What is Ozone?

It is the application of ozone to the body human, with special techniques and therapeutic purposes.

It is a natural medicine, compatible with other treatments and no undesirable side effects.

It acts in the human body in different ways:

  • Antioxidant: removes free radicals and slows hazardous body cellular aging processes.
  • Regenerator: promotes the regeneration of different tissues, so it is very useful in cosmetic medicine, wound healing, in disorders of the joints etc..
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory: is used in all kinds of painful conditions.
  • Immunostimulatory: raises the body's natural defenses.
  • Oxygenating and revitalizing: increases blood capacity to absorb and transport oxygen, improving circulation and overall functions.

Some diseases in which ozone is used:

  • Rheumatic: arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromialgias, etc..
  • Vascular: varicose veins, varicose ulcers
  • Infectious: Parasitic (tenias), bacterial (osteomielitis), viral (herpes), fungal (vaginal infections), etc..
  • Gastrointestinal: colon irritable, gastritis, etc.
  • Traumatologic: Herniated Disc, tendinitis, muscle tears, acute and chronic pain in general.
  • Neurological: chronic headaches.
  • ORL: dizziness, acufenos, etc..
  • Aesthetic: cellulitis, localized adiposity, etc..

Ozone therapy has unlimited possibilities, but often surrounds of silence by the mere fact that cure without medication.


Boeing Boeing and Noelia Pompa La Posada!

Boeing Boeing and Noelia Pompa La Posada!

On the date the cast of the play produced by Javier Faroni, viagra 100mg Boing Boing, illness was enjoying a relaxing day at La Posada del Qenti.El reason for the meeting was to share a barbecue to celebrate the end of this year and the success they are having their work, due to the large turnout of public.


Córdoba and La Posada del Qenti promote medical tourism abroad

Córdoba and La Posada del Qenti promote medical tourism abroad

La Posada del Qenti, approved leader in medical tourism and active member of the Argentine Chamber of Institutions for the Promotion of Health, viagra It finalized its alliance with Orbicare, a prestigious U.S. medical facilitator.

On the occasion of promoting medical tourism abroad, the Export Foundation, the Institute of Tourism (INPROTUR) and Ministries of Health and Tourism of the Nation, undertook the necessary actions for the International Symposia in Costa Rica, U.S., Europe and Latin America.

In this framework APSA La Posada del Qenti professional training courses in the United States for Orbicare, in order to offer the international market in medical services. All trainings will be conducted by highly qualified professionals, those working to develop health plans that improve the quality of life of people.

"The professional quality, climate and the scenic beauty of the Province of Córdoba and the variety of health programs that were presented, supported by our Medical Center, Medical Qenti, Villa Carlos Paz and other institutions of the province with the support of hospitality offered La Posada del Qenti, undoubtedly sees a very bright future in this sector, "said Eng. Miguel Cane, General Manager of La Posada del Qenti.



How to eat healthy, in times of celebrations

Completion is about a year and a string of festivities begins, this web meetings and moments of well-deserved rest. We celebrated the end of the project and plan to come. This time together with friends and family implies celebration through food and often with large banquets with the intention of sharing and entertain our loved ones. If we want to continue looking after our health and body weight without frustrated we must consider some key points that will help us enjoy the holidays saludablemnte: