Web Sweepstakes Winners!!!

With the purpose of rewarding people interested in learning about La Posada del Qenti, erectile Health Rersort, the draw was made 10 weekend stays, www.qenti.com.Los site that promoted the benefit, with stays 2 days 2 nights, párrafo 2 people are:

Stella Maris López

Jorge Garcia

Miguel Mazzeo

Marina Karavías

Andrea Cripovich

David Leporace

Viviana Perez

Monica B. Street band

Silvia Rizzi

Federico Bargallo

On this occasion, also conduct a raffle with 10 stays for the Post, Mountain Resort, Winners published here stays of two nights for two people, bed and breakfast free;

Adriana Poletti

Laura Maria Orozco

Jimena Ledesma

Carlos Alejandro Dri

James Ponpaz

Claudio Salej

Lorena Kohlbrenner

Maria Gabriela Felipoff

Marcela Roig

Jose Maria Coloma

All are invited to contact the 03541 495715, by e-mail to laposada@qenti.com.ar, to make their reservations. The hope!!!!