bowel function takes weeks.


Pull. Rosana Viscovig

Medical Nutritionist

La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort

Córdoba health tourism exports to the U.S..

La Posada del Qenti and Orbicare, medicine company dedicated to the development of medical tourism between Argentina and the U.S., buy information pills position the Mediterranean province between the main actors for these services.

From the actions taken by the National Government through Improtur, Export agency and the Province of Cordoba in conjunction with the Chamber of Medical Tourism, the first positive results arise.