Cavistar: the non-surgical alternative to liposuction

The Posada del Qenti and Qenti Urban Spa we offer Cavistar, information pills a team that is revolutionizing the medical-aesthetic. Liposuction without surgery, a powerful tool that can ensure results to model the figure safely, effective and durable. with visible results from the first session.

Cavitation is a revolutionary therapy using a powerful ultrasound destroys the fat cells, then be removed via the lymphatic.

The effect of cavitation in fatty tissue causes fragmentation adipositaria with the consequent diffusion of the lipid matrix of adipocytes.

Fats emulsified in contact with interstitial fluid and are transported to the liver, following the normal metabolic pathways. team action in the body could be defined as local lipolysis by ultrasonic cavitation.

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Healthy Walks

During the month of October will start to healthy walks. This activity, abortion is an action that is performed in conjunction with the city of Villa Carlos Paz. They shall be conducted along the waterfront of the town and will be guided by physical education teachers Qenti Medical, stuff order to ensure a healthy and active physical activity for all ages.

Since October, hospital Monday, Wednesday and Friday 19 a 20.30 pm and Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday from 8 a 9.30hs.

Registration in Medical Qenti: branch esq. alsina- such: 03541-486500/600 – medical@qenti, –

News Briefs Medical Qenti

– To extend our services starting this month has made the incorporation of new social work met; osdepym; bramed.

– It will include payment by credit card.

– With respect to beauty treatments during October valuations specialists offer free and we provide protocols with excellent products and appliances according to need.

Prevention Campaign in Qenti Medical

If we talk about health, order start with prevention; cheap is prevention, approved the most expensive is to lose our health …

To stay healthy the best tool we have is us regular checkups to detect risk factors, correct them and avoid getting sick.

We know that often relegate the doctor's visit by the time involved; is why in Qenti Medical we offer a thorough medical checkup in just one morning!!

Includes Himself:

Clinical cardiology consultation, con ecg


Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

Ultrasound of neck

Postural exam and / or ergometria


Help you take care, It is our goal.

Prevention is the best way to be healthy!

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Insurance plans and prepaid:

osde, with, Omint, swiss medical, sancor health, federated health, gea, doctor, Mutual Taxi, council of economic sciences, medife.

Medical Qenti, expands and improves its performance

The medical center in Villa Carlos Paz Medical Qenti, abortion continues to expand its services to the community.

That is why we have opened new locations in order to provide more and better benefits to their patients. For new installations now medical services and cosmetic dentistry are added. Medical Qenti will 1 office where general dental practices are performed, and one equipped with a dental surgery to address the more complex surgeries involving the use of a sterile environment. Both locations are equipped with latest generation appliances radiographs and radiovisiografias (digital radiographs).

Qenti Medical is now undoubtedly the most prestigious medical center in the area, both the professionalism of its staff as for their excellent care and personalized treatment. It also has a clinical lab, specific locations for body treatments or facial aesthetics and fitness, recently remodeled, in which all the activities of physical rehabilitation and therapeutic rehabilitation programs are carried.

All these developments are the result of hard work and professionalism of all the staff who work every day to continue to provide more and better services to the community of Villa Carlos Paz with the professional quality that characterizes the group Qenti.