Inquires and medical checks on Revitalization Switzerland.

The next 14 and 15 December, drugs our specialists in Switzerland revitalization therapies to travel to Buenos Aires for medical checks and inquiries about this type of treatment.

The exclusive treatments Switzerland Revitalization of La Posada del Qenti are one of the most effective in delaying the symptoms of aging, price to revitalize the agency to factors such as stress and burnout, preventing diseases in healthy organs and improving cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, problems of hypothyroidism, and osteoporosis among other.

Healthy Walks

Qenti Medical invites you to join the healthy walks. This activity, drug It is an action that is performed in conjunction with the municipality of VCP. Walks start from a particular concept in regard to the indication and the appropriate control for each person.

They will have an initial assessment kinésica, capsule to adapt the activity with specialists, viagra dosage and thus a safe and efficient physical action for each person.

They shall be conducted along the waterfront of the village and will be guided by the physical education teachers Qenti Medical, in order to ensure an active and healthy physical activity.

Since October, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 19 a 20.30 pm and Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday from 8 a 9.30hs.

Registration in Medical Qenti: Sarmiento esq. Alsina- Tel: 03541-486500/600 – medical@qenti, –


In Qenti Medical're very happy that our patients we have begun to echo what we promote at every visit, website through each campaign and from each of the professional. We're talking about "preventive behavior" regarding checkups to keep track of the efficient health.

That is why to secure and facilitate more this habit, order We have put in place "preventive agenda". Each of our patients receive a reminder, before the date set for the next check, so that in this way you can schedule appointments with time and not defer checkup, as necessary to carry out a full and healthy.

We remind our guests that Qenti Médical Posada also offers for those who are staying there, a system of preventive checks fast and comfortable, So while enjoying the beauty and comfort of Posada, You can meet this benefit preventive health care, no hassles or long waits.

We invite you to join this initiative to prevent than cure!

Addiction Treatment Service

In order to provide more services, web Qenti Medical pone a su disposición un Equipo de profesionales de primer nivel para el tratamiento de adicciones. They may be individual or group and focus on addictions such as: drugs, alcohol, juice, psychotropic, meals, inter.