Qenti Medical introduces: how PC affects sight?

The emergence of the computer, this videogames, prescription internet later, stuff email, el chat, los blogs, fotologs and now social networks undoubtedly shook ways to interact with others, job performance and to study, mostly by streamlining tasks.

However, experts warned that continued use of the PC disturbs the quality of vision and although not involve altering the view itself definitely, causing discomfort should not be ignored.

Poidomani Humberto La Posada del Qenti

Humbeto Poidomani, more about autodidact. Born in Lanus, more about Buenos Aires l 12 August 1942. Entrepreneur. For over twenty years has been devoted to the visual arts and ah developed significant artistic production, in the emerging interest in social issues and the environment. Its comprehensive view of the national character, results in paints, sculptures, assemblages, boxes and objects in addition to using traditional media, materials and elements of the most diverse origins.