Comprehensive Tennis Clinic 2009

During the weekend took place the long-awaited Comprehensive Tennis Clinic at La Posada del Qenti. There were several talks sports-related medical and enjoyed a full weekend of pure sunshine and tennis.

The tournament comprised three teams as follows:

Red Team: Sra. de Garber, buy Raúl Agüero (Captain), buy information pills Horacio Humman Cane and Migue

Green Team: Sra. de Umman, Jose Garber (Captain), Carlos Ortiz y Guillermo Canabossio.

Blue team: Sra. Prietto, Freddy Dick (Captain), Sr. Forner y Henry Saad.

The games were very even and fun. Between medical practices and professional talks, physical education teachers taught us different techniques to warm, stretch and lengthen the muscles after playing.

Finally the Red team took first place in the tournament, followed by the team and then the Blue Green who showed great skill in their games.

Congratulations to all players, Integral in this clinic where they were all winners!

Inquires Medical checks on Revitalization Switzerland

During this year our medical specialists in Switzerland revitalization therapies monthly travel to Buenos Aires for medical checks and inquiries about this type of treatment.
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Schedule of visits:

June: 25 and 26

July: 22 and 23

August: 26 and 27

September: 24 and 25

October: 21 and 22

November: 18 and 19

December: 17 and 18

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Successful aging: medical key to living longer and better

By: Mariana Iglesias

Worldwide nearly one hundred million people already live over 80 years old. Yes, healing apparently the Earth is filled with great people, very large. If even centenarians are already an exception: more than 200.000. Living so long is new thing, not much experience in this aging for years and years. (more…)

What is Osteoarthritis?

It is the result of wear of the articular surfaces, adiposity happens slowly but progressively. Begins to develop symptoms in middle age and affects more to the weight-bearing joints, case backbone, mind hips and knees. But also to a lesser extent and in older ages, you can find pockets of osteoarthritis in hands and feet.


The joint cartilage softens and then wears, it is exposed to the bone that is below, leaving it exposed to the friction between the articular surfaces, This hardens and begins to develop osteophytes (Rams) within and around the joint, causing intense pain, thereby preventing movement gradually joint progressively.


Osteoarthritis is always aggravated by: overweight (as the main cause), postural imbalances, efforts with repeated blows or weak joints. Also to a lesser extent muscle spasms caused by psychological stress states.


As we find the main symptom pain, which is the manifestation par excellence of osteoarthritis. Is also joint stiffness, muscle spasms and joint deformities.


Within for OA, (that many) the best results are based on our experience are the following:

· Weight Control: Overweight is one of the causes of disease, and also makes this progress more quickly.

· Cryotherapy: Help with outbreaks of inflammatory arthritis, producing reduced edema and local analgesic

· Good postural habits: sleeping on flat beds, avoid sitting in chairs or sofas very deep, Use chairs with good backups so that your hips and knee to maintain a natural position with your feet flat on the floor.

· Training: exercise increases mobility and protects the joint by strengthening the muscles. Cycling, swimming, avoiding contact sports or impact.

· Repose: not contradict the previous point, it attends with osteoarthritis periods of intense pain and inflammation, in these it is advisable to rest and cryotherapy.

· Avoid overloading the joints: do not lift heavy weights.

· Proper footwear: Use footwear with good tread, inner absorbing the impact.


Are varied and numerous treatments fisiokinèsicos, but ultimately they are all focused on muscle tone, joint mobility, application support appliance (magnetic, Ultrasound, TENS).

Lic. Mauro D`yntino

MP: 4461

Coordinator of Physiotherapy

La Posada del Qenti and Medical Qenti