Last 27 September Gujis Juan visited the Posada del Qenti where he could enjoy a day of relaxation. That same day, order at 21hs the creator, store Creative writer and host of the show gave a talk entitled "Four Decades of Advertising Argentina" at the Teatro del Lago in Villa Carlos Paz, in which there was a journey through the evolution of Argentina advertising through a collection of large commercial, trial of John Gujis, have marked stages and deserve to be in a "gallery of Celebrities Notices". (more…)

Wine Tasting

The tasting step by step:
1) With the glass tilted over a white background, check note the color and intensity of the wine and its appearance (clean, bright). Swirl the glass and you will see that the drops that fall inside walls of the glass are formed. These “legs” the “tears” will give an idea of ​​the body, texture and alcohol content of wine.
2) Hold the glass by the stem and literally enter the nose in it. Inhale deeply and try to perceive aromas. Rotate the glass to release the aromatic compounds and repeat. Compare the aromas perceived odors with other known. Si huele a fruta, attempt to clarify what these fruits are Are they white or red? Are the tropical forest?
3) This is the time it confirms what has been captured in the other two phases. Take a sip of wine big enough to impregnate all language. Aspire a small amount of air and turn the wine in the mouth. Try to discover the tastes and textures of wine, and the feeling that leaves. When you have found everything, tráguelo the escúpalo, va whether to follow tasting.


Tai Chi Chuan

El Tai Chi Chuan (WHEN TAI JI) with over 3000 year history is known for its great value to strengthen the body and spirit.
El Tai Chi, see through the practice of centuries has shown that this discipline has great importance in the prevention and cure of various diseases, advice such as stress, visit Ulceras, Colon irritable, Lung conditions, Cardiac Conditions, Jaquecas, etc.. Besides contributing Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. (more…)


In the last two decades, the role of women in society has undoubtedly become a key.
With land reclaimed in the workplace, professional, intellectual; senior play not only in business, but also as civil and political. Places previously only reserved for men, with few exceptions. (more…)

Gabriela Alfi: La Posada del Qenti Guest

With great joy we received the visit of our guest Gabriela Alfi, order who undertake a period of study and preparation for bariatric surgery will perform the Dr. Oscar Brasesco, symptoms with whom we have worked so coordinated. The basis of preparation and adaptation to this type of surgery and the important changes faced by the patient, positively influences the success sought and Gabriela who confirms us how to reach transisión 60 Kg menos, was with confidence and harmony, to look gorgeous and happy as we saw our Director General, Ing. Miguel Cane attended the festival which was held at the Opera Theatre of BSAS following the first 1000 patients who benefited from the prestigious team of Dr. Oscar Brasesco.