La Posada del Qenti, It was visited by Mary Fux

“…For Posada del Qenti, and Hummingbird Dream, waking me peace, beauty and silence. Thanks for being and be…” These were the words with which the celebrated creator of Dance Therapy, sealed his visit to our Posada.

Maria Fux're dancing, coreógrafa y danzaterapeuta , con importantes actuaciones en los escenarios más importantes de la Argentina y del extranjero. Con una lograda estética propia y una comprensión de la Danza, as a path to wellness Integral everyone longs. With Dancetherapy, his work is integrative, gathering students in classes down, Deaf, feebleminded, hard of isolation, o soledad, spastic, elderly, inter alia.


Kids need more than 90 daily minutes of physical activity

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Obesity has many edges, pharm but basically boils down to a basic financial statement: if they enter the body more calories than are expended, ambulance will gain weight. It's that simple… and, cialis 40mg sometimes, difficult to balance.

It follows, course, if what is sought is to prevent childhood obesity, is not only important to improve the diet of children (and therefore reduce the excess calories), but also increase energy expenditure by stimulating physical activity.

“What the kids eat, How are your eating patterns, major deviations, deficit or excess consumption are up to this pretty well known-they said the lawyer Sergio Britos, researcher at the Center for the Study of Child Nutrition (Cesni)-. However, few studies that have attracted attention to the other side of the equation, caloric expenditure.” (more…)

Nutrition in Adolescence

Adolescence is a stage of life marked by emotional changes, check social and physiological (sexual maturation, rebellion to family patterns, new social identities…) is the passage from child to adult. The American Academy of Pediatrics defined as: "Social physical process that begins between ten and fifteen years of age with the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics and ends around twenty, when somatic growth ceases and psychosocial maturation "

During this period significant changes occur in the body, it increases its size, changes its morphology and physiology conforms.

The food is particularly important due to the high nutrient requirements needed to meet these changes, ensuring an adequate supply of energy and nutrients. Therefore it is important to avoid potential nutritional deficiencies in quality and quantity, which can cause.

Nutritional requirements depend on the energy expenditure by the adolescent and the right to maintain its growth rate.