The sagging skin, information pills is the loss of tone and elasticity of the facial skin, cost and is largely due to the decrease or abolish the ability of the elastic fiber to recede. Consequently occurs and eventually fiber calcification.

The factors that trigger this are many, buy more about among which we can highlight:

  • Photoaging (rayos UV).
  • Hormonal change, mainly since menopause.
  • Abrupt demineralization (common in crash dieting and strenuous physical activity).
  • Physiological aging

There are aesthetic treatments to improve and prevent these problems, and for this it is essential:

  • Improving skin permeability (through peelings, since they allow the active ingredients to be absorbed faster to use, trace elements and vitamins, sludge, parafangos, algae, etc.)
  • Prevent demineralization, with proper diet. You can use complex oral vitamins, always under medical supervision.
  • Treatments can be performed based on masks cabinet, either facial or body.
  • The use of radiofrequency (This stimulates fibroblast function, cells that produce collagen and elastin).

At home we can we can help:

  • Finish the bathroom with a short time in cold water (to cause vasoconstriction).
  • With the use of emulsions or creams containing vitamins.
  • Using sunscreens.
Alejandra Gonzales
Beautician and Cosmiatra
La Posada del Qenti

New Technology: Radiofrequency Tripolar

Now you can remove wrinkles renewing your skin collagen

This revolutionary treatment is a medical procedure to achieve nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and other body areas, pills affirming and lifting flaccid areas, prostate reactivating collagen production, reducing wrinkles, bags and dark circles; providing light to the skin.

Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is, namely, simultaneously varying the electric field and magnetic. Is a therapeutic method capable of generating heat energy as, selectively in deeper skin layers and subdermal, while protecting the epidermis, which is the uppermost layer. This rise in temperature causes the immediate contraction and long term collagen, stretching the skin and restoring the natural contour facial, counteracting the effects of sagging. It also affects the fatty tissue and promotes lymphatic drainage. This decrease fluids and toxins from the tissue affected by the "cellulite". This increase in circulation in the area also improves the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue and improves skin appearance.

This is a simple treatment. It is painless, and requires no anesthesia or preparation prior to skin. The patient will feel a brief sensation of heat. Only apply creams or oils on the skin active, and energy through a head which moves over the skin. Treatment may last from 25-30 minute 45-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

It operates mainly in the facial contour (nasolabial folds, jaw lines, dewlap, and area under the chin) and can be applied throughout the body, to eliminate cellulite and dermolipolisis.

When you log decongestant gel is placed in the. The patient can resume daily activities immediately.

The number of sessions required will vary depending on the case and the patient.

Are normally between 10 a 12 for the face and between 6 and 10 to the body, weekly. The results are durable and causes a substantial improvement in the skin structure, subsequent to the first session the skin undergoes a gradual improvement and continues to 2 years after treatment.

It is contraindicated in: pregnancy and lactation, carriers of metal prostheses, pacemaker, severe heart disease, coagulation disorders, connective tissue diseases and neuromuscular, cancer, overweight important and recent collagen implants.

Pull. Mariela A. Alvarez

Area of ​​Dermatology. La Posada del Qenti

Bernardo Kosacoff in Posada!

Bernardo Kosacoff in Posada!

Prestigious Economist, information pills former president of the ECLAC, chose our Medical Spa for resting and during his stay, He gave different notes, including daily La Voz del Interior.

Bernardo Kosacoff during his career, the occupied important positions, among which stand out:

  • Director of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC.
  • Degree in Economics from the National University of Buenos Aires.
  • Visiting Professor at St.. Anthony´s Collage, Oxford (1995).
  • Director of the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC-UN), Office Buenos Aires. He previously served as a Research Area by Corporate Strategies, and Competitiveness (from 1983 to February 2002).
  • Professor of Economic Policy at the National University of Quilmes (from 1993), was Professor of Industrial Organization at the National University of Buenos Aires (from 1984 up 2002).
  • He was President of the Economic and Social Development Institute (IDES).
  • Previously he served in government institutions, international organizations and foreign universities, as: Ministry of Economy, IDB (BID), German Development Institute and Volkswagen Foundation.
  • Author and editor of books, as well as articles for various national and international media.
Then, we leave the past 2 notes, provided that the major print media on the current situation of the Country:

Qenti Urban Spa at the forefront of medical and aesthetic treatments

Together with the company applied technology to the aesthetic, stomach Fitness, information pills join our treatments, the Ultracavitation. It allows a Liposuction but without surgery, becoming a powerful tool able to guarantee results for modeling the shape of a safe and effective, with visible results from the first session, lasting over time.

We have one with the latest equipment called Cavistar whereby a revolutionary therapy by a powerful ultrasound destroys fat cells is performed, then be removed via the lymphatic. Ideal for localized fat and cellulite.