CARLA CONTE AND JULIA ZENKO : These two renowned personalities
Entertainment, ailment both members of the work of The Show
Divorcees with other prominent actresses Mirta Wons and
María swarm, they did this summer theater season in Villa Carlos
Peace, took a break at La Posada del Qenti, where they seized
to perform all kinds of facial practices, body and
relax, as a way to recharge to assume the commitments
having taken beforehand in Capital Federal. For now no
will continue to play, but each returns to his
usual activities, so Carla Conte, called True
Argentina brunette with Cosmo channel programs, the program of
Saturday lunch with José María Listorti and other plans
to-air television. Julia Zenko, renowned singer with almost
thirty years of experience in Argentina scenarios and
world, once more, returns with a new album
qualified “Mine Life”.
In this new work, Julia returns to delight us with his voice and
personal style. Since voice color, to his way of phrasing
e interpretar, has become unmistakable for all.
HORACIO Cabák : The popular former model and current TV host
and event, with 12 years of job, he used that had commitments
made in our city, and it took a day off in the
Posada del Qenti to relax in the hydrotherapy circuit, comer
healthy, walk, massage therapy practices afford and then return
to Buenos Aires with all batteries that require their commitments
Daily. In Capital Federal and nationwide, Harassment leads
Latin text by the canal, every day at the 17 hs. He was very
happy to know our Health Resort and promised to stay again
more days with his family.


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