We launched our Product Line Qenti!

In keeping with our policy of constant growth and improvement, this web from La Posada del Qenti, we have launched a line of accessories to enhance the benefit offered by each module and program.

These exclusive formulas combine supplements of natural origin and in some cases, also include therapies allopathic; always under the control of the strictest safety standards, achieving safe and very effective products.

Each plug is intended for a specific purpose, accompanying each treatment module. Will be confirmed by the medical center along with the interdisciplinary team (nutrition, physiotherapy, Podiatry, aesthetics, dermocosmeatría and psychology). The aim in this way that the therapy be as personalized as possible.

Products are offered on an exclusive and accordingly every need, may be of different types as capsules, tablets, creams, gels and emulsions, which allows to be used with greater effect to every need.

Within the new line will have prepared some of the following formulas:

  • Dietary supplements to increase satiety: Glucomannan based together with other substances, when ingested with water, increase in volume resulting satiety and decrease appetite and fat absorption.
  • Cellulite reducing cream: incorporating modern and proven combinations to achieve a unique formula to combat cellulite and localized fat, combination that is usually very common in women. This cream is easily applied, leaves no oily residue on the skin, and will feature a presentation 2 options: for cellulite reduction or, as cases that require.
  • Antistress capsules: With proper combination of extracts of Passiflora and Melissa, achieved a totally natural anxiolytic properties, mild hypnotic, myorelaxant, spasmolytic. All this combined with extracts of Melissa also provide appetitive and digestive effects.. It is suitable for any distress fenoime (pathological stress), especially if you have digestive problems associated (gastritis, irritable bowel, dyspepsia, etc.).
  • Analgesic creams: compounds promote an analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.
  • Revitalizing skin cream: Liposomes composed mainly of hyaluronic acid and Deanol, these additives generate dermatological and cosmetic moisturizing and nourishing effect. Wound-healing. Its action enables a skin tightening effect to generate a contraction of dermal myofibroblasts thereby causing a chemical lift. Also, tones the skin making it more resistant to oxidation, responsible for aging, and helps eliminate toxins.
  • Capsules and creams antiartrósicas: made two presentations, with and without analgesics including, they contain proven and safe pharmacological compounds that enhance the progression of osteoarthritis. The version with painkillers, allows a great advantage when making, since in a single capsule have a full treatment. The cream formulation also generates a form of local application and practice.
  • Fish oil capsules: already known for their high concentrations of Omega 3 and 6, generate a cholesterol lowering effect.
  • Emulsion Vitamin A, E and allantoin: this emulsion is applied to the skin very easily, hydration helping, elasticity and creating an effect antioxidadnte.
  • Capsules of brain stimulation: with compounds of origin 100% natural, achievement is a unique combination to improve mental performance, increased ability to concentrate, stimulating memory and all the capabilities of our brain, allowing us to have better performance compared to the daily needs.

These are just some of the new proposals which can be found exclusively at the Posada del Qenti, but whose common denominator control and experienced members, to offer a product of highest quality for every need.